Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dear Annonmous

Dear Annomous,

Do I believe in personal rights? Yes I do. But there is no constitutional guarantee to the right of privacy. It is the main reason that Roe v. Wade will some day be over turned. (Granted abortion is wrong, the killing of innocents are wrong).

What I define monsters as is as someone who ceases to be human by killing innocents and assaulting people for perverse pleasure. I believe in the death penalty because it punishes monsters. Once a monster is executed they can NEVER harm another person. Execution helps the victims and there families heal. Those that disagree with the death penalty where are they for the victims.

I removed the comment you left on the Air Marshal post because on this blog there is no room for that kind of inflammatory rhetoric about those who protect us. I will grant you that there are dirty cops, but there are dirty socialists (ted kennedy murdered a woman, joe bidden is a plagiarist, bill clinton is a liar). I give the benefit of the doubt to the officers ALWAYS.
I have been pulled over when there wasn't any probable cause, but they didn't search the vehicle.

There are details about the NSA wiretapping that we don't know, there could have been a judge involved for all we know. I honestly would have done the same thing because of the border situtation. After 9/11, American's demanded that we be protected. This is one of the ways that President has used to protect this country.

I believe we need to put a wall up on both borders. The coyote's that bring the Illegal alien across the border are reason enough. They are cutthroughts killing there own people and smuggling drugs. Then factor in monsters that can sneak across the border. It just makes sense. Now that being said we need to make it easier for Mexicans to get green cards. I also don't buy they do jobs Americans refuse to do. I have done some of the jobs that those who want Illegal workers mention proudly because I brought home a pay check.

Because Christians pay taxes there is no reason that the Ten Commandments cannot be taught in school (If I were Jewish I would be yelling about anti-Semitism since they were given to Moses). The phrase Separation of Church and State came from a letter from Jefferson to a Baptist group that was concerned another was about to be named the National Church. This only concept really has only existed for about fourty years. While I was corrected that it really is Godhaters I was going with what those who opposed Christmas called themselves.

I don't celebrate the New Year because it is a hedonistic celebration. Also, the looking back at the year is really empty because it gives no historical perspective, like Lincoln suspending Habeous Corpus. FDR rounding up Japanese-Americans during WWII.

I believe we should be in Iraq. By being in Iraq that gives us access to Iran from two sides, puts Syria between us and Israel, and sadaam is a monster.
It amazes me that it is never brought up that he used WMD's during the Iraq-Iran war, gassed the Kurds, and Israel had to bomb his nuclear plants once. He was a threat.

The radical muslims have been at war with the world since the Seventies. The Yom Kippor War, the Seven Day War, Munich, Iranian invasion of the US embassy, attack on German Disco Techs, hi-jacking in the Eighties, blowing up the US Marine Barracks in Lebanon, muslim gorillas in the Philippines, the First attack on the World Trade Center, USS Cole, attack in Sri Lanka on Christians, and the problems the Coptic Christians are having in Egypt. We have one choice-to fight. You can't make peace with a people that don't believe in forgiveness.

I believe the only gun control should be that felons and crazy people not have access to weapons. But according to the Second Amendment that is relegated to the states. ANY Federal gun control law is illegal and un-Constitutional. That being said I leave my weapon in my vehicle if I know one of my friend objects to having it in their home. It's there place they make the rules there. I will not go into establishments that I am not allowed to carry in other than churches.

I was an agnostic after my dad was killed for about five years, until I started to think through my beliefs. I believe Jesus is who He said he was.

I believe that mary jane should stay illegal.

Alcohol is more dangerous than smoking. Because if you run the numbers with alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, assaults affect innocents more than with smoking. With smoking it takes decades to die, alcohol you don't have the same benefit.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Holiest Song

Since the Eastern orthodox Church hasn't had their Christmas yet I have one more Christmas piece.

One of my favorite Carols is Silent Night. It always has been. Christmas Eve my mom's husbands church had their Cantata, followed by communion and a candle lit singing of Silent Night. It has always amazed me the feeling of peace I get when I hear it.

Which is no surprising knowing some of the history of the song includes the secession of hostilities during the Christmas of 1915. The British heard the German's singing in, well German. And then some British soldiers joined in. A German soldier crossed across No Man's land with a branch of an evergreen tree. For a while peace reigned on the battlefield, causing the Generals on both sides threatening courtmartials. Eventually having the removal of the troops that had taken part of the impromptu Christmas Truce.

Going back in time the whole reason Silent Night was written was because a pipe organ was broken.

If there has ever been a song that God had inspired I believe that Silent Night is it. If anything has ever caused the guns to fall silent it would be the peace inspired by the Holiest of songs Silent Night.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


To me one of most interesting parts of the Christmas story is the sheepherders. Because they have always been the lowest of the low. I know you that live in the magical land east of the Mississippi and west of the Rockies are going they are shepherds. Sheep are the stupidest critters on the face of the earth. I was raised as a cowpoke, which of course was my first job.

Back in Bible times a sheepherders were about the lowest rung of society (short of slavery of course). They had to spend nights out in the cold watching the flocks of sheep had little or no posisibility of changing their station in life.

Move forward in time to the 19th Century in this country. Sheepherders would move in on the ranges. Now sheep have a really, really bad habit of destroying the pastures that cattlemen used for their beeves. Making the sheepherders Public Enemy Number One tied only with rustlers (aka cowboys). There were numerous rangewars between cattlemen and sheepherders, seeing many sheepherders "forcibly removed" (killed).

Times are different now. I have a buddy that his parents run sheep and I give him a hard time about being a sheepherder for the afore mentioned reasons, now it's just in jest. But in times past they were the lowest of the low, hated. And this was the group that God declared His only Son first. Makes you think don't it.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Is Christmas Over Commercialized?

Every year I hear people complain that Christmas is over commercialized. I submit for your approval.

The hosts of Angels on the night of Christmas. They loudly proclaimed that the messiah had come. Told a bunch of sheepherders that unto born this day from house of David a King. Sounds like the first interactive billboard to me. The next thing I want you to ponder is the Great commission. This is where he told the disciples to go into all the world and share the gospel. Sounds like an add campaign to me.

What would happen if no one would do shop at Christmas/Hanukkah time? We are told that Black Friday is what makes or breaks most retailers. What happens to that money? Taxes so as to fund the government and wages for the workers (not to mention the goods that the store had to stock which provided jobs for other people because the goods had to be produced). So the workers are paid their money goes to buy gifts, to provide for their families, and some tithe and give to various charitable organizations.

For a moment lets stop here for second. Christmas time is traditionally a time when individuals think of others (while yes there are some that think of other at other times.) These organizations have bell ringers, some of them are hired other just volunteer. If it weren't for Christmas/Hanukkah or Easter I don't know if they would get the resources that they need.

The next thing I would hope you would ponder is this struggle with Merry Christmas/Happy holiday debate that is going on right now. Since there are Godhaters that want to remove all sign of God from American Society it has opened the door for Christians to share our beliefs in a very unique way with out beating someone into submission.

If you are stressed, remember who cares if someone gets the right gift. If the person hates then, heck don't buy them one next year. If too many parties say no to a couple. This is the one time of Year that Christians Can Yell our beliefs and most of the country celebrates with us whether or not they are believers. Is Christmas overcommercialized? Only in the store's that refuse to Recognize what we are celebrating, but are more than happy to take your money. I have no problem with hearing Happy Hanukkah, shoot I'm even thinking about how to incorporate with Christmas because it is a such a great story about God's provision that foreshadows the coming Christ, (if someone wished me a happy Ramadan I would turn them into the Feds, but that is a different story.) Just step back take a breath and don't fret. This is a great time of year, Because something amazing that happen over 2ooo years ago.



Friday, December 16, 2005


As it has been reported the NSA has been listening in on calls, e-mail, ect.
The thing is we don't have the whole story yet to know what has occurred, so I would suggest that we wait to find out some more details.

Is it possible that they violated the Fourth Amendment? Yes. Is it the first time? No. Lincoln did it on broader scale than what is being reported. (Shoot Lincoln suspended habeas corpus which is a bigger deal, because by doing this he actually did what Bush is accused of with the monsters down in GITMO) The police routinely violate the Fourth Amendment on traffic stops and that was before 9/11.

Personally, if I were the President I would have authorized the same thing. Right or wrong. That being said I'm not particularity happy about the NSA haven Carte Blanche access to everyone e-mail and calls. I'm just a little surprised that people would think that we wouldn't be doing this in the middle of a war. If people are worried that the National Government knows what you read well, pay with cash.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Grandpa

While I know may be I should have added this to my Thanksgiving list, but I think I put family down and this is going to be more specific. And since Grandpa has been having health problems. (and one of my best friends lost her Grandpa). I think I will write my tribute to Grandpa while he still around.

My grandpa was a medic in WWII, where he served on Okinawa. After the war he went college and became a pastor in the Wesleyan Methodist Church. (my dad and his youngest brother followed in his footsteps).

While Grandma and Grandpa lived in Indiana, we only got to see them maybe once a year. When I decided on a college I decided on Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, In) Where I really got to know my grandparents. I would do my laundry there so I would have time to visit with grandma and grandpa (the weird thing is that when I do my laundry now I call them, I didn't realize it until grandpa asked me one day why I called when I did laundry)

What really brought grandpa and I closer was the last year I was in school. Grandma, Mom and My Sister all went to a ladies retreat and grandpa and I watched westerns all-weekend. (this was after dad was killed).

Over the last few years we have discussed the normal stuff politics and theology when I needed opinion I have called to get his perspective.

I know grandpa has done things that he isn't proud of but I love him. And I appreciate the heritage that him and grandma have provided my family.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Atheists Greatest Fear

It never ceases to amaze me how atheists can be offended by the mere mention of God's name. How could they be offended in someone they don't believe in? I don't have the answer to that, but atheists are doing there level best to get God out of society.

It pains me that the same people who talk about there rights not to hear about God, but in turn have no problem offending Christians by curses a blue streak that would make R. Lee Ermy blush (former Sgt in Marines, star of film and Mail Call on the History Channel).

Where is the inherent fairness of allowing Christians sharing there faith. I don't beat anyone over the head with my faith (although I would use a phone book to get a confession or waterboard if I had to) they have the free will to live how they see fit.

In Utah, there is a group that want to remove crosses that mark where State Troopers were killed, because of the "religious overtones" of the markers. How did we become such a society where we allow a couple of people who are offended to dictate policy? There was a time where they would have been laughed at.

Part of the problem is the baby boomer, you know the hippies that are angry that we aren't a full blown marxist society. Another part is the lack of common curtsey. It used to be bad manors to cuss in front of women and children. Now I hear women curse worse than when I was in the oilfield. It may be time just "heap coals on their heads" and just overwhelm the non-Christian with love. Which the really bizarre thing to me makes the really severe atheists more ballistic.

What I want is very is simple, the same right to say what I want as someone who curses, someone who wants to destroy Christianity in the public square (what those who want to take Christ out of society are doing in legal terms is opening the door, giving Christians the right to respond allowing us to voice our point of view). I don't want to be a stumbling block to God by some who doesn't believe, but I am not going to sacrifice my beliefs or heritage just to make someone feel marginally better about the hole in their life.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Banning Cigarettes

Now I'm not a smoker, but as I have stated before people have the right to partake of legal substances.

The state of North Dakota has banned smoking in restreunts in the last legislature and I have reported on the stupidity of removing smoking from places that sell booze with food. Where I had gone to such a restreunt that I had eaten before while I knew smoking was allowed couldn't tell. And after the prohibition having to walk through the smoke of about twenty people smoking by the doors.

The State ban has destroyed one of my favorite businesses in town. The pool hall. The reason I enjoyed it is because I love pool, after going down to the range it is my favorite pastime. I liked the pool hall because I don't like being around alchies. People would go to the pool hall because they could play pool and smoke. Take away the smoking, take away most of the patrons. It effectively killed the business and after three years have had to close their doors. It's also hurting the bingo parlors (which I really don't care about, but it still is someone's livelihood). Since the State destroyed these businesses are they going to make it right with proprietors? No.

This goes back to the old saying be careful of what you ask for.

When Nothing is Sacred Then Everything is vulnerable

(Click Title)

Now I'm not a Winnie the Pooh fan, but isn't it weird how those who don't have any respect for our traditions as a people go out of their way to totally try to insert their view on life. Disney for what ever reason is changing Christopher Robins into a Christine. Trying for a new hipper view of the forest.

Is this going to work for Disney? Does any one remember New Coke? Now I am not against applying the 3-d animation to the cartoon, but what else are we going to loose as society if we keep going down this road of one group thinking that they know better than anyone and they are going to change what they want to change. And if you oppose them your either a racist, homophobe, redneck, ignoramus that wouldn't know that getting struck by lightning is bad for you.

Now I know there are other things that are vastly more important than this, but I think this is just systemic of a bigger problem of people trying to lessen the level morality in our society. Take gay marriage for a minute, personally I don't care if someone wants to live a gay life style I'm not going to condemn them for their choice, but at the same time Why should I have to lessen my moral level to accommodate something I believe is wrong.

All laws are a statement of someone's morality. Whether it's abortion, or whether or not a store has to be closed on Sunday.

To be real honest, I think people will be more up in arms about the changes to Winnie the Pooh than standing up for the current level of morality in this country. Somethings should never change though.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Miami, Media, and Protection of the American People.

THE BIGGEST PET PEEVE I HAVE IS the incessant questioning of a good shoot when a bad guy assumes room temperature. I was channel flipping yesterday afternoon when I saw that some idiot, or psycho decided that he would exercise his 1st Amendment "rights" to declare he had a bomb. I happened to stop on the channel with chris "I hate America" mathews. He wouldn't stop questioning if there wasn't something else that the Air Marshals should have done first.

Ok here's the thing if you do not understand on when a person needs to be taken out, the assumption should always go to the professional. The guy was yelling about a bomb, reaching into a bag, and refused to stop. When you are dealing with someone who doesn't obey lawful orders, and starts reaching into a concealed area, what choice do you have? Let me ask you this suppose he did have a bomb? What if he was reaching for a detonator and the Air Marshals thought he wasn't reaching for anything-BOOOM? People died because of there inaction? What would matthews be saying? Bush lied, failure of intelligence, Bush should have known, any number of things.

The sad thing normal shootings where peace officer has to shoot someone the automatic response is the cops did something wrong, instead of starting with at very least the cop did his job IAB comes through. The cop is treated like some criminal and has to prove that he did everything right.

Just to change directions just a little bit, remember that Marine who saw a terrorist playing possum starting to reach for something, what was the automatic response in the media? You better run the Marine in. Instead of they are in a warzone lets let the investigation take place.

Do I think the Air Marshal did the right thing ABSOLUTELY. While most of the American people, especially the more gun control we get, will NEVER think through what ifs. Most will not take firearms training, let alone self-defense classes. Those of you who refuse to do these things: go ahead be a victim we will stand guard, but if those of us who stand in the gap to protect you remember this, we only shoot bad guys.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I Love December

This is my favorite month. You have Hanukkah which is such a great story about God's Providence. I think us Christians miss out on not celebrating the Old Testament Feasts especially since St. Paul said that us Christians are grafted into the root of God's chosen people.

Then there is the National Finals Rodeo. Which now that I have cable I can watch. I would love to go to Las Vegas some year to do this.

I love Christmas shopping. Normal shopping ie clothes. I love the idea of finding the perfect gift for a family member. In my family we have a tradition with our Christmas gifts where we may or may not spend a lot depends on the year, but at least one gift we try to make it a gift that will be a joyful gift. Like one year my sister found a horse statue (was Loren Green's horse in the show) that had the Bonaza theme. One year I was totally broke and I wrote something for my mom and had a friend do his chorligraphy thing and found a cheap frame. She still has it hung up in her house. (One of the blessing of not having high expectations.)

I love the fact that after Thanksgiving the country radio stations start playing Christmas music. The real Christmas music, not just the so call secular. Then all the Christmas specials on TV. If I can't sleep on Christmas Eve I have been known to watch the Mass from the Pope on Christmas.

I love the fact that college football bowl games start in this month. There again since I have cable I get to watch them.

I have always enjoyed the church productions of Christmas plays. Shoot in Grade school and Junior High we could still mention God in the public square. Granted we have "evolved as a society" in the 20 years since. Also all the Christmas parties.

And of Course I love Christmas (I know that most theologians put Christ's birth in a different month but this is traditionally when we celebrate.) Christmas has always been the Olmsted High Holy day. When my sister and I were in college at Christmas time mom and dad would fly us home so we could be together as a family. Our family tradition would depend on the weather. Dad would have communion at the church in one of two forms. One was the traditional corporate communion that are pretty standard in any church. The other was where all the families in the church would come at a specific time to have communion as a family. Then afterward we would have homemade pizza and then read the Christmas story and open gifts.

I love going around town looking a Christmas lights, the more over the top the better. I know somepeople think that there's a point that it becomes gaudy, but my theory is it's Christ's birth we are celebrating, with all that He did for us how could we not try to go over the top especially when there are more flamboyant groups in society. This is the one Federal Holiday that is specifically Christian in nature so let's go for broke and not be ashamed of our faith at least once this year.

I'm not much for singing, but I enjoy going caroling.

Is this month busy, Yeah it is. But this is the month we celebrate our Savior's birth. Don't stress about the details. Christ said in the sermon on the mount "who has added an extra day to his life by worrying about tomorrow?" If something isn't quite perfect who cares the most important thing about this time of year is remember who we are in Christ, next is family. If someone doesn't like something oh well that's tough luck, just remind them that you are doing your best being Christ's servant ask them just to try and enjoy the season, remember there are people that are hurting this year and we have troops in the field fighting for us.

Friday, December 02, 2005

This is a great idea

(Click Title) This is an awesome Idea! I wish I had thought of it but I found it on Michele Malkin blog. If the american communist league united wants a fight (actually they just want us Christians to take it like sheep) then lets give them a fight, or rather a Christmas card. It's kinda what the Bible talks about heaping coals on your enemies head. I would strongly suggest that we do this. What it is just in case the story doesn't come through is sending a Christmas Card to the aclu

"Wishing You Merry Christmas"
125 Broad Street18th
FloorNew York, NY 10004

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Death to Monsters, but....

I believe in the death penalty. Especially after the rash of criminals breaking out of jails and prisons the last couple of weeks. But what about 'jailhouse conversion'.

If someone is murdered and the murderer repents, does the victim become resurrected? Is it fair that the monster lives when the victim doesn't see another sunrise. No. Only God and family can forgive. If you go back into Leviticus it talks about getting the evil from out of their midst. There is a societal cost that murderers reek on the populace. David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam Killer, since he has been in prison has become a Christian and gave an interview about a decade ago where he was asked whether or not he deserved the death penalty. He answered yes; inspite of his outreach to other prisoners.

Now in california, there is a murderer who all the sudden decided that he was going to write children's books. (Heck, those harry potter books are supposed to be 'good children's books') Has spoken out about gangs. But at the same time hangs out with the same gang he founded in prison. Joking that he did the murders.

If Gov. Schwarzenegger gives him clemency he is sending a dangerous signal to murderers, rapists, and all other cutthroughts with concept all they have to do is say the right thing and stand against things that they have done and you don't get the punishment you deserve. I will grant you the concept that they should have plugged him in years ago but that's what happen when you let liberals run things.

There are consequences for everyone's actions. I hope that he has made changes in his life, but his victims are still dead and california already determined the consquence for his actions should be death. Give his victims families peace. Sometimes things just need to be punished.

I Love You...Here's a Lump of Coal

When my sister and I were young our parents would tell us, "Be good or we will give you a lump of coal for Christmas." So I have been pondering this, "If you love someone and want to get engaged why would you give someone what is at it's very essence is coal a gift you give to bad children?"

If it were me I would be insulted by such a gift. I have tried to discuss this with other people but the emotional attachment to what is nothing but a hydrocarbon object is amazing. Now since all life is at least partially made of carbon it isn't rare. At one time, diamonds may have been hard to come by, but there are techniques of making "fake" diamonds. Where these modern "fakes" cannot be discerned from the real diamonds. Hmmmm.

Another thing that would give me pause in giving a diamond for an engagement gift. One that really bothers me and I don't know how I could tell someone I love them with a gift such as this. Conflict diamonds, they are diamonds that come from places that use the diamonds to fund civil war. The marxist rebels use slave labor to collect the diamonds.
In all honesty, I could not look in the eye of my beloved and tell her I love her knowing these things. In times of fineancial difficulty everyone tries to sell jewels so the value would go away.


The one I like the best is a chrome plated super .38 with engraving with either mother of peril grips or antique ivory grips (for you tree huggers). This gift could say many different things: I will always protect you, I respect that you are your own person and can take care of yourself, or I want to spend the rest of my life. The thing is such a gift will always get attention. It will always keep it's value. And for me it would be a gift from the heart. And will always increase in value.

A vacuum cleaner: aka the Walter E. Williams special. Practical the woman will always use is and can ponder your thoughtfulness.

A car. If you get a classic car it will always go up in value. She will feel like a million bucks in a '65 Mustang ragtop.

Just something to ponder. Since I have sworn to stay single I don't have to try these theories out. Although, I had one female friend agree or at least understand the Conflict Diamond aspect. The moral of the blog. What do you put your value in? Is it just a lump of coal or do long for more?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Grab Your Riot Gear Before You...

Good Black Friday. I know some people fret about how early the Christmas season comes every year. But depending on your Theology we as Christians should celebrate the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ year round any way. Granted around Christmas (which Bible scholars have figured either early fall or late spring due to shepherds on the hill) it is good to focus on the birth of Christ and just the sacrifice that Christ made just leaving Heaven.

Then others worry about the commercialization of Christmas. Ok fine then make sure your focus in your home is on Christ. The thing is consumer spending is part of what drives the American economy. I would call the Great commission a marketing strategy. By us Christians going into all the world to spread the word it sounds remarkably similar to a commercial. Remember Christ did talk about doing the best with what we have (more in a minute).

For those who fret over this party or that party. Or trying to impress someone. The bottom line is who care. You can always say you can't make a party. If you have an obnious relative that says something about something you have done for somebody as "good enough" REMIND them of the Parable of the talents and tell them that you did your best for the Glory of God since He hasn't struck you down your not worried, and walk away (again I'm not very good with turn the other cheek thing).

If things don't go perfect who cares? Remember there was a point where Christ told one of Lazereth's sisters to stop fretting about a meal and come enjoy being with the group (sorry I can't remember her name and I am at work so tough.). Remember this Christmas, it's about Him and family. Just enjoy being together. Stress about important things like are the Cowboys going to make the SuperBowl?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Amazing How....

Isn't it amazing how praise just lifts your soul when your battered?

My family is going through a tough stretch right now, and my nerves are frayed. I put in my Third day Offerings CD. I am not much for singing but I have been singing along with the whole CD and I can Sense the Almighty's presence here at work.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Small Town Economics

Read the article first then my Buck fifty input of what I think.

I make no bones I love small town life and I love what makes this country great. One of the things that made this country great is free enterprise. Small towns are slowly fading due to the ever decreasing number of farms and ranches. By a community agreeing to change its name to Papa Johns, Idaho or Coca-Cola, Georgia to keep that community viable, why not.

While it gives influence to large corporations, how is it worse than the government raising taxes, removing 4th Amendment protections against illegal search and seizures?

I am one of the few that a couple of years ago that was for North Dakota dropping North from the name if nothing else just for publicity. The argument that people think cold when they see the word North is very realistic. We have a radio station that has a radio program in the morning which calls various event through out the country (events such Calaverous Frog Jumping or other goofy things that people celebrate). Whenever they call they ask what the person thinks of when they hear North Dakota and the answer is invariably cold. This State has so much to offer from the badlands, Ft. Lincoln (where Custer rode out of), Ft Union (one of the few living history fur trading posts in this country), Medora, and Teddy Roosevelt's ranch.

My state is in constant fear of depopulation because farming is no longer profitable, industry is slowly moving in but right now the only thing we remotely have going for us is tourism. I would support any small town in North Dakota if they were approached by a corporation to change their name because the influx of cash would be good for the town and for the state.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What Our Senate Thinks is Important

Our Senate is concerned about baseball and steroids. I have such a warm feeling that they care about my every day life to that extent. But what about the Prison leak? Why aren't they worried about security leaks that potenially could harm our troops? The Senate claims they are to busy to start on hearings for Judge Alito, so baseball must be the priority, not getting a justice that doesn't abide by the Constitution out of the Supreme Court. The Senate has yet to try to do something about the border.

Now I love baseball, but I honestly don't care about steroids, well that's not completely accurate. What the average American may not realize is that most asthma medication has steroids. Since they keep my mom alive and kicking I guess I do care, but that raises an interesting question 'how do we know that those who test positive for steroids doesn't have a disease that the medicine could contain steroids?'

Does steroids actually fall under the purview of the Senate? I can't figure out how. I thought Republicans were for getting government out of our lives? If the drugs are illegal then prosecute, but to make an industry come up with a policy that no other industry really has to live by is ludicrous.

I know a lot of businesses drug test, but that doesn't preclude them from hiring someone if they really want to hire someone.

I guess I should be glad that the Senate is to busy to govern but I really don't like the precedent this sets.

When Politics End and Life Begins

I have said in the past that politics is just a fancy way of saying human interaction, which it is. But there are times that life is more important than following the news and current events. There are things that even state or local government has no call having any say in.

There comes a point where you (or I) have to look out for your (or my) neighbor. My friends in South Dakota just had their dad's shop grand re-opening under his brother. My sister was able to be there for my family's friends. In North Dakota, we have a tradition of stopping and helping someone in need, of course this depends on how far they are from a town usually, if they are a mile from say Bismarck we don't worry about it becaue it is with in walking distance.

Another time when politics end is in family hard times. This is when a church should step in. NEVER judge but just be there when a family is hurting. Did I say NEVER judge? I meant NEVER judge.

A Natural disaster we as Americans rally around those in need.
So why is it there are those so quick to finger point when something doesn't go completely right? Because they forget we are all Americans.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Secret Prisons and the Traitors that Expose Them

I cannot believe that people are surprised about having covert prisons in other countries. It's what I would do. I wouldn't want any monsters running loose here like in France. (Granted they would have to escape first). I would be willing to bet that we have done this in other wars.

Second, I want to know who the traitor is who leaked this story. I will even buy him a cigarette before they shoot him. WHY in the world would you shoot your country in the foot by leaking this? I don't care about party affiliation, where he's from. He needs to go to prison I would perfer a firing squad or hanging.

Then we need to do something about the media source that released this. I don't know what but this is ridiculous. We are at war. During WWII, the government told the author of the Superman comics that they had to cease and desist on a storyline about a nuclear weapon. There was a time when the American media was on our side.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Buck Fever

It's Deer Season Friday!!! I have been looking forward to this for months. I haven't been home in about three years, so I looking forward to seeing everyone at church on sunday, plus if I get my Buck earlier I can go visit more people. I am also looking forward to go visit dad (yeah I know he's dead I have the nightmares to prove it and I know theologically speaking he's not there) As always I miss dad more during the World Seris, Christmas, and the Super Bowl (and days that end in "y" some weeks).

I am relieved with the nominee for the court, we are going to get the war that we need to have with the marxists. (partly because the marxist call him Machine Gun Sammy) So to quote the junior Senator from the peoples republic of massechutes "bring it on, bring it on"

So I was wrong Scooter got indicted over obstruction, not that he blew ms. plame's cover.

So any way back to deer season. The reason this important is so that I can do my part to help protect ranching in this state because deer get into the hay stacks, taking much needed hayfor the winter. Also this keeps the deer population manageable, so the deer don't starve this winter.

I hope to get a good enough shot with my peacemaker (which doesn't have a scope mounted on it) because I have a buddy hunting with .357 Magnum. I want the bragging rights that would bring. I am still trying to decide if I get a deer early enough if I want to go down to mom's to have it processed. So I am going to be out of the office for about a week.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Revelation-Part Two: the indifference strikes back

As as far as Revelation goes. I am (or was) a PK have read through it a couple of times. I have no fear of death. I know where I am going if I were to die tonight. The only things that really stir my heart in the book are the seven churches and the Throne Room.

As far as not worried about what goes on in the world. What about Christ? What did he do about the money changers. What did he call the Pharasee? What did Christ say about paying taxes? Who Created the Heavens and the Earth? What about what Christ said about the birds and the flowers of the field. What the average person doesn't understand is that politics is the interaction of humans-PERIOD

It just frustrates me when Christians get stuck on one thing. When we were ready to start something new in our Wednesday Bible study I thought we were going to study Judges or the Pentateuch, or the cool books we ended up in Revelation. Then to frustrate me even worse in Bismarck there was a group that came through that talked on Bible prophesy. One of the things I have learned in life there are a few topics that are taught to Christians that are overstressed: prophesy, speaking in tongues, living under Grace (mainly when ignore what God expects from us). I worry about people setting up stumbling blocks. Where prophesy comes into play there are "Christians" that think they know when X happens.

All I was saying as far as I'm concerned it just isn't as important as say "thus says the Lord Z is wrong" Or come unto me those who are weary. I believe that if you focus on the sky is falling (ie what can happen if you worry about the end times) you can miss an opportunity, you can even take the joy out of your life. What is important is making sure that your life is right with the Almighty.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Revelation-Is Craig A heretic for Not Caring?

I will be honest, I just don't care about the Book of Revelation. I have read it a couple of times, but I am really not worried about what's going to happen. I am not saying that it is worthless, I love the picture of the Throneroom of the Almighty, and the seven churches are relevant today and will be relevant one hundred years from now (or more).

I guess my disillusion with Revelation stems from I have read it a couple of times and I have thororly briefed on foreign affairs and can see without repeatedly going back to Revelation to see what is going. First off we are going to have to have a one world government. The only way for that to work is with a common religion, that everyone is fervently sold out on. Right now that isn't feasible in the immediate future.

I also know God is going to comeback when the time is. He swore he would. I have a problem saying that all the natural disasters that we are having are punishment and are signs of the end times because Christians have been saying that since Christ went back Home. There were also natural disasters before Christ came down here.

I barely have an opinion on whether Christians are going Home pre- mid 0r post tribulation. I think that we will probably see some of the tribulation, just because God exposed the Israelites to some of the plagues that the Egyptians had until the the worst one in which God protected them. (parenthetically, in our Wednesday morning Biblestudy I told the men that I think will take those that are Post-trib before the trib first and those who were Pre after the tribulation, just because those who believe that God spares Christians suffering-just because honestly if I were God I would do that, thankfully I'm not him. Pastor and I were shocked that they thought I was a heretic for joking about something like that.) Part of the reason that we will go through at least part of the tribulation is because God will want us to remember how horrible this place can be.

Honestly, for me I can see God's face more in Exodus, Leviticus, Duteronomy, Job, and the Gospels. I can get a glimpse of His nature just by how He explains if this law is violated that it deserves this. I take great comfort in the fact he is my Warrior. It speaks to me on how He swears he will defend the fatherless. If you want to talk about what would Jesus do ok fine lets.

What did Jesus do when a woman who was caught in the very act of adultery and they wanted to stone, He defended her. I was talking to someone a few months ago about sex offenders and shouldn't we give them another chance. God may, God said that if you are faithfull to confess our sins and turn from them He will forgive them. But there are more examples in the Bible of God taking up the case of a victim. The Bible says that if you harm a child that you would be better off to tie a millstone to your neck and drown yourself. Suicide is universally accepted that your going straight to hell, mainly because you can repent granted. But if your better off to kill yourself that tells me that some sins are actually worse in God's sight.
There are only two that are worse than the rest, let me make that clear. Hurting a child in anyway and cursing the Holy Spirit other than that they are all equal. I think instead of worrying about criminals maybe we should cleanup after them. In my Biblestudy, there is a Gideon that goes into the jail, I totally respect them, but who's going to speak for the innocent.

To be honest, I am not worried about what's going to happen. Christ said who by worrying about tomorrow has ever added an extra day to life? That is the reason I just don't worry about Revelation. That's the bottom line.
I can't wait to get Home. I am looking forward to the feast of the faithful (Proof that God must be a Wesleyan). My favorite picture of Heaven is that song that came out in the nineties. Bighouse where it talks about how God has a big yard to play football. My other favorite picture of Heaven is the last scenes of Field of Dreams where the dad asks if that is Heaven. I don't care if this is theological, but this is what my heart hopes, that there is a baseball diamond so dad and I can play catch so we can discuss theology again. So I can get Christ to explain grace to me I don't get the balance between grace and obeying God's Commands. I can't wait until I get Home so I can thank God face to face for forgiving me for my shortcomings.

And just for an excuse to quote an old hymn: When we all get to Heaven what a great day of rejoicing that will be.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Above the Law.

Why does the press believe that they are above scrutiny? After all the lies that the American Media that they have perpertrated upon the American populace, all the times that they have been busted for falsestatements? Who are they accountable to? NO government agency which rightfully so. But in matters of National Security, in matters where a persons life might that not be the one place that media has the responibility to come forward and share information, such as where Noriaga was. Where they came up with the Name Valerie Plame.

Honestly, I wish I knew what Robert Novak was thinking when he ran the story, unless he was going from the aspect of Nepotism with her husband getting a job he wasn't qualified for should have never had. Admittedly, I have never read the original article and really have no desire to read it. The original article in this whole affair has become a nonissue. What we know for sure at this point Ms. Plame was not a covert agent for about nine years. The statute says that the operative within seven years being a covert agent can't be mentioned.

I wouldn't be surprised if the only thing that came down was obstruction charges on Judith Miller and the other guy (hey it's four I can't remember his name right now) Ms. Miller isn't even sure who told her, now (heck, send her to Gitmo I'm sure those guys could help her remember). I think that it may be more likely that he will just issue a report.

Now Judith Miller, who can't remember or someone who could have told her gave her permission to tell her what she knew a year ago, wants to have a national shield law. Giving them cover for protecting their source. So we can feel warm and fuzzy to know that the press is there to "protect" the democracy. But when it comes to covering stories involving the Defenders of the Republic, you know the guys over in Iraq with guns keeping the terrorists fighting there instead of here mainly, what do we get. A whine about Abu Ghrab, a story about a Marine who shot a terrorist who was playing possum (for those of you who don't know a democrat symbol from you posterior that's playing dead), Things are going bad, we are in a quagmire, we are loosing, this isn't going to work, and endless stories that should never be carried because either there is no basis in truth, or hurts our troops morale. Can you imagine attacking the very people who give you the freedom that allows you to say what you will? I can't but that's what these incompetent-irresponsible journalists. Now if they get this shield that they want what is to prevent them from inventing stories?
Journalists have a long history in this country of doing this probably as far back as Ben Franklin and Thomas Paine to Horace Greely. During the Civil War there were photographer who staged pictures to make a story. Randolph Hurst said of the Spanish-American war he told his photographers you provide the pictures I'll provide the war.

So how can the media be kept in check? One of the first things that Professor Otis said in Criminal Investigations was interviewing a suspect is 'why is this person lying to me?' Remember we can think for ourselves. Everyone has an adjenda. Wheither it's Charles Krauthammer or Al Franken or George Stienbrenner. I believe if you give the media a blanket shield law then automatically you are setting them up above the law, about like the judiciary has been behaving since the sixties. If someone has something to say about how a business or government is being run, there comes a point where we should have the right to hear from them to see if they are credible and not just disgruntled, heck I know disgruntled.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pastor appreciation Month. Is one month enough?

First of Paul wrote that those who are doing the Lord's Work deserve what they are paid. Which in some areas of this country is way less than teachers, especially if you factor in teachers hours and the two or three months they have off. Pastors are kinda like United States Presidents when it comes to vacation. They are always in contact with the body. My dad always left the phone number with a boardmember when we left for vacation. There were quite a few times when his one day off were taken up because someone was sick, needed prayer, or counseling. My dad also went into the public school when there were events in town if the kids needed someone to talk to. (something alot of pastors would do or are doing)

I not saying a pastor minds. I know I have relayed this story before, but I think it bears repeating.

The day before the wreck I was telling my dad about a hostage situation
my one of my college professors had told us about where there was a man had
his family at the point of a gun and wanted a pastor, but none was
Before I could fininsh my dad said I can't believe that because a true pastor
with a
pastor's heart will drop everything if they were
Less than twenty-four hours later dad was
dead. BUT there was a
Bapist Pastor on a Sunday Morning at 0400 hrs
came to be with my family at the
first hospital than traveled 40+ miles to
visit mom in the next. Never met
us, probably will never see him until
we get home

The Pastor that I currently have well I tease him about only working one day a week, but I know that he preaches at least one nursing home, meets with at least on accountability group, goes walking with on Tuesday (which I appreciate more than I can express because I miss being a pk and I enjoy his friendship).

Low pay and long hours aren't the only hardship that pastors families endure. My dad had people call and complain about the music that my sister and I listened to. They complained because my sister found a nice coat that she had
(a little coat of many colors jealousy I guess). And the bizarre expectation that we would be perfect. (well I was perfect at least).

Finally, someone who is vital to the ministry of the pastor is the pastor's wife. My pastor and I have talked about it and I told him I think the most important person in our church is his wife, because I know sheri helps him keep his schedule straight and keeps him grounded. He has said that she tells him that they need to get a gift for this person that is hurting or for this family that just had a kid.

So this month that is Pastor Appriciation Month remember he works worse hours than you for a ton less money. He is human and so are his kids, so don't hold them to an inordiately high standard, a standard that you- yourself don't keep. And Remember how valuable He is and His wife because when trouble comes. He will be there to pray and to hold your hand, don't just honor them this month. And above all keep him and his family in your prayers.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Marxists Know better Than You

This past legislative term in North Dakota brought one good thing (Changes to the concealed weapon law) and a bunch of marxist garbage in the form of higher taxes, limiting private property rights. Supposedly, the legislature was run by Republicans.

One of the things that passed was no smoking in restraunts. Leaving Bars and restraunt bar combos alone. Well this last week the Bismarck City council had a meeting with the tobacco free committee. I was going to go but accidentally feel asleep so that went out the window.

My point would have been there are other choices their are restraunts in this town that are smoke free some of which served alcohol. I would have suggested that if they wanted other choices get to gether start their own restraunt. If they wanted to eat the food of the place that served alcohol and allowed smoking but didn't want to be around the smoking go get their own booze order out and go home. OR use the Supreme Courts brand spanking new Emanate Domain decision and take over the property. Now I don't go to any of those restraunts that serve alcohol because state law doesn't allow me to carry while I eat there, my personal choice I have the free will to make that choice. (I don't drink either, and Cracker Barrel is third in comparison to my Mom's or my Grandma's but neither one lives here so since I don't like cooking...)

The next morning in the paper it said that it affected only five out of thirty-three restraunts. If I would have realized that I would have set my alarm. This effectively eliminated all choices for those who enjoy smoking while they eat, they have no choices if they want to go out to eat. I thought we were supposed to avoid all types of discrimination. It seams like if it's legal ie Christianity, firearms, tobacco it "evil" and has no place in the Republic. The argument that this is a health issue doesn't really fly because I went get a take out order of ribs tonight and as I entered to get my ribs there were thirty people out smoking. I have gotten a ton of ribs before this when they were allowed to smoke indoors and never smelled it. This is going to either do one of two things either blow up in the face of tobacco free collation or they are going to back and say that can't smoke on private property.

It worries me that these self-righteous hypocondriacs can destroy property rights because of "health concerns". One of the reasons I don't trust doctors is because they can't decide what is good for you and what is bad. And another thing I have said this many times before

This is supposed to be a free country. I don't like the precedent this sets. What if they decide the way I eat isn't healthy (which it isn't but I'm a man if God intended me to eat well He would force me to get married). It's my choice to eat how ever I want. I want the choice to drink what I want. The marxist claim it is Christians that tell everyone how they should live, but who is it in the US that has not allowed a new oil refinery to built in twenty-five years. Can't log in some areas beause we'll harm some tree slug, but when there is a wildfire that same tree slug still dies. If the logging companies could have harvested some of the trees in California the wildfire wouldn't have been that bad.

The Reader's Digest version let people make their own choices. There are consequences to whatever choices that are made, but dictating your convictions on someone else doesn't work.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Proof we need to Fix Social Security

Earlier this Summer, an Eighty year old woman was busted as a Madam in New Jersey. She said that Social Security wasn't enough to live on.

Now a seventy-nine year old woman is busted on drug dealing charges. How can we be so cold hearted to allow our elderly to have to turn to the vices to survive how cold hearted has America become.

(Although, with the babyboomer getting older I guess maybe that they would feel better getting drugs from someone their own age.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The United Nations University

I found this article don't really care about the article but it inspired me to come up with potential names for the football teams

1. The Fighting French
2. The Vikings-which literally means raping and pillergering
3 The Fighting Commies
4. The Nonames so noone is offended
5 The Oilers for those who think I have drank some coolaid lately is
because the oil-food scandal.
6. The Chickens, because the sky is falling aspect of the alleged global

Kujo Annon could be the head coach

possible cheerleaders

Katie Couric
Lucy the Missing Link
Ms. Sheehan

Bill Clinton would of course be the Cheerleading advisor

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Death States Rights and the Left

It never ceases to amaze me how the marxists in this country want innocent people to be killed, but refuse to kill murderers, rapists, and traitors.

The marxists push abortion to the extent they will immediately go to the Supreme Court any time a state decides that a minor has to get parents consent before an abortion, especially if that same minor to get their ears pierced have to ask their parents approval. (Deaths of the mothers can happen during abortions making it more dangerous) The pro-abortion groups treat this as a national issue that the federal government has control over. Which you subscribe to the thought that the Declaration of Independence is the founding document, making the issue of life and death is a national issue.

BUT when it comes to Oregon decides that they want to allow people to kill themselves with doctors help it is a state right. The marxist can't have it both ways. And why is it when comes to killing somebody they all the sudden believe in states rights as long as they are "good people".Hmm.

Has anyone ever read the hypocrites oath? I thought that doctors swore never to do abortions, never do any harm? Now if someone wants to eat a gun and want to be selfish and harm their family irrevocally, go ahead I won't stop you because that would mean I would have to shoot you. BUT I don't some doctor who believes that he is God has turned him into an angel of mercy treating me because he may decide that my life is not worth living. I have dated a few nurses and inevitably medical ethics come up. There aren't a standard they are fluid. The doctors are rarely held to account for what they decide (I know there are malpractice suits but the argument can be made that there should be more)

The marxist in this country (other country marxists are more than willing to kill everybody and aren't afraid of punishment) throw a fit when a murderer is to be executed. They try to claim things like it isn't a deterrent, you have to understand what they went through in life. What about punishment? The Bible talks about the necessity to get the evil out of our midst. About two months ago, a child molester was captured that assaulted three thousand boys. That's three thousand lives that are ruined and some of those who were assaulted will turning into offenders also. What would have happened if after the first child he attacked he was executed? The chain of abuse would have ended. (I have dealt with several women that have been abused the devastation that has been left behind is hard to imagine). What if after the first person that Bundy killed he was executed? Then he wouldn't have had the opportunity to kill twenty people, affecting literally hundreds of people.

The difference between capital punishment and euthanasia and abortion is capital punishment: punish and protects innocents. Euthanasia and abortion kill innocents. Do we really want to be that society that kill innocents and let those who aren't live?

Friday, September 30, 2005

Evil Christians

Well the Bible tells us that we look foolish to the world, but this article is a little unnerving. Time to arm up

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sinner Saved by Grace- How can this be?

Sinner saved by Grace is one of the stupidest things Christians say. Once you become a Christian God takes your sin casts it as far as the east from the west. At that point your sin is nonexistent (not saying you can't backslide that's another post). Sin is a willful act or nonaction. When we as Christians sin we are expected to repent from it to restore the relationship with the Father. I will grant all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but after you confess that removes you from sin. God has called us to be holy and to be without sin.

Isn't it better that we say, as St. Paul wrote, that we are saved by faith through Jesus Christ who strengthens us? Which is the only way for us to pursue a holy or sinfree life. St. Paul wrote when I was a child I spoke as child and act like a child, but now that I'm an Adult I put away childish things or then when we were babes in Christ we had milk, but now it's time
that we start with the meat. Christians can't stay at the point of salvation because Christ talked about the branches that aren't producing fruit will be pruned and thrown into the fire.

Are Christians human? Yes. Do we decide that we want to sin? Yes. Do we sin in every word, deed?-No. Can we go weeks or years without sin? Yes, but it takes a real focus on the Relationship we have with God and the pursuit of holiness. Am I sinner? NO I am a son of the King I have been justified through faith. The price of my sin has been paid and the sins I have confessed no longer exist in the eyes of the Lord (The consequences will probably happen excluding falling out of fellowship with God for the afore mentioned reasons). Do I sin? yes, but when I confess my sins God is faithfull and just to forgive those sins. I am striving to be a new creature in Christ, If you have confessed sins your not defined by sin.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

LAND for PEACE!?!?

The Nations in this country could have told Israel that giving land to aggressors wouldn't work, but they had to listen to us. Maybe now the administration will let Israel do what they have to do.

There were so many treaties that we forced the Nations namely the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 that promised the powder river area of Montana and the Black Hills to the Lakota, Oglala, and Cheyenne, But that went out the window when Custer found gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The Indians numerous times gave up more land for peace and it got them NOTHING but misery.

Now Israel has given up land that they won in wars with Egypt, Syria, and a few other enemies in the hope of peace and what happens they get shot at again. (Click Title)

I know that the marxist in this country don't get this concept, but a fact is a fact.


The idea of success means, well like some many things means something different to every body. But what should success mean to the Christian?
This is my idea of what success is.

The idea of stepping in the gap for someone. ABC Primetime did an interesting experiment where they had a male and female actor "argue" physically in a park to see who would step in and intervene. While the results aren't really important (More women intervened when the guy was "attacking" but noone really stopped when they reversed it) I think that protection of someone who is weaker is a component of success.

Being honest, keeping your word or code of ethics even when no one is watching. Doing what is right when alone shows Character.

Owning up to mistakes that we make or have been made. Bishop TJ Jakes had as part of his ministry for a while a componate that he called 'woman thou are loosed.' Basically it was a way for men to alleviate the wrongs that other men had done to women, with some interesting results as far as I could tell. Owning up to our mistakes take a huge amount humbleness, which I have to admit I don't have an abundance of (remember I am never wrong). I have learned to admit when I have made mistakes but the thing is I just don't care if I'm wrong.

I think the way that you are thought of is a measure of success. I'm not meaning that we need to change who we are or cowtow to someone. But if others say they kept their word, or they are like a brother because they travel half-way across the country in a time of need. I think it speaks a lot of a person who will go to a friend in a time of need.

Not giving up on people. Now there are times that there are people try and use you, well you have got to be more careful about the amount of time you devote to those people especially if they are bringing you down spiritually. BUT that being said if they are willing to "play by the rules" and not dominate your time or your money. In those situations NO is the most important word you have. Prayer is the most effective tool in this situation. Forgiveness is a component here. The whole 70 x 7 thing comes into play. Actually forgiveness is one of the greatest acts of love that we can offer anyone (not that we can forgive anyone. We don't have the right to forgive someone who sins against somebody else, we can't grant absolution to that person that can only come from the victim and/or God any more questions go into the archives)

Sharing our faith, the great commission of going throughout the whole word and spreading the Gospel.

Leaving a Christian Legacy for the following generation. Witnessing to neighbors friends family ect. Teaching children about Christ and about what is right and what is wrong. This sort of fits, Edmund Burke said the only thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. In a Republic, this means we need to be informed of what is going on in Government. We have a right/responsibility to contact our leaders when there's a bill that we believe needs attention. We cannot sit on the sidelines in this world.

Finally, the one thing that shows the most success we won't here until judgment day is when God says well done good and faithful servant. Which means we are going to have to be obedient to His law and impart grace (which I am still struggling to understand grace and there are people that I can imagine extending it to, yet. Maybe someday). The Bible tells us no sin will enter heaven.

There maybe others but near as I can success is judged by the heart Not pocketbook, nor marriage, nor job.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just when you think All Democrats are inept...

North Dakota has a long history when the legislature does something stupid we start referendum drive. In this case, thanks to the Supreme Court's decision on emanate Domain has scared a quite a few people out here being a freedom loving people.

Well, some state high profile democrats realizing the fear of the decision has done something right, they started a referendum to put on the state constitution that any state, county, or county cannot take a piece of private land and transfer it to private lands.

Now there are some legislators that are complaining that they are "acting" too fast. They are feeling like it should go through the legislature in two years. The problems are as simple as last legislature every tax, every fee was raised to an insane height considering we supposedly had a surplus.

Bottom line is the Democrats here have at least done one intelligent thing. How could the Republicans be so stupid as to let this get past them.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just So Know How important Having Strong Conservatives

The underreported story about Hurrican Katrina. CNN was complaining that they couldn't record picture of dead bodies, they have been complaining alot about their freedoms being being impeded. But CNN has ignored what the officials have been doing to impead the average citizen's rights Check out the link.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


It's hard to imagine that we actually engaged those who would rather kill us than worship Allah. This war actually started when then US embassy was overrun in Tehran (that's in Iran) in 1979. They blew up Marine's barracks, embassies, the USS Cole, and discotech's in Europe where Americans frequented.

In the 1990's we actually fought to protect muslims in Serbia, and yet they treat us like an enemy.

That morning I woke up about 9 turned on the radio I heard that the World Trade Center had exploded I thought it was an anniversery thing from the 1993 bombing. Unfortunately, it wasn't. I got up turned the tv on and didn't stop watching until 1400hrs at which time I got up showered and then headed for gun city. (I have said this before after the wreck I swore I would be ready for all possibility at the time I was working North Dakota Capitol Security) I was shopping for something that would classify as a police weapon.

The amount of shock I felt that day could just about rival with what happened after the wreck. When we found out that it was monsters my anger burned. I still have the sorrow I felt for those we lost that day. I know that we can't quit until we have victory over those monsters.

I have nothing but respect and awe for all our police, our firemen, our emergency medical crews, and definately NOT least our millitary. They do a job most people don't have the stomach for. Keeping us safe from the monsters. And I thank and honor all of them. God Bless America

Friday, September 09, 2005


How could someone who subverted our National Security get punished according to the US Constitution? Execution. What happens if you worked for a Marxist President? Fifty grand and he will access to classified material in three years.

We know that the Clinton White House was offered Osama Bin Laden at least twice, but because they were going to try to handle terrorism as law enforcement issue instead of war.

What if the documents relate to Able Danger, we may never know the truth. He said to have remorse over his mistake. AHHH. Stuffing documents into your pants indicate more than a mistake. You have got to make a decision to that.

Heck, he could have stolen anything from documents enumerating where Iraq's WMDs headed off to, or how many weapons systems we sold the ChiComs.

In a time of war an act of treason is an act of treason. The only option should have been the gallows I don't care what party you belong to.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I did not Have finacial relations with my son

Kofi Annon used to the time of the huricane to admit he probably will get some blame for the oil for food scandle. Shoot may be Bill Clinton is qualified for that Job.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Just a Hick

A request was made taking a chance that it wasn't the feds fishing. (I have little or no respect for the FBI because of their history). That I explain who I am, well not much different than your average redneck. Work hard play hard. The measure of a man is what he does the word he keeps not what the color of his hide is or who his parents are.

I have a bachelors degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science (Yeah I know an oxymoron like good government). My dad was a Wesleyan Pastor in the Dakota District for 25 years (covers ND, SD, MT, WY, AL, and a church in Canada). He was killed over 9 years ago by an alcy after mom and him came to get my sister and I. My Sis has her masters in social work and I couldn't prouder of her (I used to tease her about being our little Karl Marx until I realized she was more conservative than a couple of my best friends. In high school she stumped Senator Kent Conrad (one my proudest moments of my life). Mom got remarried to another Wesleyan pastor.

I love all the shooting sports and hunting. I love all forms of music from classical to jazz to blues to country and western.

The one thing I would do if money was no object I would buy a seat to space.

I have done everything from work in the oilfield to volunteer fireman to cowpuncher. Haven't run for public office yet. I have to wait to allow my inner Napoleon out.

Who I am is who you see in my blog, which admittedly I go over the top just for the fun of it. Since I'm a hick we call things the way we see it. Take the junior Senator from MASS. I would call him a communist because the way he acted after he got out of viet nam.

First of all I am a Christian Second an Olmsted third a Dakotan Fourth an American (which by the way the founders would have told you)

I believe with right come responsibility. Not everything is a right. Marriage is one such thing. It is an oath before God, since the Bible is clear on the whole homosexual thing and sheer mechanics of sex there can be no homosexual marrige. If a homosexual couple want a commitment sermony let them but that doesn't mean that the state has to recognize it just to let someone "feel" Normal. If marriage was a right I then all my single friends that want to be married would be married.

Speaking of feeling I think if your RULED by emotions means your weak.
I will never tell someone how I feel unless I'm sick. There are facts then there are emotions then worse is lies.

Personally, I let people live there life the way they see fit, but if they are doing something wrong and are ignorant enough to ask what I think, well I'm a hick, I hate lies more than Marxist.

I know that I don't have all the answers to life but I always think I'm right until I'm proved wrong. Becaue after dad was killed I needed to figure out what I believed and why, so as to make my faith my own. By the way every Christian needs to do this St Paul wrote be ready to give an answer when ever need.

Well that about it. Strait forward. I believe in monsters and things that go bump in the night (Criminal terrorist ect). I believe in justice I believe that in all life for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, whether it is in the physical realm or the Spiritual. I believe God wants everyone to come to a saving knowledge of Him. I believe the only way to Heaven is through Christ. I believe that no one is above the law (I have said that I am the only man that would arrest his own Grandma). I believe that Christ died and arrose three days later. I believe that inspite some of this countries short comings this is the greatest country. I believe God blessed us because of the founders. I believe that we should be in Iraq. There are tactical reasons that are hard to explain with out showing it on a map.
I believe that Christ is coming back to take those who have accepted Salvation.

Any questions

To Blame or Not to Blame That is the question.(sorry Bill)

We can all armchair this hurricane. I have definite opinions who is most to blame, but that won't fix the problem for the next disaster. The bottom line I just don't care.

Let's for just a moment focus on the positive. On the things that make this country the Greatest Nation face of the Earth.

First of all, how about all those cities who have opened their doors to the evacuees. I have heard interviews where the evacuees have said by the sheer fact that a town has opened their arms up and treated them with as one of their own that they were going to move there. It having nothing to do with the color of a person's hide.

Second, how many of you have donated? I dare say most of you are reading have donated to the recovery of those who were hit.

Third, the police force down in New Orleans. In spite of being shot at the majority did their best to save lives, standing in the gap. Until the Feds could get there.

The Armed Service Rescue Helicopters. Talk about people who need to be honored. Easily the most underpaid people in America. Teachers should donate some of their pay for these guys (especially if they can't teach the children to read). The ground crews everyone has worked nonstop, underfire by snipers. At times may have been safer in Iraq.

That General Honera, I think thats his name, the way he has stood up for the New Orleans Emergency Services. Getting twenty thousand out of the Superdome in under a day is a feat in and of it's self.

The fact that we have already gotten a good chunk of N O deflooded in under a day considering the "experts" said it would take months to evac all that water.

As Americans we have a proud tradition making experts looking like pansies. When we get going things are better than before. Times of tradgedy is traditionally our finest hour. Not crying in a corner (not saying that there isn't a time to mourn) doing nothing about there situation. Heck, the market today was up. So with all these investigations that we are going to have let's find out how to fix it, not affix blame.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Just Another Communist Holiday

When I got to work tonight I was talking to my partner before he checked out for the night and said "well have a good Memorial Day." which of course was wrong since it is labor day. I said well I actually think we should honor troops twice as much over and opposed to celebrating the American worker.

What made America great was the pursuit of making a better life for our families. This meant working harder, smarter, faster, and longer than the next guy. Meant taking a risk with our finaces and all our resources.

The best way to honor the working man is to keep the economy growing so we can raise wages. We need to quiet the enviro-Marxists so we can drill in our own country for oil, build refineries, to keep moving forward, so that we do what we do best in times of need-help our fellow man.

In France, for instance, their work week is thirty-five hours as so to keep unemployment numbers down. I just read that Brussles didn't agree with the EU about limiting the exposure to the sun. If you limit you self in some pretty basic areas you will never expand your economy. You will fall in to the trap of I don't know we have never done that before. Afraid of trying to expand your future.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Reasons for hunting

I'm not the great white hunter but I love a fall morning with sun coming up the north Dakota badlands. It really gives me an awe of the beauty of God's creation. An unique experience meeting God on His turf. (At least this is the story if I come home empty handed)

First off food. A deer you can get probably 150 lbs of sausage, deersteak, and jerky.

Secondly, protection of the populace. This summer a couple was chased for about fifty miles on the Mah ta ha trail over by Medora. Some how they fended the animal off with their bikes, but when they are stalking people like that it's time to harvest.

Third, protection of livestock. Having earned my scars working cattle, well beeves are almost the stupidest critter short of sheep, but it is a good way of life riding herd. That means shooting prairie dogs, coyotes, and mountain lions. Thank God the tree huggers haven't gotten wolves transplanted here. Prairie dogs are like gopher except they are more social. If they take hold in a pasture a steer, bull, or a cow fall in a hole you can loose upwards of $500 dollar because it's the same as a horse if a horse breaks its leg.

Fourth, if there happens to be to many animals on the range on a given year if there is a bad winter (which in ND can start in October and end in May Al Gore where is this global warming you keep promising?) They will starve off. Not a pretty site, a waste of food and ruins the "delicate" ecosystem.

What all these boils down to is the only reason to kill is survival.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

War between the States, and the commies

I have some things that I hope the Republicans get clarification from Judge Roberts. His writing some twenty years about the War between the States is not one of them. It really shows how desperate the Marxists are. I guess I should be worried someday because of some of the things that I write.

First of all, the founders would believe that Government comes from consent of the governed. For those of you in Massichutes that means the Republic was voluntary.

Secondly, Lincoln couldn't have cared less about slavery, Also so could have Lee and most of their contempories on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. (Draft riots in New York) Most historians agree that the War between the States had little or nothing to do about slavery and more to do with impositions the North was placing on the South.

Third, when Lincoln won reelection he was congratulated by Karl Marx. Which makes me question his dedication to the Federal Republican ideals.
He violated the Constitution to a point that would make FDR proud. Including the introduction of paper currency (an inflationary act), The illegal formation of West Virgina. Then two years into the war for political expediency just to keep Great Britain out the war The emancipation proclamation which clearly shows Lincoln thinks of himself more of an all powerful king.

At the time the South Secceded, there was increasing dichotomy in this country. The South left to protect themselves from an increasingly powerful Central government. (Remember the recent Supreme Court ruling about immenate domain where the government can take land from one party to give to another) What would have happened if the South would have won. Slavery would have faded away, the central government would be subservient to the States, and the Founders of the Country would be in place.

For those of you who are sure that the South mainly did this for racism, let me remind you there were black and Indians fighting for the confederacy.

For it to be a true civil war the group revolting would want to change the form of government. The Southern Constitution was based on the US Constitution. May be the best way to name the war is to call it The war for States rights because that is what it really was.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

St. Paul

First of all I am not legalistic, I am not works oriented. This is currently my view of God:

  1. He is a warrior
  2. He is a protector of widows and orphans
  3. He is Just
  4. He is a God of second chance

And as long as we confess our sins and pursue holiness we will be judged good and faithful servant.

My problem is coming with the Pauline letters. Right now with the paradigm I have now I can see the causal effect that caused my dad's death, heck I can get how 9/11 happened. But right now we have been going through Ephesians and Philippians in our Wednesday morning Bible study. It seems like Paul throws out the law and says all we need is grace. The thing I keep pondering is Christ said that he came to fulfill the law not to negate it. Going back to the 10 Commandments and looking at them as though it is love applied (I don't believe love is an emotion, I believe it is closer to an oath or a promise). I can understand if a person is worried about if I keep this law or that law I am ok and you miss the personal relationship with Christ then there is a problem, which in honesty I have told people. But what worries me IF someone so fully applies grace that they feel as if they can sin and there is no consquence (which I have known many Christians that act this way).

Now, I am not totally placing my life under the Law, but I take delight in the law and I think I have more freedom by living more or less under the law because I have more a sense of the boundaries and I can grasp what God expects of me as a Christian. I don't about if I tried to live totally under grace I could feel as secure in God's love that I do now.

I guess another way explaining where I am at is if my life was introuble I would trust a lawyer over a doctor, because a lawyer has a standard (or the Law) to say where the boundries are. Doctors don't have any guidelines to live by. (I dated a nurse once we discussed medical ethics they are more fluid than a Bill Clinton statement in front of a grand jury).

I don't expect anyone to live up the standard I live. I believe that salvation is incumbent on the things I have mentioned before along with our reaction and relationship to God. I do my best not to be a stumbling block to another to get to the Father and I rarely confront someone with something (usually I get asked) because I don't know everything I'm just close is all (well that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

The bottom line is I am at the beginning at the a paradigm shift and I don't know what's going to happen.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


The jury that gave the woman of a husband that died due to vioxx should be beaten like a red-headed stepchild. First of 250 million from a drug company that supposedly knew that the drug would kill. Well if that's the case then arrest the individuals that were responsible for this murder. This didn't happen.

It takes 10 years to get a drug past the the FDA. If they couldn't find a problem then how do we know that there is something wrong with the drug? Merk has quit selling Vioxx.

How do we know that the man didn't have heart problems from the beginging? We don't.

In the end this is going to hurt the American public, because this will drive up insurance costs. Making pharmaceutical companies costs higher which will pass it on to consumers.

The dirty little secret about everyone's life is EVERYONE DIES. There may be some restitution that should be made but there is such a thing as justice $250 million isn't it because it affects a lot of people.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mad Cow 2

According to the USDA and the FDA you can't contact bovine spongiform encephalopathy from milk.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Dear Anti-nuke and Anti-Americans

This last weekend for those of you in California was the celebration of Victory in Japan. The so there has been the obligatory documentaries on hirostima and Nagasaki, but they included two new documentaries one on operation x-ray. The invasion of Japan, some of the estimates figured at least 1 million American troops dead then as many as 20 million Japanese dead.

Again WWII, morality dictated civilian were targets. Look at what happened in the Philippines, China, Indoesa. The Japanese troops would take what was called "comfort women", basically they would rape Chinese and Filipino women. Not to mention the way they brutalized the civilian populations.

We also bombed Dressdan without feeling guilty.

The documentary that the History Channel tonight was about the Japanese Nuclear plan. Evidently there was a Japanese scientist that was in possession of the papers that came to the US after the war showed the papers to his students and after he died his wife released the papers in 2001. Knowing how the Japanese treated those who were captured (for those of you who hate us they beat our boys). How they Attacked China.

Does any of you dispute the idea that Japan would have implemented the bomb if we hadn't dropped ours?

For those of you who think that nukes are the ultimate weapon, That is what Dr. Gattlin thought about his machine gun. He thought he invented something that was so horrible that war would end. He should have stayed out of Karl's personal stash. There IS NO ultimate weapon.

I will be honest I wish we could bring our people home from Iraq but they are fighing for our survival against an enemy that would rather kill you than look at you. We are winning, it is going to take time. Again I have said this before: Look at a map you can see the stragic necessity of Iraq. We are fighting Syria (to the Northwest) fighting Iran (to the east). Lately we have heard how bad Saudi Arabia (honestly I think the leadership supports us) has it for us. With us in Iraq we can support Jordan (they are at least trying how hard well God only knows) and Israel and we are just a hop skip and a jump from Afghanistan.

For those who claim we don't have a plan: VICTORY is the plan nothing short.

Oh yeah something else for you to ponder how many of today's monsters are wanting Nukes? How many radical Islamists are drooling over the idea? How many non-radical Islamists are condemning those who would kill innocent women and children? Egypt is going after Coptic Christians. Most of the problems on the continent of Africa can be traced to either marxist or muslims versus Christians.


Craig A. Olmsted

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NCAA-Can we change our team to the Fighting Commies

The NCCA has now entered the NHL and Formula 1 arena with their banning of "Offensive" names during tournament times.

Here's the the thing about the word "Sioux", it's French. It's derived from Arapaho meaning snake in the grass. UND has two options change the name or change the mascot to a rattlesnake. Which would be a great way to thumb our nose at you Easterners.

The nations consider a warrior to be someone who looks after the widowed and the tribe. A warrior wouldn't eat unless the women ate first. They were the one's who put their life on the line for the safety of others. Basically, what God expect us men to do. Also, weren't there Germanic warriors, Roman warriors. Heck don't we refer to our SEALs as our best warriors?

What are they going to do about the Fighting Irish? Following there logic it feeds into the stereotype of brawling Irishmen. It seams to me that at the end of the nineteenth century most of the boxers were Irish. Also just so you know look at the roster of troops that were with Custer, you have indians and Irish men fighting with him.

What about Wyoming Cowboys? The term "cowboys" in the nineteenth century was akin to calling someone a rustler. For those of you east of the Mississippi that's a cattle thief. Back in the old days you call someone a thief you would have a quick meeting with a peacemaker or bowie. Seams to me that cowboys is an offensive name.

In high School, I had some Hidsta friends Jason would were an Atlanta Braves Cap (granted this is a MLB team but I just was going to show what indians really thought about this drivel). By the way, the Atlanta Braves were originally in Boston. Can anyone tell me of anything that happened in Boston in 1776? A hint it involves tea.

To be real honest it's just abunch of white people that are wusses that want this change. The indians that bring it up is for attention which I can't blame them when other groups make to much noise. Just so you all realize the government is way behind on the annuities that we swore in the treaties to pay. I dare you to go to Pine Ridge you will see what real poverty is.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Home on the Range

As many of you know I am a gun toting American. I am a proud owner three pistols (an 1873 army Colt, an 1911 Colt [the finest handgun ever designed], and A Springfield XD-9mm), a 30-06 and a shotgun.

I have had many great trips to the range some not so great. Saturday, a buddy and I went down to sight in my deer rifle and shoot my pistols.
The shooting community being one that is "oppressed" by pansies who would like to remove our protection is a close one. Many time when we I have gone out Someone is shooting something rare or something that I have never had a chance to shoot. Once I had a chance to shoot a .45-70. One the most powerful lever action guns. Anyway I digress.

When we were at the range there was a gentleman that neither one of us had seen before. This guy had a .500 S&W. For those of you surrounded by Marxist it is a fifty caliber bullet in a shell that is just over two inches long. This gun make Dirty Hairy's .44 magnum like a sissy gun.

This gentleman allowed both John and myself to fire this gun. It kicked like a little kid on sugar, but was very manageable. Just in case you missed this the .500 S&W is the most powerful handgun produced. More powerful than most rifles. It was very enjoyable. Something a shooter would write about.

Incase any of you are under the misconception that noone needs a .50 caliber weapon. The founder had weapons that fired up to .69 caliber rounds. The .500 S&W is needed if you hike in Montana and have to face a grizzly, plus it's fun. Americans have always lived by bigger is better. Competion has driven this country. What would happened at Normandy if our troops said well we didn't know about the hedgerows so we are going to stay here. what did happen? They found a solution.

For those of you who thought the assault weapon ban should have stayed in effect. I hate to tell you this by the definition that Clinton put forward include the 15 round lever action yellow boy, which was first sold in 1873.
What they were calling semi-auto (one trigger pull per bullet) isn't assault weapons, because by their very nature have got to be fully-automatic (which means hold down the trigger bullets keep firing).


Saturday, July 30, 2005

What is Still Going Right

On my way in to protect North Dakota's treasures, was pondering how negative I get. Sadly, I could give Andy Rooney a run for the money sometimes. And I have to admit Fetz kinda inspired me tonight.

First of all Alabama just passed a new anti-molester bill. Granted you all know that I believe death to tyrants is the only way to go, but barring the capital punishment this the next best thing. After a long sentence, no time off for "good behavior" automatically they get the most advance gps bracelet. The authorities will know immediately where the person is, having an auto call function in the advent of tampering or going into a restricted area.

Congress just past Dru's law (named for dru sjeden). Where after a sentence it calls for the states to use the gps tracker system for at least a year.

The fact Christians aren't afraid to stand up in the public sphere for what we believe. (the sixties Christians really fell down)

We have the monster on the run. Iraq may not be as smooth as we like it, but I dare you go to a WWII vet who was at Corrigadore, Normandy, Iwa Jima, or other quagmires. The sheer fact the monsters have got to try to get 14 year olds to blow themselves up is telling me that we are winning.

The Passion of the Christ can be as successfull as it was.

We can still harvest deer and other overpopulated animals.

This new movie war movie The Great Raid where the heroes of the movies are really heroes and not deserters as in Cold Mountain.

This is the sign that it is time that we just throw the key in the water bucket and ride off; if they ever change the National anthem. The fourth verse (which yes we never sing out side of church) talks about God's providence.

Things make us bump our collective head against the wall, well, are there but they are still under control. God is still bigger than all that stuff.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


I was excited to see we got the space shuttle back into space, but now we have grounded the whole fleet because of safety concerns. Here's the thing, we are stuck in a rut as far as space exploration. We haven't done anything different since we went to the moon. Now if we go to space we don't learn anything new. That international space station is a waste of resources and time.

I am going to let you all in a little secret we all die, but not everyone lives (Ok so I ripped of Braveheart ). Life by it's very defination is a risk. If the Shuttles are as dangerous as NASA is claiming well lets build some thing better.

As Americans we have along history of learning from our mistakes. To be real honest if I had a chance to go to space and there was a 50% chance I wouldn't make it back I would do it if it would advance our knowledge about the universe, but if we are just going because we are supposed to. The same thing could be said of those who go to church because they are expected to. They don't add anything to the cause of Christ they are just an empty shell, probably making problems for the pastor. If NASA doesn't gain a vision they are going to fall into obscurity like many institutions and people that have no vision for the future. GW set a goal for Mars. Where are we now...stalled.

Here's the thing with in the next couple of years we are going to have to have a functioning SDI system because China is looking for a fight. Unfortunately a socialist president who will remain nameless sold missle guidence technology to the ChiComs. Dr. Martin was right the first one who has space weaponry will be supreme. I have no intension of learning Chinese.

What is the problem with NASA? In the sixties, there were set back but they moved forward. Now they are chicken. Afraid to take chances. I don't anyone to die (well other than monsters) but if we are not doing anything worth while may be we should just throw the key in the waterbucket and go home. NASA has gotten bogged down like every other government organization.

Our best hope for space travel right now is a rich British guy. It may be time to open space to private industry for the "routine" trips to space.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Donald Trump hates the latest design of the freedom tower because it will be a target all the while the building in Chicago is "femine". The commies in this country cry about Abu Ghrab for months forgetting that those monsters chopped off innocent heads. A congressman suggests something that we might be able to use as a mutual destruction attempt, they call for him to resign because it may offend those monsters, but where were they when That SOCIALIST DICK Durbin called our guys National Socialists. (that donkey once was pro-life but evolved to allow for the murder of innocent children).

What are we supposed to just take a bombing from the monsters with out fighting back. Did Christ do that when he saw the injustice in the temple and the money changers? Or did he make a whip and drive criminals out.

The bottom line is we are fighting an enemy that is stuck in the 12th century while we listen to a bunch of pansies that say you can't raise a hand to get the information. The bottom line with interrorgation, the subject has got to be more afraid of you than the secret they hold. Torture works if you ask open ended questions.

The only ethic is we win. They aren't uniformed so the Geneva Convention doesn't hold. Even if it did they sure as Ted Kennedy is never sober don't come close to abiding to it.

I think we may have to start thinking about destroying countries if we get attacked again (heck we may have got to nuke China if we aren't careful).

This is the macro version of a playground fight. A bully hits you once you kick him, well you figure it out, then when his on the ground you kick him in the head a few times and a couple of times in the gut. In a fight with a bully running isn't an option, because the next day he still is there. The on;y way to get rid of a bully is to beat him so soundly that he is afraid of you. Victory HAS got to be the only option-no handringing no feeling bad for non-existent innocents (The Taliban is trying to recruit 12 year old).

Again there is only one option: VICTORY!