Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Death to Monsters, but....

I believe in the death penalty. Especially after the rash of criminals breaking out of jails and prisons the last couple of weeks. But what about 'jailhouse conversion'.

If someone is murdered and the murderer repents, does the victim become resurrected? Is it fair that the monster lives when the victim doesn't see another sunrise. No. Only God and family can forgive. If you go back into Leviticus it talks about getting the evil from out of their midst. There is a societal cost that murderers reek on the populace. David Berkowitz, the Son of Sam Killer, since he has been in prison has become a Christian and gave an interview about a decade ago where he was asked whether or not he deserved the death penalty. He answered yes; inspite of his outreach to other prisoners.

Now in california, there is a murderer who all the sudden decided that he was going to write children's books. (Heck, those harry potter books are supposed to be 'good children's books') Has spoken out about gangs. But at the same time hangs out with the same gang he founded in prison. Joking that he did the murders.

If Gov. Schwarzenegger gives him clemency he is sending a dangerous signal to murderers, rapists, and all other cutthroughts with concept all they have to do is say the right thing and stand against things that they have done and you don't get the punishment you deserve. I will grant you the concept that they should have plugged him in years ago but that's what happen when you let liberals run things.

There are consequences for everyone's actions. I hope that he has made changes in his life, but his victims are still dead and california already determined the consquence for his actions should be death. Give his victims families peace. Sometimes things just need to be punished.

I Love You...Here's a Lump of Coal

When my sister and I were young our parents would tell us, "Be good or we will give you a lump of coal for Christmas." So I have been pondering this, "If you love someone and want to get engaged why would you give someone what is at it's very essence is coal a gift you give to bad children?"

If it were me I would be insulted by such a gift. I have tried to discuss this with other people but the emotional attachment to what is nothing but a hydrocarbon object is amazing. Now since all life is at least partially made of carbon it isn't rare. At one time, diamonds may have been hard to come by, but there are techniques of making "fake" diamonds. Where these modern "fakes" cannot be discerned from the real diamonds. Hmmmm.

Another thing that would give me pause in giving a diamond for an engagement gift. One that really bothers me and I don't know how I could tell someone I love them with a gift such as this. Conflict diamonds, they are diamonds that come from places that use the diamonds to fund civil war. The marxist rebels use slave labor to collect the diamonds.
In all honesty, I could not look in the eye of my beloved and tell her I love her knowing these things. In times of fineancial difficulty everyone tries to sell jewels so the value would go away.


The one I like the best is a chrome plated super .38 with engraving with either mother of peril grips or antique ivory grips (for you tree huggers). This gift could say many different things: I will always protect you, I respect that you are your own person and can take care of yourself, or I want to spend the rest of my life. The thing is such a gift will always get attention. It will always keep it's value. And for me it would be a gift from the heart. And will always increase in value.

A vacuum cleaner: aka the Walter E. Williams special. Practical the woman will always use is and can ponder your thoughtfulness.

A car. If you get a classic car it will always go up in value. She will feel like a million bucks in a '65 Mustang ragtop.

Just something to ponder. Since I have sworn to stay single I don't have to try these theories out. Although, I had one female friend agree or at least understand the Conflict Diamond aspect. The moral of the blog. What do you put your value in? Is it just a lump of coal or do long for more?

Friday, November 25, 2005

Grab Your Riot Gear Before You...

Good Black Friday. I know some people fret about how early the Christmas season comes every year. But depending on your Theology we as Christians should celebrate the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ year round any way. Granted around Christmas (which Bible scholars have figured either early fall or late spring due to shepherds on the hill) it is good to focus on the birth of Christ and just the sacrifice that Christ made just leaving Heaven.

Then others worry about the commercialization of Christmas. Ok fine then make sure your focus in your home is on Christ. The thing is consumer spending is part of what drives the American economy. I would call the Great commission a marketing strategy. By us Christians going into all the world to spread the word it sounds remarkably similar to a commercial. Remember Christ did talk about doing the best with what we have (more in a minute).

For those who fret over this party or that party. Or trying to impress someone. The bottom line is who care. You can always say you can't make a party. If you have an obnious relative that says something about something you have done for somebody as "good enough" REMIND them of the Parable of the talents and tell them that you did your best for the Glory of God since He hasn't struck you down your not worried, and walk away (again I'm not very good with turn the other cheek thing).

If things don't go perfect who cares? Remember there was a point where Christ told one of Lazereth's sisters to stop fretting about a meal and come enjoy being with the group (sorry I can't remember her name and I am at work so tough.). Remember this Christmas, it's about Him and family. Just enjoy being together. Stress about important things like are the Cowboys going to make the SuperBowl?

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Amazing How....

Isn't it amazing how praise just lifts your soul when your battered?

My family is going through a tough stretch right now, and my nerves are frayed. I put in my Third day Offerings CD. I am not much for singing but I have been singing along with the whole CD and I can Sense the Almighty's presence here at work.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Small Town Economics

Read the article first then my Buck fifty input of what I think.

I make no bones I love small town life and I love what makes this country great. One of the things that made this country great is free enterprise. Small towns are slowly fading due to the ever decreasing number of farms and ranches. By a community agreeing to change its name to Papa Johns, Idaho or Coca-Cola, Georgia to keep that community viable, why not.

While it gives influence to large corporations, how is it worse than the government raising taxes, removing 4th Amendment protections against illegal search and seizures?

I am one of the few that a couple of years ago that was for North Dakota dropping North from the name if nothing else just for publicity. The argument that people think cold when they see the word North is very realistic. We have a radio station that has a radio program in the morning which calls various event through out the country (events such Calaverous Frog Jumping or other goofy things that people celebrate). Whenever they call they ask what the person thinks of when they hear North Dakota and the answer is invariably cold. This State has so much to offer from the badlands, Ft. Lincoln (where Custer rode out of), Ft Union (one of the few living history fur trading posts in this country), Medora, and Teddy Roosevelt's ranch.

My state is in constant fear of depopulation because farming is no longer profitable, industry is slowly moving in but right now the only thing we remotely have going for us is tourism. I would support any small town in North Dakota if they were approached by a corporation to change their name because the influx of cash would be good for the town and for the state.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What Our Senate Thinks is Important

Our Senate is concerned about baseball and steroids. I have such a warm feeling that they care about my every day life to that extent. But what about the Prison leak? Why aren't they worried about security leaks that potenially could harm our troops? The Senate claims they are to busy to start on hearings for Judge Alito, so baseball must be the priority, not getting a justice that doesn't abide by the Constitution out of the Supreme Court. The Senate has yet to try to do something about the border.

Now I love baseball, but I honestly don't care about steroids, well that's not completely accurate. What the average American may not realize is that most asthma medication has steroids. Since they keep my mom alive and kicking I guess I do care, but that raises an interesting question 'how do we know that those who test positive for steroids doesn't have a disease that the medicine could contain steroids?'

Does steroids actually fall under the purview of the Senate? I can't figure out how. I thought Republicans were for getting government out of our lives? If the drugs are illegal then prosecute, but to make an industry come up with a policy that no other industry really has to live by is ludicrous.

I know a lot of businesses drug test, but that doesn't preclude them from hiring someone if they really want to hire someone.

I guess I should be glad that the Senate is to busy to govern but I really don't like the precedent this sets.

When Politics End and Life Begins

I have said in the past that politics is just a fancy way of saying human interaction, which it is. But there are times that life is more important than following the news and current events. There are things that even state or local government has no call having any say in.

There comes a point where you (or I) have to look out for your (or my) neighbor. My friends in South Dakota just had their dad's shop grand re-opening under his brother. My sister was able to be there for my family's friends. In North Dakota, we have a tradition of stopping and helping someone in need, of course this depends on how far they are from a town usually, if they are a mile from say Bismarck we don't worry about it becaue it is with in walking distance.

Another time when politics end is in family hard times. This is when a church should step in. NEVER judge but just be there when a family is hurting. Did I say NEVER judge? I meant NEVER judge.

A Natural disaster we as Americans rally around those in need.
So why is it there are those so quick to finger point when something doesn't go completely right? Because they forget we are all Americans.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Secret Prisons and the Traitors that Expose Them

I cannot believe that people are surprised about having covert prisons in other countries. It's what I would do. I wouldn't want any monsters running loose here like in France. (Granted they would have to escape first). I would be willing to bet that we have done this in other wars.

Second, I want to know who the traitor is who leaked this story. I will even buy him a cigarette before they shoot him. WHY in the world would you shoot your country in the foot by leaking this? I don't care about party affiliation, where he's from. He needs to go to prison I would perfer a firing squad or hanging.

Then we need to do something about the media source that released this. I don't know what but this is ridiculous. We are at war. During WWII, the government told the author of the Superman comics that they had to cease and desist on a storyline about a nuclear weapon. There was a time when the American media was on our side.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Buck Fever

It's Deer Season Friday!!! I have been looking forward to this for months. I haven't been home in about three years, so I looking forward to seeing everyone at church on sunday, plus if I get my Buck earlier I can go visit more people. I am also looking forward to go visit dad (yeah I know he's dead I have the nightmares to prove it and I know theologically speaking he's not there) As always I miss dad more during the World Seris, Christmas, and the Super Bowl (and days that end in "y" some weeks).

I am relieved with the nominee for the court, we are going to get the war that we need to have with the marxists. (partly because the marxist call him Machine Gun Sammy) So to quote the junior Senator from the peoples republic of massechutes "bring it on, bring it on"

So I was wrong Scooter got indicted over obstruction, not that he blew ms. plame's cover.

So any way back to deer season. The reason this important is so that I can do my part to help protect ranching in this state because deer get into the hay stacks, taking much needed hayfor the winter. Also this keeps the deer population manageable, so the deer don't starve this winter.

I hope to get a good enough shot with my peacemaker (which doesn't have a scope mounted on it) because I have a buddy hunting with .357 Magnum. I want the bragging rights that would bring. I am still trying to decide if I get a deer early enough if I want to go down to mom's to have it processed. So I am going to be out of the office for about a week.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Revelation-Part Two: the indifference strikes back

As as far as Revelation goes. I am (or was) a PK have read through it a couple of times. I have no fear of death. I know where I am going if I were to die tonight. The only things that really stir my heart in the book are the seven churches and the Throne Room.

As far as not worried about what goes on in the world. What about Christ? What did he do about the money changers. What did he call the Pharasee? What did Christ say about paying taxes? Who Created the Heavens and the Earth? What about what Christ said about the birds and the flowers of the field. What the average person doesn't understand is that politics is the interaction of humans-PERIOD

It just frustrates me when Christians get stuck on one thing. When we were ready to start something new in our Wednesday Bible study I thought we were going to study Judges or the Pentateuch, or the cool books we ended up in Revelation. Then to frustrate me even worse in Bismarck there was a group that came through that talked on Bible prophesy. One of the things I have learned in life there are a few topics that are taught to Christians that are overstressed: prophesy, speaking in tongues, living under Grace (mainly when ignore what God expects from us). I worry about people setting up stumbling blocks. Where prophesy comes into play there are "Christians" that think they know when X happens.

All I was saying as far as I'm concerned it just isn't as important as say "thus says the Lord Z is wrong" Or come unto me those who are weary. I believe that if you focus on the sky is falling (ie what can happen if you worry about the end times) you can miss an opportunity, you can even take the joy out of your life. What is important is making sure that your life is right with the Almighty.