Monday, July 25, 2016

Tengo una historia para usted.

Cuando nació Anne Marie fui a ver a Jaine en el hospital. Le sacudió a dormir y después de un tiempo que era hora de irse. Le dije a Joe hasta luego, adiós Jaine, y adiós Anne Marie.

Usted nunca será capaz de convencerme de lo contrario, pero su brazo hacia arriba hecho estallar hacia fuera de la manta como decir adiós

Ella ha tenido mi corazón envuelto alrededor de su dedo cada puesto

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Advice on love by someone who lacked morality?

I make no bones of thinking the Beetles were the worst band.  I don't care if people like them but honestly "I love you, yeah, yeah," sounds like a stoner trying to get affection.  I saw a quote from john lennon that goes, "We live in a society where we have to love in private, but commit violence in public."  Well, there are several problems with this.  His definition is more akin to physical lust than the Biblical definition of lifting your fellow man up, or treating everyone like a neighbor.  Love is not only an action where you help those around you it's a promise or even grander if a Christian an oath where you swear before the Almighty that you will do everything in your power to help that person be who God wants them to be.  Love is patient, kind, and doesn't use other people. 

I also do resent the connotation that ALL violence is evil.  There are times when violence needs to be met with a superior force to protect those around you.  There is no dignity in being a victim, you don't get any special honors when you reach the judgement seat.  I will leave alone that most assaults happen after dark. 

Yes, this does bug and since this was the generation that said we were supposed to question everything here I am 40 yrs later questioning those that accepted what these incredibly arrogant 'singers' that were some how considered wisdom.  There may be a point, but it lacks being thought through.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Clockwise Grandpa's .32 Winchester, .45 Ruger New Vaquiro, .45 Taurus Gaucho

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Last two weeks

There's nothing more dangerous than me not being able to sleep and peaking my interest in something, because with proper motivation I'll get to the bottom of it. AND if you claim a certain value I'll hold you too it. Whether it's tolerance or not like Christianity shoved on you but expect Christians to put aside their faith to fulfill what you believe to be intelligent. I strive to be consistent in my beliefs, while I'm sure there are glaring holes, it's something I strive to and those I respect the most I expect to stay to their values and I won't back off of it if they sluff away from it.

We had a homicide Tuesday night in town and one of the local news outlet posed the question do you feel safe. I will grant that that I've had the benefit of listening to the scanner for six years and I get in my E-Mail weekly so I'm fairly aware of what is occurring here. There's only a slight uptick in crime, but we also have more people. Honestly, the places I feel less safe are the bike trails, mainly because babyboomers don't believe they have to abide by the leash law and having had a couple dogs already come after me this year.

I will grant that I try to keep my situational awareness whenever I hit the door, I know how to defend myself (even without my constant companion), and as the photographer at my best friend's wedding can attest I have a stare that can scare the living daylights out of Casper the Friendly Ghost. The thing is people in town are finally loosing the whole concept of "well it could never happen here." Unfortunately, it also coincides with the oil boom so it's getting blamed by a bunch of idiots that don't know what they are talking about. Hence my disgust at the local TV channel.

I have had a couple friends try to co-op a shooting in Florida for their own devices. One of them had a valid point about how much more tragic the millions that have been slaughtered in the womb is, but no one seams to care and the other one was wondering why the Evangelical Church has been silent. First off, it's a shooting in Florida. It is truly a local event, it maybe getting national attention but a national gun control group is trying to use it for their own devices. NOW, if they were consistent they would be more upset about the government sending guns to the drug cartels in Mexico, but I have yet to hear ONE WORD of condemnation...lack of consistency. Being a former PK I am willing to bet the churches in the area are doing what they can. The best thing Christians can do is pray in support of the families, pray for cooler heads.

Those that signed a petition demanding justice, I hope you realize it's you who kept this alive and if the shooter is lynched the blood will be on your hands. My friends that know me best know I support innocent life IF he is guilty I'll be the first in line to call for justice. IF he's not those of you who are donning hooded sweatshirts are you going to admit you were wrong?

It never ceases to amaze me how cityslickers think everything is about race. We don't know what was suspicious that peaked the shooters interest. I will be perfectly honest if someone is wearing a hooded sweatshirt in doors with the hood up I know exactly where they are and I make eye contact at least twice. Normally, I know someone is going to do something just by the contraction of their eyes and the micro movements in their cheeks.

Now I could regale you with the things I've been apart of but honestly three women know pretty much everything two had the need to know...the third just jumped on the wrong 'button' and I'm not sure Google translator imparted everything (and I'm still not happy about that one since I'm not wanting a relationship with her). This honestly isn't going to turn out the way most people think it will and by most people I mean people that have no police procedure, no knowledge of firearms, tactics, self-defense law, and aren't lawyers. IF THE preeminent expert on self-defense says we don't know enough, well we don't. I watched the video of the shooter in custody. I get paid to monitor cameras and the video was so grainy there is no telling what injuries there were (never mind it's all over the police report.) There are two witnesses (which by the way is the Biblical standard for capital punishment to be carried out) that corroborate the shooters statement.

The scary thing about this is so many are armchairing this that have no real clue what they are talking about and if X would ever occur it would be the same 'experts' that would probably hold a gun with the barrel facing them that could decide my fate.

Oh, just for good measure two of the people that have tried to kill me are white those who are obsessed go ponder that one.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Christmas Present that keeps giving

What my Step-dad and mom did for Christmas...made sure that I can do something to ensure one of our freedoms for the future

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Growing up I've always heard people say some really, really incredibly silly things. Like money is the root of all evil. It isn't the love of it is how the verse reads. Then there's the concept that things don't bring happiness. REALLY?! I can't tell you how much enjoyment I received over from various Christmas gifts. I still get a smile when I turn the knob on the horse statue that plays the Bonanza theme. The things I value most don't necessarily have true intrinsic value. I know dad's mitt is probably worth only $.50 but I sure wouldn't take ten billion for it.

It isn't wrong to want things either, it isn't wrong to make a profit. It is seriously insulting to see a person holding a sign that reads "People not profits" when it is obvious that they make two or three times what they people that work at the place they are protesting. Another thing shouldn't people profit from their labors? Why should someone profit from NOT laboring? Leaving alone the sign was straight out of das kapital, the thought is incredibly short sighted because people SHOULD be compensated for their labor. Granted, I'm not happy about the landlords in the patch kicking people that have paid their rent for years in favor of raising rent. I don't deny people making as much money as they can, but at the same time there should be some sort of morality in it. In normal circumstances I'm against rent control...that the patch just is not normal circumstances.

I have no problem with people buying what they want or getting what they want, shopping where they want. Personally, I won't do business that support planned parenthood or the brady bunch, not as part as a organized campaign just personally I have X amount of money and I'd rather support businesses where I feel welcome.

There are things I want and dream about having. I know I will never have this unending happiness and there will always be something I want more of. But truth be told there's no measure of enjoyment I have gotten with two things 1) the Bible 2) the thousands of rounds through my .45. And how I spend my money is nobody's business other than the Almighty and myself. If you think that selfish, well that's your prerogative to think so, just remember the person who whined about Christ getting His feet oiled was Judas.

Thursday, November 24, 2011