Saturday, October 29, 2005

Revelation-Is Craig A heretic for Not Caring?

I will be honest, I just don't care about the Book of Revelation. I have read it a couple of times, but I am really not worried about what's going to happen. I am not saying that it is worthless, I love the picture of the Throneroom of the Almighty, and the seven churches are relevant today and will be relevant one hundred years from now (or more).

I guess my disillusion with Revelation stems from I have read it a couple of times and I have thororly briefed on foreign affairs and can see without repeatedly going back to Revelation to see what is going. First off we are going to have to have a one world government. The only way for that to work is with a common religion, that everyone is fervently sold out on. Right now that isn't feasible in the immediate future.

I also know God is going to comeback when the time is. He swore he would. I have a problem saying that all the natural disasters that we are having are punishment and are signs of the end times because Christians have been saying that since Christ went back Home. There were also natural disasters before Christ came down here.

I barely have an opinion on whether Christians are going Home pre- mid 0r post tribulation. I think that we will probably see some of the tribulation, just because God exposed the Israelites to some of the plagues that the Egyptians had until the the worst one in which God protected them. (parenthetically, in our Wednesday morning Biblestudy I told the men that I think will take those that are Post-trib before the trib first and those who were Pre after the tribulation, just because those who believe that God spares Christians suffering-just because honestly if I were God I would do that, thankfully I'm not him. Pastor and I were shocked that they thought I was a heretic for joking about something like that.) Part of the reason that we will go through at least part of the tribulation is because God will want us to remember how horrible this place can be.

Honestly, for me I can see God's face more in Exodus, Leviticus, Duteronomy, Job, and the Gospels. I can get a glimpse of His nature just by how He explains if this law is violated that it deserves this. I take great comfort in the fact he is my Warrior. It speaks to me on how He swears he will defend the fatherless. If you want to talk about what would Jesus do ok fine lets.

What did Jesus do when a woman who was caught in the very act of adultery and they wanted to stone, He defended her. I was talking to someone a few months ago about sex offenders and shouldn't we give them another chance. God may, God said that if you are faithfull to confess our sins and turn from them He will forgive them. But there are more examples in the Bible of God taking up the case of a victim. The Bible says that if you harm a child that you would be better off to tie a millstone to your neck and drown yourself. Suicide is universally accepted that your going straight to hell, mainly because you can repent granted. But if your better off to kill yourself that tells me that some sins are actually worse in God's sight.
There are only two that are worse than the rest, let me make that clear. Hurting a child in anyway and cursing the Holy Spirit other than that they are all equal. I think instead of worrying about criminals maybe we should cleanup after them. In my Biblestudy, there is a Gideon that goes into the jail, I totally respect them, but who's going to speak for the innocent.

To be honest, I am not worried about what's going to happen. Christ said who by worrying about tomorrow has ever added an extra day to life? That is the reason I just don't worry about Revelation. That's the bottom line.
I can't wait to get Home. I am looking forward to the feast of the faithful (Proof that God must be a Wesleyan). My favorite picture of Heaven is that song that came out in the nineties. Bighouse where it talks about how God has a big yard to play football. My other favorite picture of Heaven is the last scenes of Field of Dreams where the dad asks if that is Heaven. I don't care if this is theological, but this is what my heart hopes, that there is a baseball diamond so dad and I can play catch so we can discuss theology again. So I can get Christ to explain grace to me I don't get the balance between grace and obeying God's Commands. I can't wait until I get Home so I can thank God face to face for forgiving me for my shortcomings.

And just for an excuse to quote an old hymn: When we all get to Heaven what a great day of rejoicing that will be.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Above the Law.

Why does the press believe that they are above scrutiny? After all the lies that the American Media that they have perpertrated upon the American populace, all the times that they have been busted for falsestatements? Who are they accountable to? NO government agency which rightfully so. But in matters of National Security, in matters where a persons life might that not be the one place that media has the responibility to come forward and share information, such as where Noriaga was. Where they came up with the Name Valerie Plame.

Honestly, I wish I knew what Robert Novak was thinking when he ran the story, unless he was going from the aspect of Nepotism with her husband getting a job he wasn't qualified for should have never had. Admittedly, I have never read the original article and really have no desire to read it. The original article in this whole affair has become a nonissue. What we know for sure at this point Ms. Plame was not a covert agent for about nine years. The statute says that the operative within seven years being a covert agent can't be mentioned.

I wouldn't be surprised if the only thing that came down was obstruction charges on Judith Miller and the other guy (hey it's four I can't remember his name right now) Ms. Miller isn't even sure who told her, now (heck, send her to Gitmo I'm sure those guys could help her remember). I think that it may be more likely that he will just issue a report.

Now Judith Miller, who can't remember or someone who could have told her gave her permission to tell her what she knew a year ago, wants to have a national shield law. Giving them cover for protecting their source. So we can feel warm and fuzzy to know that the press is there to "protect" the democracy. But when it comes to covering stories involving the Defenders of the Republic, you know the guys over in Iraq with guns keeping the terrorists fighting there instead of here mainly, what do we get. A whine about Abu Ghrab, a story about a Marine who shot a terrorist who was playing possum (for those of you who don't know a democrat symbol from you posterior that's playing dead), Things are going bad, we are in a quagmire, we are loosing, this isn't going to work, and endless stories that should never be carried because either there is no basis in truth, or hurts our troops morale. Can you imagine attacking the very people who give you the freedom that allows you to say what you will? I can't but that's what these incompetent-irresponsible journalists. Now if they get this shield that they want what is to prevent them from inventing stories?
Journalists have a long history in this country of doing this probably as far back as Ben Franklin and Thomas Paine to Horace Greely. During the Civil War there were photographer who staged pictures to make a story. Randolph Hurst said of the Spanish-American war he told his photographers you provide the pictures I'll provide the war.

So how can the media be kept in check? One of the first things that Professor Otis said in Criminal Investigations was interviewing a suspect is 'why is this person lying to me?' Remember we can think for ourselves. Everyone has an adjenda. Wheither it's Charles Krauthammer or Al Franken or George Stienbrenner. I believe if you give the media a blanket shield law then automatically you are setting them up above the law, about like the judiciary has been behaving since the sixties. If someone has something to say about how a business or government is being run, there comes a point where we should have the right to hear from them to see if they are credible and not just disgruntled, heck I know disgruntled.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Pastor appreciation Month. Is one month enough?

First of Paul wrote that those who are doing the Lord's Work deserve what they are paid. Which in some areas of this country is way less than teachers, especially if you factor in teachers hours and the two or three months they have off. Pastors are kinda like United States Presidents when it comes to vacation. They are always in contact with the body. My dad always left the phone number with a boardmember when we left for vacation. There were quite a few times when his one day off were taken up because someone was sick, needed prayer, or counseling. My dad also went into the public school when there were events in town if the kids needed someone to talk to. (something alot of pastors would do or are doing)

I not saying a pastor minds. I know I have relayed this story before, but I think it bears repeating.

The day before the wreck I was telling my dad about a hostage situation
my one of my college professors had told us about where there was a man had
his family at the point of a gun and wanted a pastor, but none was
Before I could fininsh my dad said I can't believe that because a true pastor
with a
pastor's heart will drop everything if they were
Less than twenty-four hours later dad was
dead. BUT there was a
Bapist Pastor on a Sunday Morning at 0400 hrs
came to be with my family at the
first hospital than traveled 40+ miles to
visit mom in the next. Never met
us, probably will never see him until
we get home

The Pastor that I currently have well I tease him about only working one day a week, but I know that he preaches at least one nursing home, meets with at least on accountability group, goes walking with on Tuesday (which I appreciate more than I can express because I miss being a pk and I enjoy his friendship).

Low pay and long hours aren't the only hardship that pastors families endure. My dad had people call and complain about the music that my sister and I listened to. They complained because my sister found a nice coat that she had
(a little coat of many colors jealousy I guess). And the bizarre expectation that we would be perfect. (well I was perfect at least).

Finally, someone who is vital to the ministry of the pastor is the pastor's wife. My pastor and I have talked about it and I told him I think the most important person in our church is his wife, because I know sheri helps him keep his schedule straight and keeps him grounded. He has said that she tells him that they need to get a gift for this person that is hurting or for this family that just had a kid.

So this month that is Pastor Appriciation Month remember he works worse hours than you for a ton less money. He is human and so are his kids, so don't hold them to an inordiately high standard, a standard that you- yourself don't keep. And Remember how valuable He is and His wife because when trouble comes. He will be there to pray and to hold your hand, don't just honor them this month. And above all keep him and his family in your prayers.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Marxists Know better Than You

This past legislative term in North Dakota brought one good thing (Changes to the concealed weapon law) and a bunch of marxist garbage in the form of higher taxes, limiting private property rights. Supposedly, the legislature was run by Republicans.

One of the things that passed was no smoking in restraunts. Leaving Bars and restraunt bar combos alone. Well this last week the Bismarck City council had a meeting with the tobacco free committee. I was going to go but accidentally feel asleep so that went out the window.

My point would have been there are other choices their are restraunts in this town that are smoke free some of which served alcohol. I would have suggested that if they wanted other choices get to gether start their own restraunt. If they wanted to eat the food of the place that served alcohol and allowed smoking but didn't want to be around the smoking go get their own booze order out and go home. OR use the Supreme Courts brand spanking new Emanate Domain decision and take over the property. Now I don't go to any of those restraunts that serve alcohol because state law doesn't allow me to carry while I eat there, my personal choice I have the free will to make that choice. (I don't drink either, and Cracker Barrel is third in comparison to my Mom's or my Grandma's but neither one lives here so since I don't like cooking...)

The next morning in the paper it said that it affected only five out of thirty-three restraunts. If I would have realized that I would have set my alarm. This effectively eliminated all choices for those who enjoy smoking while they eat, they have no choices if they want to go out to eat. I thought we were supposed to avoid all types of discrimination. It seams like if it's legal ie Christianity, firearms, tobacco it "evil" and has no place in the Republic. The argument that this is a health issue doesn't really fly because I went get a take out order of ribs tonight and as I entered to get my ribs there were thirty people out smoking. I have gotten a ton of ribs before this when they were allowed to smoke indoors and never smelled it. This is going to either do one of two things either blow up in the face of tobacco free collation or they are going to back and say that can't smoke on private property.

It worries me that these self-righteous hypocondriacs can destroy property rights because of "health concerns". One of the reasons I don't trust doctors is because they can't decide what is good for you and what is bad. And another thing I have said this many times before

This is supposed to be a free country. I don't like the precedent this sets. What if they decide the way I eat isn't healthy (which it isn't but I'm a man if God intended me to eat well He would force me to get married). It's my choice to eat how ever I want. I want the choice to drink what I want. The marxist claim it is Christians that tell everyone how they should live, but who is it in the US that has not allowed a new oil refinery to built in twenty-five years. Can't log in some areas beause we'll harm some tree slug, but when there is a wildfire that same tree slug still dies. If the logging companies could have harvested some of the trees in California the wildfire wouldn't have been that bad.

The Reader's Digest version let people make their own choices. There are consequences to whatever choices that are made, but dictating your convictions on someone else doesn't work.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Proof we need to Fix Social Security

Earlier this Summer, an Eighty year old woman was busted as a Madam in New Jersey. She said that Social Security wasn't enough to live on.

Now a seventy-nine year old woman is busted on drug dealing charges. How can we be so cold hearted to allow our elderly to have to turn to the vices to survive how cold hearted has America become.

(Although, with the babyboomer getting older I guess maybe that they would feel better getting drugs from someone their own age.)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The United Nations University

I found this article don't really care about the article but it inspired me to come up with potential names for the football teams

1. The Fighting French
2. The Vikings-which literally means raping and pillergering
3 The Fighting Commies
4. The Nonames so noone is offended
5 The Oilers for those who think I have drank some coolaid lately is
because the oil-food scandal.
6. The Chickens, because the sky is falling aspect of the alleged global

Kujo Annon could be the head coach

possible cheerleaders

Katie Couric
Lucy the Missing Link
Ms. Sheehan

Bill Clinton would of course be the Cheerleading advisor

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Death States Rights and the Left

It never ceases to amaze me how the marxists in this country want innocent people to be killed, but refuse to kill murderers, rapists, and traitors.

The marxists push abortion to the extent they will immediately go to the Supreme Court any time a state decides that a minor has to get parents consent before an abortion, especially if that same minor to get their ears pierced have to ask their parents approval. (Deaths of the mothers can happen during abortions making it more dangerous) The pro-abortion groups treat this as a national issue that the federal government has control over. Which you subscribe to the thought that the Declaration of Independence is the founding document, making the issue of life and death is a national issue.

BUT when it comes to Oregon decides that they want to allow people to kill themselves with doctors help it is a state right. The marxist can't have it both ways. And why is it when comes to killing somebody they all the sudden believe in states rights as long as they are "good people".Hmm.

Has anyone ever read the hypocrites oath? I thought that doctors swore never to do abortions, never do any harm? Now if someone wants to eat a gun and want to be selfish and harm their family irrevocally, go ahead I won't stop you because that would mean I would have to shoot you. BUT I don't some doctor who believes that he is God has turned him into an angel of mercy treating me because he may decide that my life is not worth living. I have dated a few nurses and inevitably medical ethics come up. There aren't a standard they are fluid. The doctors are rarely held to account for what they decide (I know there are malpractice suits but the argument can be made that there should be more)

The marxist in this country (other country marxists are more than willing to kill everybody and aren't afraid of punishment) throw a fit when a murderer is to be executed. They try to claim things like it isn't a deterrent, you have to understand what they went through in life. What about punishment? The Bible talks about the necessity to get the evil out of our midst. About two months ago, a child molester was captured that assaulted three thousand boys. That's three thousand lives that are ruined and some of those who were assaulted will turning into offenders also. What would have happened if after the first child he attacked he was executed? The chain of abuse would have ended. (I have dealt with several women that have been abused the devastation that has been left behind is hard to imagine). What if after the first person that Bundy killed he was executed? Then he wouldn't have had the opportunity to kill twenty people, affecting literally hundreds of people.

The difference between capital punishment and euthanasia and abortion is capital punishment: punish and protects innocents. Euthanasia and abortion kill innocents. Do we really want to be that society that kill innocents and let those who aren't live?