Sunday, March 20, 2005


This week has been interesting to see those who don't believe in states rights all the sudden say that Federal Government doesn't have any right when it comes to one of the three main fundamental rights of every American. It is interesting to watch the socialists who would fight tooth and nail to keep a monster from dying a human death on death row, but want an innocent woman to die by starving to death. These are the same people that say we can't water board monster that are more than willing to kill innocents and themselves because it is unhuman, but want an innocent woman to have her body shut down over two weeks.

Why is her husband so ready to kill her, why won't allow other doctors see what they can do for this woman? Is he afraid of something? Her family is willing to be fully responsible. Is he afraid he will look like a jerk for abandoning his wife, someone he swore he would protect?

There is no living will no corroboration for Mr, Salvo's contensions. How can those who refuse justice to those who suffer at the hands at monsters saying how inhuman, want to kill a in such a way that would be inhumane for an unwanted animal? Where is the logic from the socialists. No wonder the socialists don't want the Declaration of Independence in schools, because the three most inalible rights are: LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How God Turns Evil Around

This past week was fairly horriendous, with what happened In Wisconson and Alanta Georgia. The reason evil happen is because of sin, Does it sound simple, yes, is it easy to accept-NO. What happened in Alanta happened because a man was going to be selfish tried for the easy way out of a jam. He made a decision that affected hundreds of people.

Through the process of this guy doing what he did he ended up a Godly woman's home where she was able to minister to him in a way that he may never had. This lady's testimony has been all over the news on what she told him. Law enforcement has praised her for having the where with all to keep him calm, the whole time every interview she has given she has clearly stated that God was giving what needed to be said. She told him that he needed to face the consequences of his action. Admittedly, I thought there was going to be a shootout. I didn't think he would surrender. He is going to have to face the consequence and to be honest wheither or not God forgave him I believe he still desearves to be executed, that is just the consequence of his actions. It amazes me how God can use something that start out evil where God can still show his face.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I don't know about you but I am ready to go to war for oil, even if it means going into California moving all the socialist, tree hugger, commies, drunken senators from Mass. That amazing can swim while letting the woman they knocked up and move them to France.

What we need is more oil refineries, get rid of these stupid special fuels that the state of Arnold need, invade Mexico get their oil (well we should get something out of the Nation to the south other than terrorists and criminals.) Let's open up the Alaskan wilderness, studies show that it is good for the critters up there anyway.

OPEC can't explain why oil prices are what they are at. Where are those stupid commies that tried to complain that Iraq was about oil? I would like an explanation why oil is about $55 per barrel.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Over the last decade, if you just apologize for what ever egregious act it is as if you never did it. You have these self-righteous people DEMANDING an apology for things that they don't mind happens, showing how much they care. Heck, I am surprised they haven't come up with "WE NEED YOUR APOLOGY" ribbon.

Even looking at what Chris Rock reportedly said about the Oscars. It was a stupid news story for three days. He never apologized, which may have been the most accurate thing he has said the last three weeks.

Clinton apologized for some of his lies and the socialist in this country over look his wrong doing. (Stupid Republicans he lied under oath wish Republican in the Senate were men not wusses). Then there were a few murderers who said they were sorry at sentencing, FERTILIZER. If they were really sorry they would have confessed not putting the victims families through the trials.

The people who apologize without sincerity the Clinton, the Jackons, The Dixie Chicks,and what was that dope that ripped off Janet Jackson clothes off. The only they are sorry about is what ever negative consequence they had to there actions.

The insincere apologies are meant as the proverbial get-out-of-jail-free-card. The same way some use God. The most infamous way that I have heard is the man who said I will accept God on my death bed, but I am going to live my way. The man died in an instant no chance to turn his life over to the Lord.