Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Dad

Today marked the ninth anniversary of my family getting hit by a drunk driver. I can still tell you every detail of that night, almost dispassionately, probably thanks to my criminal justice education. But what makes my "allergies act up" is when I remember what my family lost that night.

My dad was my best friend. He taught me to think for my self. My dad was the kind of guy when something happened in town he would go into the high school to be available for kids in the school. Infact in mid April one of our town cops was shot and killed and he talked to the niece of the shooter.
If My dad was called to do something he always was available. Dad was never to busy to listen to play catch. It is kinda funny I have found that I have same mannerisms the same sense of humor. More than that he touched hundreds of lives in the Dakotas. His funeral packed out the Lutheran church. I don't know if dad knew how many lives he touched.

It feels strange nine years later we three still miss him like it was yesterday.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Good use of Tobacco

If it was an American who hadn't served his country valiantly spitting I wouldn't condone assault normally. The difference this time is a Viet Nam vet, who was spit on by the '60's commies in this country. A man who did not get justice from the assault on him.

The gentleman found out Hanoi Jane was going to be in town so he went to see a woman who apologized for the picture in an anti-aircraft gun in North Viet Nam, but not for her radio communiques, for her selling out our POWs. The commies in this country have been acting for thirty years like they don't deserve consequence for their actions the problem is thirty years ago all the men who put their life on the line earned the right for retribution. The commies think that they can attack a women (Ann Coulter) and other conservative. Why can't those who paid with their own blood.

I don't feel bad for Hanoi Jane. You get what you sow. That is something the babyboomers have never learned.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Single-Praise God.

Ok I know most of my friends have sacrificed their freedom on the alter marriage, but that is their choice. My CHOICE is to stay single. I know there are those who doubt this is what I really want. But I'll point several reasons out First of all, I like my life. The only two things I hate about it is dishes and cooking. There are two easy answers for this buy a dishwasher or CrackerBarrel. I love being able to sleep when I want to. I am glad I don't have to go to stupid movies like the Phantom of Opera. I'm tired of being a back-up plan for someone who thinks they can do better and when it doesn't work out decide that they should start talking to me after not returning calls for a month. I have a family member that has the innate ability to make me cynical relationships, I'm not going to explain this one for various reason, but this family member really made me question whether or not I would really want to put my self out there to get stomped on. If I don't want to go to the doctor that is my call granted I have made a promise to my sister which I probably will keep and not go back. I don't want to answer to anyone other than God. That is the gift of being a bachelor. God doesn't call everyone to be married I only know one couple that I know without a shadow of a doubt that God intended for each other. I know quite a few that are happy, but why do those who are married think that those of us who aren't will be more happy. To be honest it reminds me of those who tried to get you todrink in high school so they would feel better about themselves to ease their conscience. Of course I guess misery loves company. I don't begrudge those of you who are married or want to be that is your choice. I just don't want to ask permission if I buy a new pistol, pick-up, deer riffle, or get cable. Bottom line I only answer to God and my sis which I made promise that I am breaking for various reason.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Minutemen, Vigilantes, the Commie WTO protesters

It is amazing how the media, the American Communist League United (ACLU), and even the President view those Americans who have taken it upon themselves to go down to the border to watch for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, DRUG DEALERS, AND OTHER EVIL DOERS. After 911 we were told we need to be vigilantes watch for any thing unusual.

Well these people, some of which are Naturalized citizens from Mexico, have seen a gap and are willing to step up to what was asked of us by the Federal Government. All that they are going to do is be a mile north of the border if they find someone crossing call the authorities. They claim that it is an attempt to call attension to the problems that these CRIMINALS cause. They aren't going to confront, just make there presence known.

Now, when the WTO are meeting there are commies that come and protest how unfair it is because we produce wealth when a dictator in Africa keeps his people down. These traitors are portrayed in the media as heroes. Huh?!

People in the Southern Border States have passed bills blocking these foreign CRIMINALS from getting welfare. Granted you all know what I think of welfare, but they don't play by the rules they should benefit. Then judges have the audacity to tell the body politic that they don't have a right to govern themselves.

If this was a vigilantes movement we would be hearing of border raids by this group. As it is, the Mexican Government has there military on stand-by. (I guess Mexican schools aren't teaching history either otherwise they would remember we have kicked their posterior out of the Southwest in the 1850's).

The way I see it we have three choices about the border:

Put up a wall with claymores.
Leave it the way it is. Not an option, because the body politics are tired of
these CRIMINALS causing the damage they are.
The least likely and I hope this doesn't happen we go take over Mexico.