Friday, February 24, 2006

This may be the death nail of the Oscars

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The Oscars have meant nothing to me my entire life, at least the movies that have been released since the Eighties. The Oscars are basically a self-congratulatory award show for self-important people that have nothing better to contribute to life than entertainment. While they try to sound important with some ramblings about a shotgun accident in Texas or all the sudden be worried about a Muslim Nation that might have control over a few ports. The whole time not understanding one bit about what they are talking about. The Olympics may actually get an audience that evening.

If that isn't bad enough the producer this year is allowing common language such as female dog and allowing to call women prostitutes. While the America I grew up in has changed, they are doing everything to ruin their business they can.

Case in point, the gay sheepherder movie this year. Being THE cowpoke around here I will explain the problems with the movie. Cowpunchers don't ride herd on sheep. We work with beeves. In fact in the old days we used to string up sheepherders, just for being sheepherders. Heck, being a gay sheepherder is actually a step up from what we say about sheepherders.
Cowpunchers don't dress like sheepherders. Sheepherders where lace-up boot not cowboy boots. They were a different hat, mainly something that covers their ears. You don't drive sheep, it's impossible according to my buddy John Garness, who's folks ran sheep. Sheepherders use dogs not horses. The next worst thing about the movie is they cheat on their spouse. That is reason most guys hate romance movies. Their is a difference between romance and love. But that is another post.

That broke back movie is going to win whatever they are nominated for because the Hollywood marxists love trying to get it to stick in Christians' craw that violate our sensibilities. The marxists hated that the Passion of the Christ did as well and refused to even honor the outstanding acting that Jim Cavesell did. Oh they will give whatever awards to that great marxist george clooney has "coming".

My pastor is a little ticked that they will recognize that sheepherder movie, but they are barely acknowledging "Narnia." But as I have said what do you expect from a bunch of marxists

Less than Lethal!?!

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A suicidal man get shocked by a taser and catches fire. A couple of years ago at the riot they had at Boston a college girl dies from a pepper ball and the family sues.

The American people expect cops to shoot just to stop. This is a stupid idea, because it shows the complete lack of knowledge of shooting. Add adrenaline and a heavy breathing due to running your aim is going to be off and even if the cop is aiming center mass at 21 feet they are lucky to hit his shoulder or leg.

I thought about carrying pepperspray with my sidearm but in North Dakota it gets windy and blowback becomes a factor, which would incapacitate me, instead of the bad guy.

I am not convinced that less than lethal is safer for the criminal, the populace and/or cops. You have to also factor in those hopped up on drugs, I have seen video where the taser and the pepperspray had no effects on the bad guy. It took a cop shooting him to drop to the ground. Now what happens if a cop can actually get a lucky shot and hits a bad guy in the leg hits an artery, then he bleeds out before the ambulance gets to him or before he makes it to the hospital. The same thing as if the cop shoots him properly, which is shooting center mass.

Shooting center mass/torso actually gives you a bigger target than the head, legs, or arms. Those would be lucky shots for the average police officer. The average officer only trains with his firearms a couple times a year.

There was a time when a bad guy was killed by a peace officer it was automatically believed that he was in the right even if the bg was shot in the back. Now the bg can have a bomb a two year old baby with a gun to it's head and automatically if the police shoot him the guys in the white hats are to blame and the bg is innocent as the wind driven snow. Dang public education.

Maybe we need to rethink this less than lethal idea.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This guy Needs to Be Spanked For Being a Baby (boomer)

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Of all the things I despise babyboomers are at the top of list. The sixties removed personal responsibility from the lefts lexicon. The marxists of this country make fun of us Right-wingers because we do believe in
self-reliance and responsibility.

Now this dr. has Parkinson's disease, which he has my sympathy. But a gentleman never welches on a bet, and that is what this guy is trying to do.
He is blaming a drug for his compulsive gambling. Never mind he was from Austin, TX almost a twenty-one hour drive. Seams to me that if you have a compulsion to gamble you don't go where your gambling.

This guy is suing several casinos in Las Vegas, NV because they should have known that his prescription had been known for compulsive behavior. Remember this guy is a doctor. While it's to bad he lost the money he did he shouldn't get a dime back, he has to take responsibility for his actions he could have said no, but he didn't.

So I offer this to his family- TOUGH LUCK

When the Populace is unarmed the bad guys Are The Only Ones With the Power

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The article is about the biggest armed robbery in Great Britain's history. While history dictates that even the Bobbies are unarmed. Great Britain has banned all but a few shotguns and they have to be kept at a shooting club. This kind of mentality gives the bad guys the upperhand. There is nothing to prevent the hostage taking that occurred in this case.

While there is two schools of thought: just give the money and no one EVER gets hurt, very pollyanish. There have been hundreds of hold ups in this country where the money has already been given to the bad guy and the bad kills the clerk, tookie "the author" williams was one such bad guy. The other one is a position of strength where you don't give up without a fight. If I'm going to die I want it said at my funeral that I went down swinging. Besides if you take out a bad guy in the process another innocent person is going to be able to go home to his family.

While we do have our hold ups here in the states, the red states actually have less because the bad guys know that there is a possibility that they could get shot. All a person has to do is compare the crime rates of New York City with say Bismarck North Dakota:

How bad can the PR division of the Whitehouse be?!

Now that some of the facts are starting to come out about the port deal with UAE I am a little more comfortable, but the idea of a thirty day moratorium may not be a bad idea because the case needed to be made with the American people before this broke.

Now I still am not convinced this is a good idea, but we don't have control of the containers before they arrive on our shores.

Again lets take a thirty day break and look at it, this maybe the right thing, but yet it may be a HUGE mistake.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Holocaust, racists, marxists, and the Extreme Right.

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It has been reported that a British historian was convicted of denying the holocaust. I guess you would have to be a pretty big marxist to deny it. But what irks me to no end is how a national socialist can be called an extreme rightwinger by the news media. The thing is I AM the extreme right wing. I make no bones about the wrong that has been done to the Lakota, Ogla, and the rest of the nations. And those of you who have read most of my writings know my kinship I feel for Israel. And my utter contempt for ANY form of marxism from fabian socialism to the full-blown communist thought of lenin and stalin. I have written regularly of their slaughter that marx said would have to be done for the proletariat to assend to power.

Being the EXTREME Right, I despise public education, because it lacks fairness and wisdom in use of funds. I believe that we need to abide by the Ft. Laramie treaty of 1868, if for no other reason we only won MAYBE 5 battles with all the nations. I believe that innocent life needs to be protected, NO abortions period. NO euthanasia. Murders, rapists, and molesters be put to death with extreme prejudice, I don't care about the color of their hide. Being the EXTREME RIGHT I have friends that are Hidsta/Mandan and African-American. The only people group I have issue with is because they attacked us and started a war. Being the Extreme RIGHT the Constitution is the final authority in this country. The only legal commentary that should be used is by Jay, Madison, Hamilton. I believe in the free market. Due to human nature needing something to make people strive, the free market gives people incentive to pull themselves up. Taxes hold people down. marxism in the attempt to make everyone equal, deprives human nature of the drive to succeed.

national socialism has nothing in common with what I believe, all socialism disavows God, I don't. I believe Christ is who He says He is. Not that every conservative does, but every conservative allows his fellow man believe or not.

national socialism calls for total faith and dedication in government. I trust government as much as Jay, Hamilton, Madison, and the rest of our forefathers did.

So why do marxists call a national socialist a right winger? They actually believe what karl marx and inglas wrote. The other possibility is public education. Either way you marxists get your facts strait, whether it has to do with the gay sheepherders in "brokeback mountain" or what a conservative is truly start doing your job, or the Corpus Christi newspaper will continue to scoop you guys.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ronald Wilson Reagan

CMT is doing a special called True Grit Ronald Reagan. The next showing is Sunday at 2PM.

It's worth the time to watch.

For you Easterners it is on Country Music Television.

PS He still is a hero of mine

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gun Running

I rented Lord of War tonight. I heard that it was supposed to be anti-gun, but it turned out to be more about foreign policy and the brutality of Africa's various civil wars.

I think it was pretty close to what the gun runners actually do. It made me think because of the brutality toward women and children, the thing is that the director was honest enough to show one of the slaughters took place with machettes,that guns aren't the real problem, but the hatred between the tribes. Muslims for Christians, ect.

The problem if we get involved with any country in Africa is it is a quagmire. When one side trys to commit a genocide they aren't that efficient, because a couple of years later the group that is out of power turns the table and the attempt genocide. It never ends. While my heart wants to go into Darfor to stop the genocide it isn't in this nations best interest.

The movie also touched on conflict diamonds/blood diamonds, like I mentioned in "I love you here's a lump of coal".

The movie also touched on how the US sold arms to both sides of the Iraq-Iran War because we didn't want either side to win. Which makes perfect stragic sense.

Nicolos Cage's character said he was a necessary evil, because it was a way for governments to funnel arms to countries that we officially won't sell arms. While the US is far from the only country to sell arms to warring nations, and it wasn't something that I didn't know happens, it has/is making me think. The problem is it IS necessary and IS distasteful

Friday, February 17, 2006

Well if he gets elected there's a chance that Texan's can be screwed by more than his politics

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The article speaks for itself, but it is nice to see a democrat be honest.

United Arab Emerates- New York City Branch

I am not opposed to foreign investing in businesses, but the idea of selling six US ports to a Muslim country is troubling considering that we have a hard enough time stopping smuggling.

This has got to be the most ignorant thing GW has allowed to date (hopefully we will stop the deal).

And where is the governments watch dog? What are they talking about? A hunting accident. The only place this is even on the radar is Drudge and Michele Malkin.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

ted kennedy's Car has killed more people than Dick Cheney's Shotguns

Here's my buck fifty on the lawyer that got shot. First off it takes a lot of gravitos to shoot a lawyer most people don't have the guts to do it (I had to get that out of my system).

The lawyer didn't announce himself when he returned to the group. Sunday night the KOA out of Denver, Colorado reported that he was sited for his actions. The long and the short of it the lawyer is the one to blame.

The owner of the ranch contacted the local media when it happened. Heck, I wouldn't want some blue stater writing about an accident that I was responsible for without knowing the laws of the state. Also, isn't it a reporters job to go out and get a story, to actually do the field work to get a story, rather than just pick and choose stories that someone else writes? Of course what do I know, I am an evil blogger that started out getting a communication/political science degree when I entered college. I don't know what I'm talking about, unless you factor in how manufactured the media is. Mr. Cheney's reasons seam valid to me. Something for those who think that it should have been released sooner, it took thirty hours before the release of information of vince foster commiting suicide.

To bad the media wasn't that worried about perjury during Clinton or the oil for food scandal, Mr. Berg being beheaded, the good that the troops are doing, or the big one ted not being able to cross a bridge sober to the extent that they are going after Dick Chenney for a simple, REAL accident. But what do you expect from babyboomer marxists.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines Day, how I spent the Day

Well, after my original cynical post I ended up doing a couple of fun things yesterday. My pastor and I go walking on Tuesday which is always good because of work I don't always get to church on Sunday Morning.

I got home and started listening to Rush and the radio station ran a commercial for the agri-international that they have every year. Being broke as usual I wasn't going to go until I found out that admission was free.

The event of course has all the vendors you would expect (John Deere ect), but they have different conferences for the farmers and ranchers in the areas. Along with a horse clinic, since horses are the only animal that I don't eat that I actually care about it was good to get a brush up on handling horses. This event has a lot of different things that people sign up for, heck you can get a side of beef (my favorite edible animal), and there are booths for the farm toys, which is always fun to look at and always is a good time to give myself a swift kick in the but for getting rid of some of my toys as I grew up. It is always kinda funny watching retired farmers purchase a model of a tractor they drove as kids. Things like this make me homesick for the guys I worked for when I was a kid.

Then my pastor and his wife had a valentines party for the young adults in our church, no single women in sight, but us guys had a blast.

So I guess I have to admit I had a good day.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I love it When Criminals Make the Cops Job Easy

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Valentines Day

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Since this is my last day of work and I won't be in until late Tuesday here is something to think of on Valentines day. I have never made any bones about being cynical about Eros love so I thought I would write about someone who really knew how to celebrate Valentines: Al Capone. He got revenge for his friend in the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

Other things that happened on Valentines day: 1886 the first train load of oranges leave California. 1927 Alfred Hitchcock's first suspense movie Lodger premiers. 1989 the Sandinesta agree to free elections (and some say Reagan didn't win the Cold War). 1948 a week before NASCAR is formally incorporated Red Byran became the first NASCAR champion.

So for those of us at least cynical about marriage there are somethings to remember. And my hat is off to Al Capone the man who really knew how to throw a Valentines Day party.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cable Industry

Right now in congress they are considering a law where the cable industry would allow us to pick and choose the channels we want. The cable industry is saying that the Feds shouldn't tell them how to run their business. While I am all for free enterprise, I would love to choose which cable channels I get. No more MTV, and a few other channels. My head would explode if I were to get a full seventy channels of what I would want to watch. TBN would go the way of the Dodo. The market would fully decide what channels would survive, instead of falsely supporting a horrible TV channel. I can honestly say right now I don't get my moneys worth because I blocked out discovery health channel and both of the shopping networks.

I know there are channels that I would like to have, like the Farm Living channel. It has everything from training horses to the most innovate way to handle cattle.

So bottom line is give me a choice in what cable channels I get, according to Roe v. Wade I have that right.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Global Warming Strikes New York, Run for the hills

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This horrible global warming is bringing us snow now. How dare President Bush allow this. Where's FEMA? Why isn't senator clinton calling for government intervention? Oh woe is me.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

We should trade this guy to the Muslims for a mullah to be named later

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I wish this guy was Muslim it could be interesting if he was.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


For the sake of Fetz I am cheering for the Seahawks just because I was cheering for the Broncos and they lost. Fetz is a Steelers fan.

I would have like to see the Broncos and the Seahawks just because of some of the great games in the Eighties between them. But that is another story.

This is one of my favorite unofficial holidays even if my beloved Cowboys aren't playing. After work I am going to go get Coca-Cola in the glass bottles just to be ready for the game.

Honestly, I think there is still a chance for the Seahawks because everytime
the sport "talkingheads" say a team doesn't have a chance the underdog wins.

So Go Seahawks. (Good luck Fetz)

A Sign We Are Winning the Culture War

Fox News this moring (0253) had a story about a Wellington, Florida's townmeetings allowing uncensored prayers, allowing the name of Christ to be used. The mayor said that he won't censor anyone because the people who lead the prayers at the meeting are praying for the community leaders to do their best.

Then factor in the firebombing of churches. Christians are becoming a threat to people. Time to arm up in the full armor of God and keep your powder dry

Iran, Muslims, Cartoons and Nukes

I have read several places that it shouldn't be a big deal if Iran had nukes. Evidently they aren't worried with the fact that they would use it. If their passions can be inflamed that much with some drawings how could anyone think that they wouldn't use the Nukes? I guess it goes back to Public Education.

Friday, February 03, 2006

My gracious government has given me..

I did my taxes the other night the way a good American is supposed to, and I came to realize I gave a sizable no-interest loan to the government (well sizable to me).

So I have been pondering how I should dispose of the government graciousness allowing me to have this gift from on high (Sarcasm for those of you in Blue States). I have been drooling over a couple of pistols, a couple of shotguns, and one that I would love to do, something that may have to contact Feltzy about, go to a Cowboys game in Irvin, TX.

I have been a Cowboys' fan since I was about seven when I read a comic book about how Coach Landry became a Christian. I know that the Cowboys aren't the class act that they were under Landry, but once I give my heart away it stays put. While I still follow the Broncos and the Vikings when it comes to the NFL the Cowboys will always be tops.

While I respect Joe Gibbs, he coaches the arch enemy the Redskins and I can't ever support that team, due to my long held loyalty.

So what am I going to do with my refunded loan, probably pay bills, but that could change.

Legalization of marijuana

I have rethought my position on legalization of marijuana. I think it should be legal under certain guidelines and locals.

The first reason it should be legalized it will mellow out the liberals. They are way to shrill.

Reason number two, if a liberal is high they won't care about voting and we can easily elect conservative representative, congressmen, and president. Conservatives will never again have to deal with R.I.N.O.s if this happens. Imagine if there was no Arlen Spector or John McCain.

Reason Three assuming that only liberals and libertarians are for the legalization of drugs they can fight amongst themselves, and we conservatives have a way to sure up our power

The Previsos

marijuana would only be legal in Blue States. If you are caught with marijuana in a red state you get a trial and immediately executed after the trial, no appeals. The reason for this is to get potheads out of here and since it seams as if the Blue states want to legalize it let them.

If someone who is high robs, steals, or causes an accident after THC is detected in their system ALL their possessions become the property of the estate of the victim. (applies to all fifty)

If they have children, the children are removed from the home and are never returned (applies to all fifty)

The only treatment for those who want to quit smoking marijuana will be the intake of tobacco products, or beaten with a bong. Paid for by the offender (the way they train dogs not to make messes on carpets) Again all fifty.

If this works for marijuana I would propose the same for all illicit drugs. But no one would accept this proposal so I will have to continue my opposition to this and ALL illegal drugs.