Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I admire what Senator McCain in Viet Nam, but that was over thirty years ago. But he sold out this country on Monday!! This compromise is as much of a compromise as the Missouri compromise pre-Civil War. It still allows the socialists the right to filibuster justices. The Republicans allegedly were in the Majority, I guess we know who really is in charge.

The reason it is so important is because the judiciciary is forming it self into an oligarchy (for those of you in San Diego that is the rule of a small ruling class over the majority). The judiciary is legislating from the bench. The very most they should do is determine if a law is constitutional or not.

If Senator Frist doesn't go ahead and push through everyone, why should we volunteer for campaigns?

As far as we can't let the Senate look like the house of Representative, that change when the constitution was amended to allow Senators to be popularly elected.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Sadam's Pic's

I didn't know that the IRS taxed foreign dictators. Personally, I could have had a happy life not seeing that. I'm not disturbed that the picture was taken, we need to find out who did it. Just in case Michael Moore was in the neighborhood. That pic should have never been taken, let alone not released. The same with Abu Grahbis pics. Granted I wasn't that disturbed with what happened there either. Those responsible were punish that's that.

What boggles my mind is why do the commies in this country want our troops look bad, they claim that they support our troops, but turn around tell falsified stories. Some stories don't need to be told and most Americans just don't care. How many people did Saddam kill? Granted he wasn't quite in Hitlers ballpark, heck he wasn't in Stalin's league, but he is a butcher

Even if the Koran story would have been true it doesn't bother me if that saves one American life from those monsters so be it, if we have to beat out information to save a city so be it. To get the information you need they have to be more scared of you than Allah. What we need to understand there are monsters and things that go bump in the night. It just so happens that some of them would rather kill innocent people to get to you and my family than live.

Those that thought it would make us feel bad don't realize we have had the Bible removed from schools, Ten Commandment removed from courts, and even worse Muslims are slaughtering Christians in Africa.

I can't belief that there actually reporters that don't like the idea of telling how our troops are helping fix the problems in Iraq.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Wild Horses

Since I am the hick, and I grew up working cattle and was raised by an old Montana woman of all the animals I care about the most are horses. I wish I were rich so I could get my own piece of heaven spend all day in the saddle.

That being said, right now on all Bureau of Land Management (BLM) there are about 9000 too many wild horses (mustangs) that are taking to much pasture from deer, antelope, cattle, sheep (well I don't care about sheep Montanan do but I don't).

There's is a group in Wyoming that is trying get enough land for 5000 mustangs. I applaud there efforts, but we may have to be realistic. In Asia and Europe (Dang French) it is a delicacy to eat horse meat. We are going to have to look at other options we may have to let some of these go be processed. We are going to have to look at harvesting some the way we do with big game (ie deer, Big horn sheep, elk).

It is said that in the old days the Apache would ride there horse fifty miles and then eat it and steal another. There comes a point where you have got to manage numbers. The same way it is with forests. Sometimes you need to log to keep the forest healthy. If you don't log you get these trees that are so thin, they are called lodgepoles. which makes it more difficult in a forest fire to fight more expensive and more dangerous to the smoke jumpers and the fire fighters.

The appropiate way to look at this is conservation-not preservation. Preservation will just kill off too many of the other animals in the end in both instincts. I love horse, but they die too. I think we should keep at least one mustang herd but we need to be realistic too. It is like ANWAR, no one ever goes there no one ever sees it they just like the thought that it's there but we can't just blindly let things sit we have got to be wise in our management. (I love bovines also, mainly well-done with Mountain Dew)

On unrelated note I want the global warming the treehuggers keep promising. May 12 and it snows. Al Gore you lied to me....

Friday, May 06, 2005


I can't believe how many conservative that are mad about milking the horse joke she told. Us Dakotans have told that same jokes about Easterners for generations. We have sent easterners snipe hunting.

From everything I have heard about there relationship they love each other and they tease each other (ie flirt) like teenagers.

Heck, you easterners should here what we say about Montanaians and sheep. There comes a time when a joke is just a joke and let people joke. For some reason To be American we have got to be offended.

I will grant you the commies of this country torque me off from time to time but the thing is US CONSERVATIVES are right. So whatever the commies say are inconsequential. The things that irate me to no end I don't pay attention to. Because the Commies in this country don't control what I believe or see. Freedom of speech never has meant that a person has a right to be heard. Heck, that is why God "invented" the remote control.

Lighten up enjoy an Ole and Lena joke. Take a page out of the All in the Family play book and laugh at your own weaknesses because probably someone else is already doing that. If we aren't careful we will raise a generation of wusses, because we won't teach our kids how to handle bullies. We won't teach our kids what is appropriate to stand up for and what isn't.