Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Democratic Quagmire.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Bible as a Textbook

Today I was watching the History Channel and they were discussing the Biblical battles and were studying them as if they were a war history. While I believe people need to make up their own mind up about their faith, they need to have all the facts and there is a need to study things that stretch your thinking ability

I found this very interesting, although I didn't buy all there statements. On of the more interesting thoughts that they had was Joshua and the Battle of Jericho. One of the thoughts was the red cord with Reheboem was actually a way to let three or four troops in at a time giving about forty special forces troops in the city and the walls tumbling down was a metaphor for the fact that after the gates were opened for the rest of the troops. The march was just a distraction technique and the ram's horn was psychological warfare. (I have also the theory that the marching had some sort of resonance that caused the walls to fall). I don't totally buy the theory but it makes sense, unless you conceder troops going around 13 times are going to remember which window the rope was in.

Another story was about Jonathan and his Armor bear. Jonathan saw a group of Philistines trying to outflank the Israelites at Makesh, he found a path to turn the table on them. During WWI a British officer recognized the name of the place and searched his Bible. After he read that night he found that past and beat the Turks in the following days battle.

The show after using the Bible as a war history History's Mysteries came on to talk about the possible finds of Sodom and Gamora. How these two towns were where they were supposed to be. Although, they weren't ready to declare that these are the towns they said that something traumatic obviously happened. They had a couple of theories that tried to go without God's handiwork, just so not to offend anyone or trying to be intellectually honest.

Time and again archeology proves Bible, finding people groups that don't exist because the Israelites at least tried to be obedient to what God ordered. We know that pilots from WWII reported a structure around MT Arart the size of the Ark and some people have brought back gopher wood.

About a month ago Sean Hannity reported that a school in Texas wanted to use the Bible as literature, but a teacher objected and suggested that the Koran be taught instead. What has been forgotten in this country and should be brought up at every dispute over the separation of church and state are two things, our forefathers all used the Bible as a textbook and schools teach about Greek mythology, if they really want religion kept out of school that needs to be removed, but to that we loose a great part of human history. By refusing the Bible, they denying a great source of human literature Song of Songs would be great in Sex ed. Psalms is some of the best poetry.

If historians look at the Iliad and the Odyssey for history, eventhough there has been less exterior proof of these two pieces, why not the Bible.
Are people so afraid that Christianity could be true that they would force people the choice to read it?

Why is teaching the Iliad and the Odyssey more valid when they espouse a religion and the Bible is forbidden? I think it's fear. To steal a Star Wars quote "Fear leads to hate."

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Christ and Politics

Politics comes from the Latin word Polis, which we get the words populace and obviously politics. Christ's view of politics were/are broader than what us human normally think. He was more concerned with how we treat each other rather than if you pay your taxes, which of course He told the Pharasees that it needed to be done.

This speaks directly to salvation, but like most things us human can only see in one demention God sees things in a multi-faceted way. I am talking about the parable of the workers in the vineyard where the lord of the vineyard kept going back and hiring workers for the same wage. While the main explanation for this is those who accept Christ no matter when they enter heaven, my contention that another meaning can be speaking to the right of a business owner to pay as they see fit. While some may argue that I am stretching I remind you at of the Parables of the virgins waiting for the bridegroom and sowing the seed. The concept was well covered.

Then their is the parable of the Good Samaritan and the concept as love your neighbor as yourself. Taking time out of your life to look out for someone else is most definitely human interaction dealing on how we are responsible to each other.

Christ tearing through the Temple running out those who were descrating with unfair trade practices. Showed how we not only we need to keep things Holy, but the need to have fair trade.

While Christ never called for an overthrow of anyone, or condemned anyone (well maybe the Pharasees but not to death or Hell). That isn't the approach that Christian leaders of the church should espouse.He did broach the human condition with the 'big picture' that us humans don't fully understand. He taught us the need to seek the Kingdom of Heaven and that the way we can have a better world is to look out for one another. That's Christ's politics.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's morally Wrong for Flipper to commit Suicide

For three days all the cable channels have been concerned about a whale that swam up the River Thames. I remember watching newsstories where dolphins would beach themselves then people would push these animals back in the water, all the while all the animals wanted to do was commit suicide.

Does it make any sense to anyone that we can't let animals kill themselves, but if someone is infirm, chronically in pain they should be allowed to kill themselves? Since when has food been more important than people? Resources that could have been used to help people were wasted on a stupid whale that has not enough intelligence to stay out of freshwater.

Well, everyone is worried about food and not humans that's it for western civilization.

This kinda Breaks My Heart

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While I am a big free market person. I can understand when businesses just can't keep going. But that doesn't mean I like seeing an American Institution going under. March 31 Winchester is going out of business.

Winchester produced the famed Henry Repeating Rifles that proceeded into the Winchester '73 and '94. These are the famed weapons that 'won the west.' Sitting Bull turned his in at Ft. Bufford, North Dakota. Geronamo turned his over in the late 1880s. These were the rifles of those who settled the west.

I don't have one of the modern versions of these rifles yet I hope to someday but kinda broke and now that they aren't going to be produced...well it's like seeing an hundred and forty year old house burn down.

I know that they just are unable to compete anymore and with the American marxists, including the R.I.N.O.s, blaming firearms not criminals for crime it is easy to see how a business can just fade away.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Saints, martyrs, and Me.

One of the things I have a hard time swallowing is why the first century saints just took the persecution like a frat boy takes hazing. To me it just doesn't make any sense.

First off take what Christ told the disciples about if they didn't have a sword to sell a cloak and buy a sword. Granted Christ did say those that live by the sword will die by the sword. But how martyrs were slaughtered without putting up a resistance?

Christ even when He was before Pilate was questioned about the King of the Jews and Christ put up a defense, granted the extent was I am as you say, but still there was a defense.

We know that the Romans had Christians thrown to the lions in the coliseum. The Christians didn't put up a defense, they just took it. The only thing I can come up with is champions became giggalos, where the rich Roman women would come rent them. But still not fighting back doesn't make sense.

Peter escaped a couple of time (thanks to God's intervention), but when it came time where he was going to be executed Peter told them to plant him upside down because he didn't want to die the way Christ did. (There was no way out for Peter at this point) To me it's a defense in the extent he had say in the way he was killed.

Steven witnessed to those who were going to kill him. He took a stance.

Then we come to Paul when there was a riot and a Roman centurion came broke it up and he was going to whip Paul, but Paul asked if it were legal for a Roman Citizen to be whipped. Paul when he was questioned by King Agrippa decided that he needed to appeal to Caesar. Paul was NEVER afraid to defend what he believed and why.

Christ was involved with politics in the sense all of what politics is-is human interaction. Whether it was eating with tax collectors or getting water from a woman living in sin or the Pharisees Christ never backed down. When He was asked about taxation He said give what belongs to the government and what's God's to God. Pretty straight forward on politics. Christians cannot just sit on the side lines and let society go down hill. We have been commanded to go out and spread the word and to be apart of the world.

My inclination if something were to happen where we were overrun by those who hated me for my faith are going to have to waste a lot of lead to get it done. I know this sounds pretty cavalier, but when I thought I was going into law enforcement I made some decisions that the average "bear" never even thinks of. So to me the concept of turn the other cheek was foreign until I realized it was an ACTION, not complacency-not being walked all over. Anyone with their two cents are welcome to reply

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Missouri River

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Why should anyone care about the Missouri River? Two reasons shipping, which happens maybe three months out of the year. And tourism. For the last twenty years the Army Corps of Engineers have been draining an extreme amount of water out of the Missouri into the Mississippi River for barge traffic.

While it's important to ship our goods down river, When Lake Sakawawa keeps dropping several feet every year because the Corps keeps sending more and more water down stream, destroying habitats for various migratory birds, fisheries, and tourism in states that rely on tourism for their survival.

Montana has been in the middle of drought for over the last five years, making the reserves of water lower, which feeds into the Dakotas and Nebraska.

The Corp could release the water during the shipping season but they need to start cutting back after the shipping season. But they don't.

I don't believe the Army Corps of Engineers don't know what they are doing.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

How Stupid are we that we are going to...

I have stated before that we are going to have to do something about Iran. I don't like this idea, we don't have the manpower currently (unless we recall murtha and john kerry back to active duty.) to fight a third war.

The problem going into Iran it's not the young that want to buck the west it's just the radical islamists.

So in effort to do something it has been suggested that we try sanctions. I have never seen sanctions work on a country to get them change their way of doing anything. Not Cuba in which we have had sanctions on since the fifties.

I honestly don't know what the answer is. We can turn it into a glass parking lot, but there again it isn't everyone in Iran that's the problem. We can look at assination, but the marxists in this country would make their response to abu grahib look like a human interest story on page D-18 in the Sunday paper.

I wonder what would have happened if carter would have had a backbone in the seventies would we be at this point. I wonder if clinton wouldn't have been President if we could have avoided this moment in time.

All I know is all the countries that could have nukes Iran maybe the last country that we would want to have the nukes.

One of the stupidest things that we have ever done is let the ussr have nukes. We could have prevented it by saying if any country try to develop these weapons we will destroy you, and if need be do. We could have prevent this mess after WWII, but we were war weary (which I fully understand) and unwilling to believe that communism was as evil as it is.

This is going to be interesting. All we as a people can do now is know what happens to us when we do is wait, pray, and see how it plays itself out.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Quit complaining about TV do something about Public Education

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I don't believe in public education, I believe it is unConstitutional that the national government expects a certain level of education. The second reason I don't believe in public education is the low rate of literacy in this country, schools don't teach citizenship, basic mathematics, and basic economics. The third reason I don't support public education is that it isn't fair to those of us who don't have children to pay for their education. It's not my responsibility to make sure little Johnny knows about sex. Private education gets by with less money and has better results than leaving it to government.

Then I stumbled across this story (click title) a teacher assigned research on internet porn. A couple of years ago schools in California was immersing students into islam.

Teachers are way over payed if this is what we are getting for our money. First of all, $30,000 for a starting teacher that works nine months out of the year. I have to work twelve and I don't make anywhere near thirty thousand. Teachers should get a MAJOR pay cut if Johnny can't read. If we are going to have to pay for such an inept education then lets cut funding.

Here's the deal, if parents want there kids to have an education they should co-op with other parents and get teachers. By doing this the teachers automatically become directly responsible to the parents (well the schoolboard would be parents not politicians) so a parent has more of a right to get rid of a teacher. We can get rid of the nea (national educator association) and their marxist holdings because parents can avoid any union teacher, and pay a teacher what they think is fair. Also, the biggest benefit if something like this would happen they could fire the teacher and that teacher would likely never get hired anywhere other than a blue state.
Is this a pipe dream? Yes because it makes to much sense to remove education from governments responsibility.

And you were worried about all the sex on TV.

And Why isn't the MSM Complaining about this

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I can accept the government capturing cell calls because the calls go overseas, I can accept those photo tickets for moving violations (because the roads are technically the governments and have the right to do what they want). BUT using satellites to prosecute farmers for fraud without a search warrant? How can this be justified?

Amendment IV The right of the People to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularity describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

How can the government claim that they had reason to believe that an individual had committed fraud to even conduct satellite surveillance?

Now there are times that a warrantless search can be done. A car stop where the individual is giving a cop to believe that there are drugs in the vehicle and even then most departments have the officer ask for permission.
A scene where someone may be in emanate danger.

But that isn't being done. What is being done is the Feds are flying satellites over private property, indiscriminately taking pictures and if they find something they prosecute. It's one thing dealing with a terrorist threat to do use the satellites and do things under covert action that doesn't bother me, but this is fraud. Fraud that should be prosecuted but this should fall under the fruit of a poison tree.

Orwell would probably say see I told you so.

I miss the eighties.

I miss the eighties. I miss having good TV to watch, where cussing was rare and the violence was understated, or at least the deaths weren't overly realistic.

Take the A-Team, when they shot at people it was into the ground, much like the Lone Ranger would shoot the bad guys hand to make him drop his weapon (an impossible shot, you kinda have to set aside reality). All the shows I liked back then were all about the same, the good guy always wins, God would be mentioned and treated with reverence even by decidely liberal shows such as MASH (which I still enjoy).

Now days you have cop shows like The Shield (which I do watch) where the "hero" is a dirty cop. The good guy is a wuss. There has been a real effort in this country to make the thug life appealing for some reason. Whether it's the "music" or video games such as that Vice City-San Andreas. All you have to do is watch two minutes of MTV to see how women are denigrated and objectified.

I know that there have been times in our countries history where the bad guys have been heroes. (I. E. Billy the Kid and The James Boy), but even then there was a respect for the divine. For what was good.

The last couple of months I have read articles that blame Christians for the murder rates. I have heard that everything that those of us who live in the Red States are feared by those who try to silence us.

I am worried that evil has become good and vice versa.

Friday, January 06, 2006

I Hate the NBA, but my Favorite Player is....

Shaqell O'neil. Why not because he can shoot Freethrows (which really he can't do that to well). Because he is a researve Miami Police Officer and in Virgina. He was just sworn in as a Reserve Captain in Sheriff Joe's Dept in New Mexico.

While most athletes just give money back to a community Shaq is putting his life on the line. No Basket ball player is going to get into a fight with Shaq in Miami because they will be charged with a felony.

Just a warning Ron Artest.

We are Responsible Journalist, but those bloggers have no Filters

First of Journalism in America has never been very ethical. It always had a point of view that it espoused whether it was Poor Richard, Randolph Hurst saying give me the pictures I will give you the war.

That being said something has got to be done to hold the media accountable. Starting with Jason Blair at the very least plagiarism or just making up stories to the CBS falsifying documents that claimed to be GW's commanding officer's, to the Katrina coverage claiming that 10,000 was killed and people being raped and murdered. The media has repeatedly demanding that President apologize for mistakes the "holier than thou" (sorry I suppose they wouldn't want to be considered Holy) think they see.

Saturday Night Fox News has Media Watch, Cal Thomas is on with four other people. The lady on there has this aire of superiority she last week she ripped up and down bloggers, but every mistake that the MSM has made the last Eight years she ignores.

The time has come to keep these "reporters" accountable. It is time to find out what they knew and when they knew it. CNN this morning had the reporter on seen claim that they realized that the clues didn't add up to what they were reporting. The problem is the night before they reported the samething everybody else did.

THIS IS ridiculous. There is NO reason to take any of those people serious from here on out. It's amazing to think that it was the MSM that lost Viet Nam for us with as inept they have been the last few years.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

First Santa Claus Now Right Wing Death Squads!?

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My two beverages of choice are Coca-Cola and Mountain Dew. I was a little perturbed at the removal of Santa Claus this year, but really it didn't stop me from drinking the beverage. If this is the case I am going to buy more Coke.

The Los Angels Times reports that University of Michigan doesn't want Coke on there campus because of a list of evil that ranges from funding Right-wing death squads (which again that seams very unlikely because they removed Santa from the Christmas Campaign because he was Christian in nature.) to pollution in India, which I don't know how Coke would make the water worse there, but hey since when has logic had anything to do with marxists?

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

CRP, Farm Bill, and pheasant Population

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I'm kinda torn about CRP land (Conservation Reverve Program) because I know that some of the land that was placed into it never should have been. But at the same time I know the regulations the Feds put on farmers and ranchers. And in some cases it was the only thing that was keeping some afloat in my home town.

There are some in South Dakota that are concerned that it will hurt the pheasant population which is a huge source of tourism dollars for the state.

Part of the problem is farm land value in South Dakota is going up and the CRP isn't paying enough to keep up.

While some are totally against corporate welfare (and admittedly I have a weakspot for ranchers) I know how close farmers and ranchers are on the bottom line. It is one of those things that is a tit-for-tat deal. Where if the feds would back off on some of their asinine regs if they want to cut this program down fine but let's do something to keep the farmers a float.

If the price of meat goes up in the grocery store it doesn't get to the rancher it stays with the middle man. Just for your information.

Gunlocks, what a dumb liberal, commie, pinko,idiotic idea.

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Being a guntoting American I like to keep up on what's going on with firearms, what's new ect. Every pistol I have is loaded with a round in the chamber. My Shotgun is loaded but doesn't have a round in the chamber just in case it gets knocked over. Why do I keep my guns loaded? In case I have to use them to protect myself. I don't use trigger locks because if a BG (or bad guy) breaks in I can ask him to wait to get the lock off but he would laugh at me and I would be dead before I'd hit the ground.

If I had kids I would have a couple of safes that open with my fingerprints so the rugrats couldn't get to my weapon.

Even with an internal lock what happens if you loose the key especially at a critical moment. The national government has no right to make gun laws according to the Second Amendment

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

There is no such thing as a safe weapon. Even with the so-called less than lethal there have been deaths with tasers and with peperballs.

If a parent can't gun-proof (teaching there kids that guns are dangerous and how to use them) there kid they should rethink the whole idea of gunownership.

That being said I will not own a smartgun, (smartgun is a gun that is supposed to read your a ring, fingerprints, or DNA to authorize your usage. The problem with such a weapon system is battery power and what happens if the hand your ring is on is damaged to the point you can't use your arm) a gun with an internal lock, and will never use trigger locks. They are just completely worthless idiotic ideas that anyone who actually uses guns as tools would know.


Ok I hate to admit this too, but we may have to turn Iran into a green glass parking lot. They just announced yesterday that they can produce weapons grade material. While yes we have the bomb the chances of us ever using it again are slim, but if the monsters get it which it sounds like they now will have access, we may need to rethink this.

The other option we have, and the marxists in this country would cry foul is if we do what was suggested for chavez. We may have to go in and assinate every mullah, and their new president. Then get the Massad to figure out where all the nuclear facilities are and blow them up.

Where is the rest of the world is france still fighting over chocolate in the Ivory Coast? What about Russia? You would think they would be worried if Chechyians would get nukes. We can't really trust china to worry about it because they really aren't willing to do any serious thing about north korea.

This is going to get ugly. Makes me wish jimmy carter would have had a back bone in the '70's.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Tennessee Hopes Shame Will Help Combat Drunk Driving

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I hope that it doesn't hurt their feeling poor little alckies feeling to pick up trash. Those poor little alckies are lucky I didn't make the law, because if it were up to me the charges would be some sort of felony so if they murder someone it falls under a state's felony-murder charge.

My family has had a ton of experience with alckies. We three have all done victim impact panels, we have talked to recovering alcoholics who told us that their greatest fear was hurting an innocent person. Which that alone tells me alckies know that they are to drunk to drive, but do it any way. That in legal terms is afore thought. One of the factors in 1st degree murder. Intent can be derived by the fact that they don't give a warm bucket of spit about killing somebody else. Another factor in determining murder.

Drunk Driving is 100% preventable. There are taxi's, designated drivers, hotels, walking, and NOT DRINKING. While an alckie doesn't quite fit into my definition of monster (A fact Leslie should thank God for daily.) they still kill innocents. Causing a great deal of unnessary pain to families.

I don't give a marxist's postieror if an alcki is embarrassed to pickup trash with a sign around their neck, they should never be allowed to drive again anyway. Because they have proven untrust worthy. I have said it before but it bares repeating only God and victims can forgive society has to hold criminals accountable. If it causes the alckies hardship, tough it would be a consequence of breaking the law. It is better than allowing them to kill innocents.

The answer to the Crime of drunk driving Prison time, not jail time. You kill under a DUI your a murderer. There is not a person who drinks that doesn't realize this. A car is more dangerous than a gun (look at the stats), just ask Mary Jo Capecnee's family.

I Love Being a Hick

Well this year I actually got to go down to mom's for Christmas. I forget how much my batteries get recharged when I get out of Dodge (well Bismarck).

One of the many, many great things about rural life is when you are driving as you pass another vehicle you wave at each other. Just a way of letting others know that if you break down that you are there for them.

I love getting a way from "civilization." Not much smells better than beeves. I love being able to see the stars at night, being able to see God's handiwork reminds me after being stuck in town to long of who I am.

Up here you can see the same land that Lewis and Clark went across. You can see where Custer lived. And you get a sense of the history of Sitting Bull's people. There is a lot of history up here and because we aren't overpopulated you can see places that these saw it the way they saw it. It is so easy it get connected to the land up here.

I love seeing all the critters that we get. Coyotes, deer, ect (good to shoot at). There is a great sense of security knowing that if you get stuck someone will help.

Those of us who are hicks consider strangers neighbors. Shoot there has been time I have stopped to help and then vice versa.

It was a great trip my sis and I had a chance to visit on the way down (which with cell phones we call each other maybe twice a week but don't see each other that much). I was a little surprised my sis didn't complain that I was carrying, I guess the story about the pick-up that hit me intentionally helped keep me out of trouble. Which was good because she is moving to Iowa for a job. Makes me really tempted to find a job down in Pierre, SD (that's pronounce pier for those in Rio Linda) because that would put me in between mom and her.

This Christmas felt more like a family Christmas maybe cause mom didn't have to wait hand and foot on Dwight's mom and had more time for Brenda and me (yeah that may make me selfish but the Dave Olmsted Family doesn't techically exist anymore)