Wednesday, February 23, 2005


When people ask me why I am a Christian the reason I give is Freedom. Freedom from guilt of the evil I have done or not done and should have. The Bible is full of examples of God saying that he is going to free Israel from their enemies. I have been going through the book of Isaiah, I have lost count how many times God told Israel I am going to free you of this enemy or that evil.

Of all the carters of the Almighty the two I treasure at this juncture in my life is He is a God of freedom and restoration. With the things I have seen or been through with out his redemptive power I might have a crutch IEEE Jack or Jose. God got me through a huge depression after dad was killed, I'm sorry that it took me about five years to accept his healing.

The pain was so great I almost tracked that I want to track the alcy down to impart "justice". Thankfully I did not. My hatred for this individual was so great that I had the worst migranes, I couldn't even walk down the hall of my college dorm.

The most freeing thing I have ever done was to forgive this individual for what he did to my family and I. It wasn't easy because the bitterness took a deep root in my soul the old saying you reap what you sow was definitely true when I came to the point of forgiveness but praise God he got it out.

It is part of man's basic nature to be free to be self-determinate. That is one of the many Things Karl Marx failed to realize in his Communist manifesto. The way he grouped people the way he claimed that it was a must that those who have "more than they need". One of the main problems with this is it takes incentive out of those who are marginally willing to work to leech off of the those who make money. (ie Marx and Ingles leaching off of Ingles father who was a big industrialist in England at the time the manifesto was writing). It also ignores the basic humanitarian of Christians well Americans as whole. When something happens Indivial Americans are first to give. It also ignores that power corrupts it is amazing how much money we put into the educational system in this country and how much disappears.

Living in this country we have the ability succede or to fail to move up in society. To be who we want. (well the areas of this country that over tax everything makes it quite a bit harder).

The price for these rights I enjoy have been paid for since the time Washington in blood. This is the reason I call my grandpa every veterans and memorial day to thank him for his service to forstall the National Socialsts. Why I thank those who come home from Iraq, Afganistan, and GITMO. They all have a hard job standing in the gap for all of us. Even Michael Moore and Ward Churchill.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Free Will

I just read a buddies blog about mortality and this has been on mind all week. Nine years ago my family was in a wreck with a drunk driver. The alcy killed my dad before my eyes so needless to say death has not been to far from the front of my brain. But it took me about five years to get my head around how a "loving" God could allow innocents like this suffer.

The bottom line is the ALL the suffering our family went through was part of the consequences of some schmuck decided that his fun was more important than the rule of law. He knew he was drunk, in fact he tried to sleep it off which to me show afore thought (afore thought for those who don't know is one facet of Murder 1).

The thing about free will people don't understand is that there are consequences that there are things that make us responsible. In a Republic we need to be informed of what is going on in the world understand what we believed AND WHY! I honestly believe if you don't know why you believe something you shouldn't vote, even if you vote the way I would hope you would. The reason this is important is how can you make a good decision on who to vote for.

For instance take abortion, those who are opposed abortion all point to the development of the child in the womb. The child feels pain fairly early in their development. The fact the quote "tissue" actually becomes a person if carried to term. But this is just an example.

The reason Republicans are winning and I know if some socialist reads this they will get in on our secret is we know what we believe and we follow those who stick to there word. That is part of the reason GHW Bush lost to Clinton because he did not stick to his word not to raise taxes. That is why Conservative Love Reagan and Follow GW to the ends of the Earth.
(I am still mad about the prescription benefit though). The reason Sen. Kerry really didn't have a prayer is because noone really new what he believed in. While he had the free will to change his posistion there were consquences.

Another thing about free will, it is the chance to make our own destiny that is in the heart of every person. That is why the turn out in Iraq was so great in spite of the threat of violence. The reason that the radicals keep blowing innocent people up is because they loose the control over the individuals.

Freedom is why Christ died on the cross. Freedom from the price of sin. Freedom from the self-righteous. The freedom to follow God the way everyman sees fit. Those of you who are athesist have the right to be without God but you do not have the right to DEMAND that I can't discuss God in the public arena especially if you swear in the public arena. Everyone has the right to live in sin it is in their free will to do I won't say boo about it but there are consquence to your actions the same way there are consequences to my actions both good and bad.