Friday, September 30, 2005

Evil Christians

Well the Bible tells us that we look foolish to the world, but this article is a little unnerving. Time to arm up

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sinner Saved by Grace- How can this be?

Sinner saved by Grace is one of the stupidest things Christians say. Once you become a Christian God takes your sin casts it as far as the east from the west. At that point your sin is nonexistent (not saying you can't backslide that's another post). Sin is a willful act or nonaction. When we as Christians sin we are expected to repent from it to restore the relationship with the Father. I will grant all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but after you confess that removes you from sin. God has called us to be holy and to be without sin.

Isn't it better that we say, as St. Paul wrote, that we are saved by faith through Jesus Christ who strengthens us? Which is the only way for us to pursue a holy or sinfree life. St. Paul wrote when I was a child I spoke as child and act like a child, but now that I'm an Adult I put away childish things or then when we were babes in Christ we had milk, but now it's time
that we start with the meat. Christians can't stay at the point of salvation because Christ talked about the branches that aren't producing fruit will be pruned and thrown into the fire.

Are Christians human? Yes. Do we decide that we want to sin? Yes. Do we sin in every word, deed?-No. Can we go weeks or years without sin? Yes, but it takes a real focus on the Relationship we have with God and the pursuit of holiness. Am I sinner? NO I am a son of the King I have been justified through faith. The price of my sin has been paid and the sins I have confessed no longer exist in the eyes of the Lord (The consequences will probably happen excluding falling out of fellowship with God for the afore mentioned reasons). Do I sin? yes, but when I confess my sins God is faithfull and just to forgive those sins. I am striving to be a new creature in Christ, If you have confessed sins your not defined by sin.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

LAND for PEACE!?!?

The Nations in this country could have told Israel that giving land to aggressors wouldn't work, but they had to listen to us. Maybe now the administration will let Israel do what they have to do.

There were so many treaties that we forced the Nations namely the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 that promised the powder river area of Montana and the Black Hills to the Lakota, Oglala, and Cheyenne, But that went out the window when Custer found gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

The Indians numerous times gave up more land for peace and it got them NOTHING but misery.

Now Israel has given up land that they won in wars with Egypt, Syria, and a few other enemies in the hope of peace and what happens they get shot at again. (Click Title)

I know that the marxist in this country don't get this concept, but a fact is a fact.


The idea of success means, well like some many things means something different to every body. But what should success mean to the Christian?
This is my idea of what success is.

The idea of stepping in the gap for someone. ABC Primetime did an interesting experiment where they had a male and female actor "argue" physically in a park to see who would step in and intervene. While the results aren't really important (More women intervened when the guy was "attacking" but noone really stopped when they reversed it) I think that protection of someone who is weaker is a component of success.

Being honest, keeping your word or code of ethics even when no one is watching. Doing what is right when alone shows Character.

Owning up to mistakes that we make or have been made. Bishop TJ Jakes had as part of his ministry for a while a componate that he called 'woman thou are loosed.' Basically it was a way for men to alleviate the wrongs that other men had done to women, with some interesting results as far as I could tell. Owning up to our mistakes take a huge amount humbleness, which I have to admit I don't have an abundance of (remember I am never wrong). I have learned to admit when I have made mistakes but the thing is I just don't care if I'm wrong.

I think the way that you are thought of is a measure of success. I'm not meaning that we need to change who we are or cowtow to someone. But if others say they kept their word, or they are like a brother because they travel half-way across the country in a time of need. I think it speaks a lot of a person who will go to a friend in a time of need.

Not giving up on people. Now there are times that there are people try and use you, well you have got to be more careful about the amount of time you devote to those people especially if they are bringing you down spiritually. BUT that being said if they are willing to "play by the rules" and not dominate your time or your money. In those situations NO is the most important word you have. Prayer is the most effective tool in this situation. Forgiveness is a component here. The whole 70 x 7 thing comes into play. Actually forgiveness is one of the greatest acts of love that we can offer anyone (not that we can forgive anyone. We don't have the right to forgive someone who sins against somebody else, we can't grant absolution to that person that can only come from the victim and/or God any more questions go into the archives)

Sharing our faith, the great commission of going throughout the whole word and spreading the Gospel.

Leaving a Christian Legacy for the following generation. Witnessing to neighbors friends family ect. Teaching children about Christ and about what is right and what is wrong. This sort of fits, Edmund Burke said the only thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. In a Republic, this means we need to be informed of what is going on in Government. We have a right/responsibility to contact our leaders when there's a bill that we believe needs attention. We cannot sit on the sidelines in this world.

Finally, the one thing that shows the most success we won't here until judgment day is when God says well done good and faithful servant. Which means we are going to have to be obedient to His law and impart grace (which I am still struggling to understand grace and there are people that I can imagine extending it to, yet. Maybe someday). The Bible tells us no sin will enter heaven.

There maybe others but near as I can success is judged by the heart Not pocketbook, nor marriage, nor job.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just when you think All Democrats are inept...

North Dakota has a long history when the legislature does something stupid we start referendum drive. In this case, thanks to the Supreme Court's decision on emanate Domain has scared a quite a few people out here being a freedom loving people.

Well, some state high profile democrats realizing the fear of the decision has done something right, they started a referendum to put on the state constitution that any state, county, or county cannot take a piece of private land and transfer it to private lands.

Now there are some legislators that are complaining that they are "acting" too fast. They are feeling like it should go through the legislature in two years. The problems are as simple as last legislature every tax, every fee was raised to an insane height considering we supposedly had a surplus.

Bottom line is the Democrats here have at least done one intelligent thing. How could the Republicans be so stupid as to let this get past them.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just So Know How important Having Strong Conservatives

The underreported story about Hurrican Katrina. CNN was complaining that they couldn't record picture of dead bodies, they have been complaining alot about their freedoms being being impeded. But CNN has ignored what the officials have been doing to impead the average citizen's rights Check out the link.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


It's hard to imagine that we actually engaged those who would rather kill us than worship Allah. This war actually started when then US embassy was overrun in Tehran (that's in Iran) in 1979. They blew up Marine's barracks, embassies, the USS Cole, and discotech's in Europe where Americans frequented.

In the 1990's we actually fought to protect muslims in Serbia, and yet they treat us like an enemy.

That morning I woke up about 9 turned on the radio I heard that the World Trade Center had exploded I thought it was an anniversery thing from the 1993 bombing. Unfortunately, it wasn't. I got up turned the tv on and didn't stop watching until 1400hrs at which time I got up showered and then headed for gun city. (I have said this before after the wreck I swore I would be ready for all possibility at the time I was working North Dakota Capitol Security) I was shopping for something that would classify as a police weapon.

The amount of shock I felt that day could just about rival with what happened after the wreck. When we found out that it was monsters my anger burned. I still have the sorrow I felt for those we lost that day. I know that we can't quit until we have victory over those monsters.

I have nothing but respect and awe for all our police, our firemen, our emergency medical crews, and definately NOT least our millitary. They do a job most people don't have the stomach for. Keeping us safe from the monsters. And I thank and honor all of them. God Bless America

Friday, September 09, 2005


How could someone who subverted our National Security get punished according to the US Constitution? Execution. What happens if you worked for a Marxist President? Fifty grand and he will access to classified material in three years.

We know that the Clinton White House was offered Osama Bin Laden at least twice, but because they were going to try to handle terrorism as law enforcement issue instead of war.

What if the documents relate to Able Danger, we may never know the truth. He said to have remorse over his mistake. AHHH. Stuffing documents into your pants indicate more than a mistake. You have got to make a decision to that.

Heck, he could have stolen anything from documents enumerating where Iraq's WMDs headed off to, or how many weapons systems we sold the ChiComs.

In a time of war an act of treason is an act of treason. The only option should have been the gallows I don't care what party you belong to.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

I did not Have finacial relations with my son

Kofi Annon used to the time of the huricane to admit he probably will get some blame for the oil for food scandle. Shoot may be Bill Clinton is qualified for that Job.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Just a Hick

A request was made taking a chance that it wasn't the feds fishing. (I have little or no respect for the FBI because of their history). That I explain who I am, well not much different than your average redneck. Work hard play hard. The measure of a man is what he does the word he keeps not what the color of his hide is or who his parents are.

I have a bachelors degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science (Yeah I know an oxymoron like good government). My dad was a Wesleyan Pastor in the Dakota District for 25 years (covers ND, SD, MT, WY, AL, and a church in Canada). He was killed over 9 years ago by an alcy after mom and him came to get my sister and I. My Sis has her masters in social work and I couldn't prouder of her (I used to tease her about being our little Karl Marx until I realized she was more conservative than a couple of my best friends. In high school she stumped Senator Kent Conrad (one my proudest moments of my life). Mom got remarried to another Wesleyan pastor.

I love all the shooting sports and hunting. I love all forms of music from classical to jazz to blues to country and western.

The one thing I would do if money was no object I would buy a seat to space.

I have done everything from work in the oilfield to volunteer fireman to cowpuncher. Haven't run for public office yet. I have to wait to allow my inner Napoleon out.

Who I am is who you see in my blog, which admittedly I go over the top just for the fun of it. Since I'm a hick we call things the way we see it. Take the junior Senator from MASS. I would call him a communist because the way he acted after he got out of viet nam.

First of all I am a Christian Second an Olmsted third a Dakotan Fourth an American (which by the way the founders would have told you)

I believe with right come responsibility. Not everything is a right. Marriage is one such thing. It is an oath before God, since the Bible is clear on the whole homosexual thing and sheer mechanics of sex there can be no homosexual marrige. If a homosexual couple want a commitment sermony let them but that doesn't mean that the state has to recognize it just to let someone "feel" Normal. If marriage was a right I then all my single friends that want to be married would be married.

Speaking of feeling I think if your RULED by emotions means your weak.
I will never tell someone how I feel unless I'm sick. There are facts then there are emotions then worse is lies.

Personally, I let people live there life the way they see fit, but if they are doing something wrong and are ignorant enough to ask what I think, well I'm a hick, I hate lies more than Marxist.

I know that I don't have all the answers to life but I always think I'm right until I'm proved wrong. Becaue after dad was killed I needed to figure out what I believed and why, so as to make my faith my own. By the way every Christian needs to do this St Paul wrote be ready to give an answer when ever need.

Well that about it. Strait forward. I believe in monsters and things that go bump in the night (Criminal terrorist ect). I believe in justice I believe that in all life for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction, whether it is in the physical realm or the Spiritual. I believe God wants everyone to come to a saving knowledge of Him. I believe the only way to Heaven is through Christ. I believe that no one is above the law (I have said that I am the only man that would arrest his own Grandma). I believe that Christ died and arrose three days later. I believe that inspite some of this countries short comings this is the greatest country. I believe God blessed us because of the founders. I believe that we should be in Iraq. There are tactical reasons that are hard to explain with out showing it on a map.
I believe that Christ is coming back to take those who have accepted Salvation.

Any questions

To Blame or Not to Blame That is the question.(sorry Bill)

We can all armchair this hurricane. I have definite opinions who is most to blame, but that won't fix the problem for the next disaster. The bottom line I just don't care.

Let's for just a moment focus on the positive. On the things that make this country the Greatest Nation face of the Earth.

First of all, how about all those cities who have opened their doors to the evacuees. I have heard interviews where the evacuees have said by the sheer fact that a town has opened their arms up and treated them with as one of their own that they were going to move there. It having nothing to do with the color of a person's hide.

Second, how many of you have donated? I dare say most of you are reading have donated to the recovery of those who were hit.

Third, the police force down in New Orleans. In spite of being shot at the majority did their best to save lives, standing in the gap. Until the Feds could get there.

The Armed Service Rescue Helicopters. Talk about people who need to be honored. Easily the most underpaid people in America. Teachers should donate some of their pay for these guys (especially if they can't teach the children to read). The ground crews everyone has worked nonstop, underfire by snipers. At times may have been safer in Iraq.

That General Honera, I think thats his name, the way he has stood up for the New Orleans Emergency Services. Getting twenty thousand out of the Superdome in under a day is a feat in and of it's self.

The fact that we have already gotten a good chunk of N O deflooded in under a day considering the "experts" said it would take months to evac all that water.

As Americans we have a proud tradition making experts looking like pansies. When we get going things are better than before. Times of tradgedy is traditionally our finest hour. Not crying in a corner (not saying that there isn't a time to mourn) doing nothing about there situation. Heck, the market today was up. So with all these investigations that we are going to have let's find out how to fix it, not affix blame.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Just Another Communist Holiday

When I got to work tonight I was talking to my partner before he checked out for the night and said "well have a good Memorial Day." which of course was wrong since it is labor day. I said well I actually think we should honor troops twice as much over and opposed to celebrating the American worker.

What made America great was the pursuit of making a better life for our families. This meant working harder, smarter, faster, and longer than the next guy. Meant taking a risk with our finaces and all our resources.

The best way to honor the working man is to keep the economy growing so we can raise wages. We need to quiet the enviro-Marxists so we can drill in our own country for oil, build refineries, to keep moving forward, so that we do what we do best in times of need-help our fellow man.

In France, for instance, their work week is thirty-five hours as so to keep unemployment numbers down. I just read that Brussles didn't agree with the EU about limiting the exposure to the sun. If you limit you self in some pretty basic areas you will never expand your economy. You will fall in to the trap of I don't know we have never done that before. Afraid of trying to expand your future.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Reasons for hunting

I'm not the great white hunter but I love a fall morning with sun coming up the north Dakota badlands. It really gives me an awe of the beauty of God's creation. An unique experience meeting God on His turf. (At least this is the story if I come home empty handed)

First off food. A deer you can get probably 150 lbs of sausage, deersteak, and jerky.

Secondly, protection of the populace. This summer a couple was chased for about fifty miles on the Mah ta ha trail over by Medora. Some how they fended the animal off with their bikes, but when they are stalking people like that it's time to harvest.

Third, protection of livestock. Having earned my scars working cattle, well beeves are almost the stupidest critter short of sheep, but it is a good way of life riding herd. That means shooting prairie dogs, coyotes, and mountain lions. Thank God the tree huggers haven't gotten wolves transplanted here. Prairie dogs are like gopher except they are more social. If they take hold in a pasture a steer, bull, or a cow fall in a hole you can loose upwards of $500 dollar because it's the same as a horse if a horse breaks its leg.

Fourth, if there happens to be to many animals on the range on a given year if there is a bad winter (which in ND can start in October and end in May Al Gore where is this global warming you keep promising?) They will starve off. Not a pretty site, a waste of food and ruins the "delicate" ecosystem.

What all these boils down to is the only reason to kill is survival.