Saturday, December 31, 2005

Dear Annonmous

Dear Annomous,

Do I believe in personal rights? Yes I do. But there is no constitutional guarantee to the right of privacy. It is the main reason that Roe v. Wade will some day be over turned. (Granted abortion is wrong, the killing of innocents are wrong).

What I define monsters as is as someone who ceases to be human by killing innocents and assaulting people for perverse pleasure. I believe in the death penalty because it punishes monsters. Once a monster is executed they can NEVER harm another person. Execution helps the victims and there families heal. Those that disagree with the death penalty where are they for the victims.

I removed the comment you left on the Air Marshal post because on this blog there is no room for that kind of inflammatory rhetoric about those who protect us. I will grant you that there are dirty cops, but there are dirty socialists (ted kennedy murdered a woman, joe bidden is a plagiarist, bill clinton is a liar). I give the benefit of the doubt to the officers ALWAYS.
I have been pulled over when there wasn't any probable cause, but they didn't search the vehicle.

There are details about the NSA wiretapping that we don't know, there could have been a judge involved for all we know. I honestly would have done the same thing because of the border situtation. After 9/11, American's demanded that we be protected. This is one of the ways that President has used to protect this country.

I believe we need to put a wall up on both borders. The coyote's that bring the Illegal alien across the border are reason enough. They are cutthroughts killing there own people and smuggling drugs. Then factor in monsters that can sneak across the border. It just makes sense. Now that being said we need to make it easier for Mexicans to get green cards. I also don't buy they do jobs Americans refuse to do. I have done some of the jobs that those who want Illegal workers mention proudly because I brought home a pay check.

Because Christians pay taxes there is no reason that the Ten Commandments cannot be taught in school (If I were Jewish I would be yelling about anti-Semitism since they were given to Moses). The phrase Separation of Church and State came from a letter from Jefferson to a Baptist group that was concerned another was about to be named the National Church. This only concept really has only existed for about fourty years. While I was corrected that it really is Godhaters I was going with what those who opposed Christmas called themselves.

I don't celebrate the New Year because it is a hedonistic celebration. Also, the looking back at the year is really empty because it gives no historical perspective, like Lincoln suspending Habeous Corpus. FDR rounding up Japanese-Americans during WWII.

I believe we should be in Iraq. By being in Iraq that gives us access to Iran from two sides, puts Syria between us and Israel, and sadaam is a monster.
It amazes me that it is never brought up that he used WMD's during the Iraq-Iran war, gassed the Kurds, and Israel had to bomb his nuclear plants once. He was a threat.

The radical muslims have been at war with the world since the Seventies. The Yom Kippor War, the Seven Day War, Munich, Iranian invasion of the US embassy, attack on German Disco Techs, hi-jacking in the Eighties, blowing up the US Marine Barracks in Lebanon, muslim gorillas in the Philippines, the First attack on the World Trade Center, USS Cole, attack in Sri Lanka on Christians, and the problems the Coptic Christians are having in Egypt. We have one choice-to fight. You can't make peace with a people that don't believe in forgiveness.

I believe the only gun control should be that felons and crazy people not have access to weapons. But according to the Second Amendment that is relegated to the states. ANY Federal gun control law is illegal and un-Constitutional. That being said I leave my weapon in my vehicle if I know one of my friend objects to having it in their home. It's there place they make the rules there. I will not go into establishments that I am not allowed to carry in other than churches.

I was an agnostic after my dad was killed for about five years, until I started to think through my beliefs. I believe Jesus is who He said he was.

I believe that mary jane should stay illegal.

Alcohol is more dangerous than smoking. Because if you run the numbers with alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, assaults affect innocents more than with smoking. With smoking it takes decades to die, alcohol you don't have the same benefit.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Holiest Song

Since the Eastern orthodox Church hasn't had their Christmas yet I have one more Christmas piece.

One of my favorite Carols is Silent Night. It always has been. Christmas Eve my mom's husbands church had their Cantata, followed by communion and a candle lit singing of Silent Night. It has always amazed me the feeling of peace I get when I hear it.

Which is no surprising knowing some of the history of the song includes the secession of hostilities during the Christmas of 1915. The British heard the German's singing in, well German. And then some British soldiers joined in. A German soldier crossed across No Man's land with a branch of an evergreen tree. For a while peace reigned on the battlefield, causing the Generals on both sides threatening courtmartials. Eventually having the removal of the troops that had taken part of the impromptu Christmas Truce.

Going back in time the whole reason Silent Night was written was because a pipe organ was broken.

If there has ever been a song that God had inspired I believe that Silent Night is it. If anything has ever caused the guns to fall silent it would be the peace inspired by the Holiest of songs Silent Night.

Saturday, December 24, 2005


To me one of most interesting parts of the Christmas story is the sheepherders. Because they have always been the lowest of the low. I know you that live in the magical land east of the Mississippi and west of the Rockies are going they are shepherds. Sheep are the stupidest critters on the face of the earth. I was raised as a cowpoke, which of course was my first job.

Back in Bible times a sheepherders were about the lowest rung of society (short of slavery of course). They had to spend nights out in the cold watching the flocks of sheep had little or no posisibility of changing their station in life.

Move forward in time to the 19th Century in this country. Sheepherders would move in on the ranges. Now sheep have a really, really bad habit of destroying the pastures that cattlemen used for their beeves. Making the sheepherders Public Enemy Number One tied only with rustlers (aka cowboys). There were numerous rangewars between cattlemen and sheepherders, seeing many sheepherders "forcibly removed" (killed).

Times are different now. I have a buddy that his parents run sheep and I give him a hard time about being a sheepherder for the afore mentioned reasons, now it's just in jest. But in times past they were the lowest of the low, hated. And this was the group that God declared His only Son first. Makes you think don't it.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Is Christmas Over Commercialized?

Every year I hear people complain that Christmas is over commercialized. I submit for your approval.

The hosts of Angels on the night of Christmas. They loudly proclaimed that the messiah had come. Told a bunch of sheepherders that unto born this day from house of David a King. Sounds like the first interactive billboard to me. The next thing I want you to ponder is the Great commission. This is where he told the disciples to go into all the world and share the gospel. Sounds like an add campaign to me.

What would happen if no one would do shop at Christmas/Hanukkah time? We are told that Black Friday is what makes or breaks most retailers. What happens to that money? Taxes so as to fund the government and wages for the workers (not to mention the goods that the store had to stock which provided jobs for other people because the goods had to be produced). So the workers are paid their money goes to buy gifts, to provide for their families, and some tithe and give to various charitable organizations.

For a moment lets stop here for second. Christmas time is traditionally a time when individuals think of others (while yes there are some that think of other at other times.) These organizations have bell ringers, some of them are hired other just volunteer. If it weren't for Christmas/Hanukkah or Easter I don't know if they would get the resources that they need.

The next thing I would hope you would ponder is this struggle with Merry Christmas/Happy holiday debate that is going on right now. Since there are Godhaters that want to remove all sign of God from American Society it has opened the door for Christians to share our beliefs in a very unique way with out beating someone into submission.

If you are stressed, remember who cares if someone gets the right gift. If the person hates then, heck don't buy them one next year. If too many parties say no to a couple. This is the one time of Year that Christians Can Yell our beliefs and most of the country celebrates with us whether or not they are believers. Is Christmas overcommercialized? Only in the store's that refuse to Recognize what we are celebrating, but are more than happy to take your money. I have no problem with hearing Happy Hanukkah, shoot I'm even thinking about how to incorporate with Christmas because it is a such a great story about God's provision that foreshadows the coming Christ, (if someone wished me a happy Ramadan I would turn them into the Feds, but that is a different story.) Just step back take a breath and don't fret. This is a great time of year, Because something amazing that happen over 2ooo years ago.



Friday, December 16, 2005


As it has been reported the NSA has been listening in on calls, e-mail, ect.
The thing is we don't have the whole story yet to know what has occurred, so I would suggest that we wait to find out some more details.

Is it possible that they violated the Fourth Amendment? Yes. Is it the first time? No. Lincoln did it on broader scale than what is being reported. (Shoot Lincoln suspended habeas corpus which is a bigger deal, because by doing this he actually did what Bush is accused of with the monsters down in GITMO) The police routinely violate the Fourth Amendment on traffic stops and that was before 9/11.

Personally, if I were the President I would have authorized the same thing. Right or wrong. That being said I'm not particularity happy about the NSA haven Carte Blanche access to everyone e-mail and calls. I'm just a little surprised that people would think that we wouldn't be doing this in the middle of a war. If people are worried that the National Government knows what you read well, pay with cash.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

My Grandpa

While I know may be I should have added this to my Thanksgiving list, but I think I put family down and this is going to be more specific. And since Grandpa has been having health problems. (and one of my best friends lost her Grandpa). I think I will write my tribute to Grandpa while he still around.

My grandpa was a medic in WWII, where he served on Okinawa. After the war he went college and became a pastor in the Wesleyan Methodist Church. (my dad and his youngest brother followed in his footsteps).

While Grandma and Grandpa lived in Indiana, we only got to see them maybe once a year. When I decided on a college I decided on Indiana Wesleyan University (Marion, In) Where I really got to know my grandparents. I would do my laundry there so I would have time to visit with grandma and grandpa (the weird thing is that when I do my laundry now I call them, I didn't realize it until grandpa asked me one day why I called when I did laundry)

What really brought grandpa and I closer was the last year I was in school. Grandma, Mom and My Sister all went to a ladies retreat and grandpa and I watched westerns all-weekend. (this was after dad was killed).

Over the last few years we have discussed the normal stuff politics and theology when I needed opinion I have called to get his perspective.

I know grandpa has done things that he isn't proud of but I love him. And I appreciate the heritage that him and grandma have provided my family.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Atheists Greatest Fear

It never ceases to amaze me how atheists can be offended by the mere mention of God's name. How could they be offended in someone they don't believe in? I don't have the answer to that, but atheists are doing there level best to get God out of society.

It pains me that the same people who talk about there rights not to hear about God, but in turn have no problem offending Christians by curses a blue streak that would make R. Lee Ermy blush (former Sgt in Marines, star of film and Mail Call on the History Channel).

Where is the inherent fairness of allowing Christians sharing there faith. I don't beat anyone over the head with my faith (although I would use a phone book to get a confession or waterboard if I had to) they have the free will to live how they see fit.

In Utah, there is a group that want to remove crosses that mark where State Troopers were killed, because of the "religious overtones" of the markers. How did we become such a society where we allow a couple of people who are offended to dictate policy? There was a time where they would have been laughed at.

Part of the problem is the baby boomer, you know the hippies that are angry that we aren't a full blown marxist society. Another part is the lack of common curtsey. It used to be bad manors to cuss in front of women and children. Now I hear women curse worse than when I was in the oilfield. It may be time just "heap coals on their heads" and just overwhelm the non-Christian with love. Which the really bizarre thing to me makes the really severe atheists more ballistic.

What I want is very is simple, the same right to say what I want as someone who curses, someone who wants to destroy Christianity in the public square (what those who want to take Christ out of society are doing in legal terms is opening the door, giving Christians the right to respond allowing us to voice our point of view). I don't want to be a stumbling block to God by some who doesn't believe, but I am not going to sacrifice my beliefs or heritage just to make someone feel marginally better about the hole in their life.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Banning Cigarettes

Now I'm not a smoker, but as I have stated before people have the right to partake of legal substances.

The state of North Dakota has banned smoking in restreunts in the last legislature and I have reported on the stupidity of removing smoking from places that sell booze with food. Where I had gone to such a restreunt that I had eaten before while I knew smoking was allowed couldn't tell. And after the prohibition having to walk through the smoke of about twenty people smoking by the doors.

The State ban has destroyed one of my favorite businesses in town. The pool hall. The reason I enjoyed it is because I love pool, after going down to the range it is my favorite pastime. I liked the pool hall because I don't like being around alchies. People would go to the pool hall because they could play pool and smoke. Take away the smoking, take away most of the patrons. It effectively killed the business and after three years have had to close their doors. It's also hurting the bingo parlors (which I really don't care about, but it still is someone's livelihood). Since the State destroyed these businesses are they going to make it right with proprietors? No.

This goes back to the old saying be careful of what you ask for.

When Nothing is Sacred Then Everything is vulnerable

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Now I'm not a Winnie the Pooh fan, but isn't it weird how those who don't have any respect for our traditions as a people go out of their way to totally try to insert their view on life. Disney for what ever reason is changing Christopher Robins into a Christine. Trying for a new hipper view of the forest.

Is this going to work for Disney? Does any one remember New Coke? Now I am not against applying the 3-d animation to the cartoon, but what else are we going to loose as society if we keep going down this road of one group thinking that they know better than anyone and they are going to change what they want to change. And if you oppose them your either a racist, homophobe, redneck, ignoramus that wouldn't know that getting struck by lightning is bad for you.

Now I know there are other things that are vastly more important than this, but I think this is just systemic of a bigger problem of people trying to lessen the level morality in our society. Take gay marriage for a minute, personally I don't care if someone wants to live a gay life style I'm not going to condemn them for their choice, but at the same time Why should I have to lessen my moral level to accommodate something I believe is wrong.

All laws are a statement of someone's morality. Whether it's abortion, or whether or not a store has to be closed on Sunday.

To be real honest, I think people will be more up in arms about the changes to Winnie the Pooh than standing up for the current level of morality in this country. Somethings should never change though.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Miami, Media, and Protection of the American People.

THE BIGGEST PET PEEVE I HAVE IS the incessant questioning of a good shoot when a bad guy assumes room temperature. I was channel flipping yesterday afternoon when I saw that some idiot, or psycho decided that he would exercise his 1st Amendment "rights" to declare he had a bomb. I happened to stop on the channel with chris "I hate America" mathews. He wouldn't stop questioning if there wasn't something else that the Air Marshals should have done first.

Ok here's the thing if you do not understand on when a person needs to be taken out, the assumption should always go to the professional. The guy was yelling about a bomb, reaching into a bag, and refused to stop. When you are dealing with someone who doesn't obey lawful orders, and starts reaching into a concealed area, what choice do you have? Let me ask you this suppose he did have a bomb? What if he was reaching for a detonator and the Air Marshals thought he wasn't reaching for anything-BOOOM? People died because of there inaction? What would matthews be saying? Bush lied, failure of intelligence, Bush should have known, any number of things.

The sad thing normal shootings where peace officer has to shoot someone the automatic response is the cops did something wrong, instead of starting with at very least the cop did his job IAB comes through. The cop is treated like some criminal and has to prove that he did everything right.

Just to change directions just a little bit, remember that Marine who saw a terrorist playing possum starting to reach for something, what was the automatic response in the media? You better run the Marine in. Instead of they are in a warzone lets let the investigation take place.

Do I think the Air Marshal did the right thing ABSOLUTELY. While most of the American people, especially the more gun control we get, will NEVER think through what ifs. Most will not take firearms training, let alone self-defense classes. Those of you who refuse to do these things: go ahead be a victim we will stand guard, but if those of us who stand in the gap to protect you remember this, we only shoot bad guys.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I Love December

This is my favorite month. You have Hanukkah which is such a great story about God's Providence. I think us Christians miss out on not celebrating the Old Testament Feasts especially since St. Paul said that us Christians are grafted into the root of God's chosen people.

Then there is the National Finals Rodeo. Which now that I have cable I can watch. I would love to go to Las Vegas some year to do this.

I love Christmas shopping. Normal shopping ie clothes. I love the idea of finding the perfect gift for a family member. In my family we have a tradition with our Christmas gifts where we may or may not spend a lot depends on the year, but at least one gift we try to make it a gift that will be a joyful gift. Like one year my sister found a horse statue (was Loren Green's horse in the show) that had the Bonaza theme. One year I was totally broke and I wrote something for my mom and had a friend do his chorligraphy thing and found a cheap frame. She still has it hung up in her house. (One of the blessing of not having high expectations.)

I love the fact that after Thanksgiving the country radio stations start playing Christmas music. The real Christmas music, not just the so call secular. Then all the Christmas specials on TV. If I can't sleep on Christmas Eve I have been known to watch the Mass from the Pope on Christmas.

I love the fact that college football bowl games start in this month. There again since I have cable I get to watch them.

I have always enjoyed the church productions of Christmas plays. Shoot in Grade school and Junior High we could still mention God in the public square. Granted we have "evolved as a society" in the 20 years since. Also all the Christmas parties.

And of Course I love Christmas (I know that most theologians put Christ's birth in a different month but this is traditionally when we celebrate.) Christmas has always been the Olmsted High Holy day. When my sister and I were in college at Christmas time mom and dad would fly us home so we could be together as a family. Our family tradition would depend on the weather. Dad would have communion at the church in one of two forms. One was the traditional corporate communion that are pretty standard in any church. The other was where all the families in the church would come at a specific time to have communion as a family. Then afterward we would have homemade pizza and then read the Christmas story and open gifts.

I love going around town looking a Christmas lights, the more over the top the better. I know somepeople think that there's a point that it becomes gaudy, but my theory is it's Christ's birth we are celebrating, with all that He did for us how could we not try to go over the top especially when there are more flamboyant groups in society. This is the one Federal Holiday that is specifically Christian in nature so let's go for broke and not be ashamed of our faith at least once this year.

I'm not much for singing, but I enjoy going caroling.

Is this month busy, Yeah it is. But this is the month we celebrate our Savior's birth. Don't stress about the details. Christ said in the sermon on the mount "who has added an extra day to his life by worrying about tomorrow?" If something isn't quite perfect who cares the most important thing about this time of year is remember who we are in Christ, next is family. If someone doesn't like something oh well that's tough luck, just remind them that you are doing your best being Christ's servant ask them just to try and enjoy the season, remember there are people that are hurting this year and we have troops in the field fighting for us.

Friday, December 02, 2005

This is a great idea

(Click Title) This is an awesome Idea! I wish I had thought of it but I found it on Michele Malkin blog. If the american communist league united wants a fight (actually they just want us Christians to take it like sheep) then lets give them a fight, or rather a Christmas card. It's kinda what the Bible talks about heaping coals on your enemies head. I would strongly suggest that we do this. What it is just in case the story doesn't come through is sending a Christmas Card to the aclu

"Wishing You Merry Christmas"
125 Broad Street18th
FloorNew York, NY 10004