Sunday, July 31, 2005

Home on the Range

As many of you know I am a gun toting American. I am a proud owner three pistols (an 1873 army Colt, an 1911 Colt [the finest handgun ever designed], and A Springfield XD-9mm), a 30-06 and a shotgun.

I have had many great trips to the range some not so great. Saturday, a buddy and I went down to sight in my deer rifle and shoot my pistols.
The shooting community being one that is "oppressed" by pansies who would like to remove our protection is a close one. Many time when we I have gone out Someone is shooting something rare or something that I have never had a chance to shoot. Once I had a chance to shoot a .45-70. One the most powerful lever action guns. Anyway I digress.

When we were at the range there was a gentleman that neither one of us had seen before. This guy had a .500 S&W. For those of you surrounded by Marxist it is a fifty caliber bullet in a shell that is just over two inches long. This gun make Dirty Hairy's .44 magnum like a sissy gun.

This gentleman allowed both John and myself to fire this gun. It kicked like a little kid on sugar, but was very manageable. Just in case you missed this the .500 S&W is the most powerful handgun produced. More powerful than most rifles. It was very enjoyable. Something a shooter would write about.

Incase any of you are under the misconception that noone needs a .50 caliber weapon. The founder had weapons that fired up to .69 caliber rounds. The .500 S&W is needed if you hike in Montana and have to face a grizzly, plus it's fun. Americans have always lived by bigger is better. Competion has driven this country. What would happened at Normandy if our troops said well we didn't know about the hedgerows so we are going to stay here. what did happen? They found a solution.

For those of you who thought the assault weapon ban should have stayed in effect. I hate to tell you this by the definition that Clinton put forward include the 15 round lever action yellow boy, which was first sold in 1873.
What they were calling semi-auto (one trigger pull per bullet) isn't assault weapons, because by their very nature have got to be fully-automatic (which means hold down the trigger bullets keep firing).


Saturday, July 30, 2005

What is Still Going Right

On my way in to protect North Dakota's treasures, was pondering how negative I get. Sadly, I could give Andy Rooney a run for the money sometimes. And I have to admit Fetz kinda inspired me tonight.

First of all Alabama just passed a new anti-molester bill. Granted you all know that I believe death to tyrants is the only way to go, but barring the capital punishment this the next best thing. After a long sentence, no time off for "good behavior" automatically they get the most advance gps bracelet. The authorities will know immediately where the person is, having an auto call function in the advent of tampering or going into a restricted area.

Congress just past Dru's law (named for dru sjeden). Where after a sentence it calls for the states to use the gps tracker system for at least a year.

The fact Christians aren't afraid to stand up in the public sphere for what we believe. (the sixties Christians really fell down)

We have the monster on the run. Iraq may not be as smooth as we like it, but I dare you go to a WWII vet who was at Corrigadore, Normandy, Iwa Jima, or other quagmires. The sheer fact the monsters have got to try to get 14 year olds to blow themselves up is telling me that we are winning.

The Passion of the Christ can be as successfull as it was.

We can still harvest deer and other overpopulated animals.

This new movie war movie The Great Raid where the heroes of the movies are really heroes and not deserters as in Cold Mountain.

This is the sign that it is time that we just throw the key in the water bucket and ride off; if they ever change the National anthem. The fourth verse (which yes we never sing out side of church) talks about God's providence.

Things make us bump our collective head against the wall, well, are there but they are still under control. God is still bigger than all that stuff.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


I was excited to see we got the space shuttle back into space, but now we have grounded the whole fleet because of safety concerns. Here's the thing, we are stuck in a rut as far as space exploration. We haven't done anything different since we went to the moon. Now if we go to space we don't learn anything new. That international space station is a waste of resources and time.

I am going to let you all in a little secret we all die, but not everyone lives (Ok so I ripped of Braveheart ). Life by it's very defination is a risk. If the Shuttles are as dangerous as NASA is claiming well lets build some thing better.

As Americans we have along history of learning from our mistakes. To be real honest if I had a chance to go to space and there was a 50% chance I wouldn't make it back I would do it if it would advance our knowledge about the universe, but if we are just going because we are supposed to. The same thing could be said of those who go to church because they are expected to. They don't add anything to the cause of Christ they are just an empty shell, probably making problems for the pastor. If NASA doesn't gain a vision they are going to fall into obscurity like many institutions and people that have no vision for the future. GW set a goal for Mars. Where are we now...stalled.

Here's the thing with in the next couple of years we are going to have to have a functioning SDI system because China is looking for a fight. Unfortunately a socialist president who will remain nameless sold missle guidence technology to the ChiComs. Dr. Martin was right the first one who has space weaponry will be supreme. I have no intension of learning Chinese.

What is the problem with NASA? In the sixties, there were set back but they moved forward. Now they are chicken. Afraid to take chances. I don't anyone to die (well other than monsters) but if we are not doing anything worth while may be we should just throw the key in the waterbucket and go home. NASA has gotten bogged down like every other government organization.

Our best hope for space travel right now is a rich British guy. It may be time to open space to private industry for the "routine" trips to space.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Donald Trump hates the latest design of the freedom tower because it will be a target all the while the building in Chicago is "femine". The commies in this country cry about Abu Ghrab for months forgetting that those monsters chopped off innocent heads. A congressman suggests something that we might be able to use as a mutual destruction attempt, they call for him to resign because it may offend those monsters, but where were they when That SOCIALIST DICK Durbin called our guys National Socialists. (that donkey once was pro-life but evolved to allow for the murder of innocent children).

What are we supposed to just take a bombing from the monsters with out fighting back. Did Christ do that when he saw the injustice in the temple and the money changers? Or did he make a whip and drive criminals out.

The bottom line is we are fighting an enemy that is stuck in the 12th century while we listen to a bunch of pansies that say you can't raise a hand to get the information. The bottom line with interrorgation, the subject has got to be more afraid of you than the secret they hold. Torture works if you ask open ended questions.

The only ethic is we win. They aren't uniformed so the Geneva Convention doesn't hold. Even if it did they sure as Ted Kennedy is never sober don't come close to abiding to it.

I think we may have to start thinking about destroying countries if we get attacked again (heck we may have got to nuke China if we aren't careful).

This is the macro version of a playground fight. A bully hits you once you kick him, well you figure it out, then when his on the ground you kick him in the head a few times and a couple of times in the gut. In a fight with a bully running isn't an option, because the next day he still is there. The on;y way to get rid of a bully is to beat him so soundly that he is afraid of you. Victory HAS got to be the only option-no handringing no feeling bad for non-existent innocents (The Taliban is trying to recruit 12 year old).

Again there is only one option: VICTORY!

Thursday, July 21, 2005


My Beloved sister e-mailed this to me this morning and no she does't own any firearms. A fact I am trying to change.

Doctors:(A) The number of doctors in the U.S. is 700,000(B) Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year are 120,000(C) Accidental deaths per physician is 17.14%(Statistics courtesy of the U.S.Dept of Health & Human Services)


(A) The number of gun owners in the U.S. is 80,000,000 (yes that's80 million)(B) The number of accidental gun deaths per year, all age groups, is1,500(C) The number of accidental deaths per gun owner is 0.001875%(Statistics courtesy of the FBI) Statistically, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous thangun owners. Guns don't kill people, doctors do. Please alert your friends to this alarming threat. We must ban doctors before this gets completelyout of hand!!!


Out of concern for the public at large, I have withheld statistics onlawyers for fear the shock would cause people to panic and seek medical attention.

RODEO-one of the things that make this country great

I love the Republic, and because of this I love every thing that represents what is good and great about this country.

From all four verses of the Star Spangled Banner to John Wayne's "propaganda" film the Green Beret (Which the film wasn't propaganda the reasons that were given in the movie were the reasons we were there).
My favorite type of movie is where a person does something that makes them more than what they thought they could be (Braveheart, The Patriot, 3:10 to Yuma). Westerns show where our values system comes from, the things that we honor and respect. Being a westerner My Dad installed the consept that a man's word is his bond. That a man works hard until the job is done. My Dad taught me to stand up for those who are without a defender.

Rodeo is the only true American Sport. There is nothing else in the world like rodeo. Baseball is said to come from Rounders. Basketball was invented by a Canadainan. Football can be grouped in with hockey/soccer class of sport. Rodeo basically came about because one cowboy said that he could out ride another. (Which competion is what made this country prosperous, not trying to make everyone feel good about themselves. ) Bulldogging (steer wresting for those of you in California) was invented by an African American Named Bill Pickett Back in the old days one in three cow pokes were white, which means that on a ranch it was intergrated with Hispanics African-Americans, Indians (Yes I said indians. IF you go to AIM's website they explain that they would rather be referred to as Indians than after an European, besides everyone born in the western hemisphere is a Native American.) In the old days it more mattered about who the man was under the hide than the color. It wasn't until the Easterners moved out here that a man's hide mattered.
While every sporting event in this country does start out with the National Antheme, rodeo takes it a step farther and talks about how GREAT this country is.

Which is also the reason I love country music. How can you argue against Merl Hagard's Fighting Side. It's about the Marxists in the sixties how they put our country down how they were on the fighting side of me. Or Toby Keith's Angry American. Giving our troops a ralleying call. The thing the "blue staters" (or Easterners) don't understand about us westerners we aren't afraid to stand and fight against evil. We have had to learn self relience. The western half of North Dakota if there is a break-in at your house it may take more than an hour before law enforcement gets to your place. Part of the reason crime rates are lower here is because most people in the west are armed.

I know Easterns don't get us westerner, because when you don't believe in anything you go which ever way the wind blows.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Burger vs. Rove

I admit it I am tired of hearing about this poor little liberal CIA agent who was allegedly outted. From the stuff I have read and heard on the news her stupid commie husband outted her in his book. That Cooper evidently asked about a report of the commie husband and the cake uranium and Rove said that not to go with the story.

Evidently, before this story broke that "great" American couple were well known in DC society circles. She has her picture all over Vanity Fair and she wasn't doing any covert activity for the previous 5 years.

At this point I don't think Mr. Rove has broken any laws.

Conversely, I read this week that Sandy Burger's sentencing was going to be postponed. Here is a punk who ILLEGALLY took out documents from the National Archives. Then there are still some documents missing. Where were the commies when this broke? Oh this isn't a big deal, let him go he accidentally shoved papers in his underwear. I guess when you have got to go....

The commies aren't even saying now that Mr. Rove has done anything wrong but want him to resign because he lied to the President. Which then again are these the same people that said it was alright for President Clinton to purger himself because everyone lies about sex. Heck if everyone lies about sex I'll have to remember that the next woman I try to pick up. Purgery is still a felony, lying to the President isn't. But then there is no evidence that Mr. Rove did that.

Heck, may be we should try to get some really conservative judges through right now because the commies are too busy to pay attention. I have never seen so many adults act like five year olds, but that is what you get from baby-boomers, they never have accepted adulthood.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Journalists and Confidentiality

First of all, The judge involved in this case saying that noone has the right to confidentiality makes me nervous. What about privilege between doctors and patients? What about Pastors, priests, and rabis? The time honored, legally respected notions.

The "journalists" that are calling freedom of press are crying foul. Because who else is going to watch government. Well there is a major problem who over sees the media? After CBS lied about GWB did the government shut them down? How about the false Report from News week? From the very beginning of journalism in this country stories have been made up. How do we know that it wasn't the CIA agent herself that blew her cover, she has her picture on vanity fair. I hear news media say that a white house source says...Heck the source is normally wrong, couldn't it be just that "reporters" opinion.

By revealing the CIA agents ID who ever the source is committing a felony. Then if it is published so are journalist and the editor. IF this was a case of a whistle blower then confidentiality would apply but not this time. The reporter violated federal law and contempt of court.

Besides, the media wasn't worried with the other freedoms people have been loosing lately thanks to the Supreme Court. IF they were the government watch dog they claim to be then the property rights case that was infront of the court would have been front and center. But the media was silent. May be the media needs to remember the old saying when they came for my neibor I did nothing but when came for me there was noone left.