Saturday, April 29, 2006

May Day.

I was born in Eastern South Dakota and lived the first 11yrs there. Tolstoy, which if you can't figure out, was settled by German-Russians. So people of that lineage would celebrate by leaving baskets for people and wait a little down the road and let you chase them. All and all alot of fun for us kids, even more so since I was born on May Day (the First) because according to my mom I thought that the people of Tolstoy did it in my honor, good to see I have always had a high opinion of myself.

I never have found the origins of the holiday, I lost desire when I found out it was the commies high holy day, known as the international Socialist Worker Day. Now another group of people, criminals no less, are going to use this holiday for their purposes. They figure that if they don't go to work, don't go shopping, and don't go to class that we will miss them.

My answer to them is I AM GOING PROTEST SHOPPING. What am I protesting? Very easy Illegal Aliens and all other criminals. I am going to do my part to contribute to my country since these criminals want to succeed due to their chicanery. I'm disgusted that they can change the words of our National anthem and think that they are doing a good thing. There are only too groups of people I honestly despise, marxists and criminals. Let's send both groups a message that they can't hi-jack this country. So Monday go shopping.

Bourgouses unite, down with the proletariat

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ten Years... And it's just like yesterday

I am going to be out of the office starting this morning so it leaves to day to do my annual post of remembrance just in case the killer reads this someday, so he will know that we remember and just in case he ever forgets.

Friday marks ten years since dad was killed, around Thanksgiving the killer is done with his probation, and he can go on with his life as nothing happened.

I guess I do this so if he does some how find this he will know that he will never escape what he has done. I know he has, well had political ambitions and I know that he is a republican because he was coming from a State Republican convention when he hit us. I know Reagan said never attack another Republican but if I find out they change the law and he can run for public office I will do everything in my power to prevent this, because I have had to give up on my dreams there is no reason he should fulfill his.

While some would see this as revenge, I see this as a consequence of his sin. If I wanted revenge I would have taken it long ago. And from all that I have heard he has turned his life around, but that doesn't remove the consequences, My sister and I still don't have a dad, and mom doesn't have her first love.

I live ever day with the images that are "seared" into my memory by that alcky caused. It made it impossible for me to actually get my dream job. While I should be glad I don't have to deal with domestics, and I'm doing my part to keep this state safe, but it isn't going any farther than where I'm at.

Monday, April 24, 2006

You Might be a Conservative if:

You spend more time with your firearms than your family.

You can quote the Constitution by heart, which is silly because you carry two copies: one in your shirt pocket and one in your jeans.

You would go hunting with dick Cheney, but wouldn't accept a ride from Ted Kennedy.

When someone says Rhino you think they mean RINO (Republican In Name Only), and say that stupid Arlen Spector.

You have to buy another shotgun because the gunrack you got for Christmas has three sets of hooks.

Some says Air America and you start talking about the Eighties Mel Gibson movie and complain we should have never ran from those stupid Commies.

You know your a conservative when your complaints about Bush revolves around government spending and the "guest worker" idea.

You were happy to see Harriet Myers go the way of the dodo.

You think global warming is what happened after each of the ice ages that this world had

You believe that the rule of law is important to an orderly society.

You support the Minutemen because they are acting as Americans not a group of handwringing wusses waiting on the government to do something about law breakers.

Your heroes wear white hats. John Wayne and Clayton More (and by association Jay Silverheels)

Believe that if the Bible was taught up forty years ago in school then it doesn't violate the separation of church and state.

You would turn in your own grandma if she broke the law.

You believe compromise should only happen in marriage and only close to bedtime so you don't end up on the couch.

You are looking forward to Flight 93 because our heroes need to be honored and remembered. Not torn down.

You go out of your way to thank the troops.

You thought about buying American products but you just can't imagine driving a Nissan Pickup.

You don't believe in Unions

Would end public education

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Flight 93

I haven't seen the movie yet, but from everything I have heard I'm planning on it. Not only do we need to be reminded of the monsters that would rather kill ALL of us than look at us.

Is the film to soon? I think the answer might be it could be to late. Seeing how many people totally despise the President (Yes I have issues with him, but I believe Iraq is still right for us) and how support for fighting against these monsters are waning. While it didn't help to have Abu Grahib pictures thrown in our face for six months with the refusal to show the pictures of the towers. Something to ponder, during WWII there were literally hundreds of movies, cartoons, music, and posters that remind the American people of what happened 12/07/1941, or what the Japanese were doing in the Philippians.

I am going to see this movie. Is it going to be hard to watch, yes but at the same time we will see real heroes portrayed in the film. Lest we forget.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

The One of the Major Things I never got back from 04/28/1996

While I will never get my dad back and there are times I miss him so much it hurts. There is something bigger I lost. Now I believe God is all powerful and all things are possible with Christ.

I believe that God expects us to be prepared for anything. And to certain extent that is why I carry, but recently I have been taking stock of my life and started pondering what I really believe, just because we should every so often. I began to come up with this idea it's more than for my protection, it's because I don't trust God to watch over my family or me.

I know us Christians are supposed to trust God with everything, I'm not saying I'm really happy about the idea I'm not. The hard thing for me is the thought keeps coming back (which I probably should resist a little harder) to the one time my family need protected He didn't. Yes three of us walked away, and yes it was the alckies fault because he had the free-will to do what he did.

Honestly, I don't know when this occurred. Yes I know those who live by the sword die by the sword. At the same time I can handle thought if something happens that I can't control I can live with the consequences because it would be my fault, not God's but mine. I don't like the thought of living in a position of weakness. This is compounded by getting into a couple of circumstances that I had no control over where I was glad I had my sidearm.

I can admit with when I'm wrong and I don't care if I'm wrong. I can be sincere when apologize. If I am wrong I'll change what I'm doing but living in fear is something I refuse to do. So am I wrong for not fully trusting God? I would probably have to admit I am, but I don't think if I did fully trust God I would quit carrying. I don't know if this means I'm in open rebellion for this or not because I would still be sticking to my convictions before this because before the wreck I was going to carry all the time anyway. I just am concerned if my convictions are wrong.

Friday, April 21, 2006

When the Government fails the Citizenry

For those who are in New Orleans or think that you should expect to have the government wait on you hand and foot I submit to you that as Americans we need to stand up for ourselves.

One such group is the Minutemen. The have said either the government do this or we will. They have gotten approval from private citizens who are tired of coyotes leading their "herd" and carrying their drugs across private property.

I think our founders would be down on the border helping build the wall to protect this nation's interest

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I'm more of an Old Testament guy

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


This is what we need to do:

  1. Try all environmentalists as traitors for not allowing us to drill off shore, Alaska, and build refineries
  2. Drill off-shore, Alaska, and build refineries
  3. actually go to war for oil
  4. remove Iran's President
  5. Take over Mexico and Venezuela
  6. Seal the Mexican Border
  7. Remove all the different blends of fuel we have. Limit to the different grades, and the two types of diesel.
  8. Quit messing around with inefficient fuels. E-85 comes to mind
  9. Lessen the taxes on gas, both Federal and State

These are a start. The bizarre thing to me is a barrel of crude here in ND runs only $52 sweet and $38 sour crude and we are paying near $3.00. There is enough blame to go around with the cost of oil, I am not going to just blame environmentalists, although they should be, I blame the government and I blame tentavelly blame the oil companies.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I have had a hard time figuring out on my stance on Iran. In some aspects I don't thing we should stretch ourselves out farther, but at the same time I know we are already fighting Iranians in Iraq. It wouldn't be that big of a stretch to go into Iran, and it may even alleviate the stress on the Iraqi government if we do this.

I think we should have gone into Iraq because Sadam was a threat and was funding Hamas and we know that he gassed the Iranians in the Iraq-Iran war. By being in Iraq we have Iran surrounded and we have access into Syria if we have to go there. If I support the Iraq war for these reasons I have no reason to support war against Iran.


What I think we could do about Mexico's promotion of Illegal Immigration:

  1. Build two walls, in between we put claymore mines
  2. we could take over Mexico, take their oil and force them to learn English and set our border on their former southern border.
  3. we could sell California to them as long as the keep all the liberals.
  4. State's need to pick up the ball where the feds have fallen down. I am willing to donate money to states willing to put up their own wall.
  5. If we are actually stupid enough to allow this guest worker program, if it is found that a "guest worker" every produced a fraudulent document prosecute for fraud.
  6. 20 million Americans quit paying their taxes when the feds come say you are allowing other 20 million criminals to live here with out retribution, so you have to let me go.
  7. Round up all illegal aliens from Europe for the first week, then start rounding up those from south of the border.
  8. If accused of being racist, say so what. Even if you aren't a racist it will save time in long run. Closing the border has got to be the priority before we go for Iran. (don't really want to but we are already fighting them in Iraq and it may actually ease things in Iraq for their government.
  9. The law is the law whether you are going 56 in a 55 speed zone or crossing the border illegally you should expect the consequences to your behavior. I make no bones about it, I would run in my own grandma.
  10. Coyotes smuggling drugs and people have to be stopped.

These are something to think of when it comes to the ILLEGAL ALIENS

There are people that want to kill those who don't agree with them

We are in world war three. We have been since the Palestinians killed the Jewish athletes at the Olympics in 1972. Iranians took over the US embassy in Iran in 1979. The Eighties see hijackings of planes, a cruise ship, blowing up of a Marine Barracks in Lebanon, Muslim's blew up Disco tech's in Germany. Nineties the blew up the US Cole and attacked the World Trade Center, while we were fighting to protect the Muslims from the Serbs. The New millennium 9/11, attacks in Sri Lanka, Philippians, Chechneya, Moscow, Spain, Great Briton, and Coptic Christians in Egypt

This whole time Israel has had to put up with suicide bombers and mortar attacks from the Palestinians. The whole time they have offered land for peace. Israel needs to do two things: finish the wall they have put up (it's working, and start a policy after every suicide attack a Palestinian city will be obliterated. Every man, woman, child, and animals in that town cease to exsist. It does four things. Keeps from having revenge bombers (at least family related revenge), Sends a clear sign to Iran before they have to take care of business, and gives them a position of strength and may even give Hamas pause before they plan another attack, and may make Russia rethink their support of Iran.

There comes a point when you have to realize you have got to get worse than your enemies. It maybe time to dip my ammo in pigsblood. This is what I would do if I was Israel.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Happy Passover, Good Friday, and Easter

As Passover is occurring I'm pondering, the concept of what St. Paul wrote about how Christians are grafted into God's chosen people. I wonder why we as Christians ignore some of the feasts that God required the Israelites to celebrate.

All the feasts that God called the Israelites had a focus on one of God's attributes. At this time of year the feast of Passover is about God's deliverance from bondage. This is the Feast that Christ and the desciples were celebrating the night He was arrested and brought before Pilate.

While it has been a while since I went through a Passover Feast that was presented by Jews for Jesus, but I remember the presenter said that everything in the Feast points to the Cross whether it's the blood on the side posts the header and the footer (the presenter had a door with an over lay of the Cross) or some of the other symbolism in the feast.

I can't conceive of churches that claim we are just a New Testament Church. Christ Himself said that He didn't come to negate the law but to fulfill it. These churches don't teach the Old Testament, don't deal with consequences, and are the happy joy-joy type. I don't know how a person could ignore Leviticus, Duternonomy, and Numbers. By just looking at these books you can see God's face. His expectations of us, His justice and a way that we can rejoin society after we commit a sin.

So during Passover and Easter remember God's deliverance from ALL bondage


With every case that the media reports we need to remember these things

  1. Why is this person lying to me? DO NOT accept what is being reported until all the facts come forward. Even when a case gets to trial we have no idea what has been excluded.
  2. EVERYONE is innocent until proven guilty. To this day if I'm asked I tell people as far as the legal system is concerned OJ is not guilty and I'm not going to slander anyone.
  3. District Attorney's have agendas.
  4. DNA or the lack there of doesn't necessarily tell the full story.

This isn't meant for one particular case but all that the media covers including that pastor's wife.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We need to get rid of the RINOS.

The only thing that will affect the house and senate race this fall is if we are weak-kneed and Lilly liveried. This whole concept of trying to appease those who break laws because they might be a voting block is ludicrous.

RINOS who threaten to hold up certain bills, those who are just afraid that we will hurt someones feelings.

The only way Republicans win is if we share our vision. Remember 1994, how by having a vision for this country the Republicans swept into the House under the purview of Newt Gingrich. Since Newt stepped down we really haven't had the leadership I will grant you, but at the same time there is no reason that arlen spector was re-elected. When you are weak-kneed no one follows. The Bible talks about where there is no vision the people perish. This is one of the reasons the marxists are so shrill, but Republicans need to be able to stand by what we believe or we loose.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Suggestions for NASCAR Fans in case of NBC

Since all us rednecks are well aware what NBC is trying to do I have a few thoughts that could be fun.

  1. Everyone carry or wear a rebel flag
  2. The invocation being said by a Rabbi in Hebrew.
  3. Wear or carry a star of David.
  4. Wear a T-shirt of Mohammad planting a bomb under a NBC Newstruck.
  5. Everyone get Rush's Club Gitmo gear.
  6. Everyone carry an American flag (not that we don't anyway)
  7. Every can wear a George Bush T-shirt
  8. If cornered by NBC tell them that your dream woman is Dr. Condelezza Rice
  9. If you see a guy wearing a towel for a hat offer to buy him a pork sandwich. -This one really would be fun. In fact if we execute Moussaoui we need to do it in such a way that messes with his theology so that he and everyone knows that he won't go to paradise.
  10. All NASCAR tracks should only play "The Angry American", Okie From Muskogie, If you put this country down your walking on the fighting side of me.
  11. NASCAR should put up a mini club gitmo so people can get their pictures taken, the proceeds to support the families of our troops overseas.
  12. If someone is wearing a turban give them the four spiritual laws. Tell them that The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob loves them.

To the NBC stunt Muslim I will make this one suggestion: DO NOT start praying in Arabic. The reason is the race is in Texas. EVERYONE IS armed. So if you do the chances are that there will be so much lead fired that they can use your head for a pencil. The automatic assumption, since this happens so frequently in Israel, is that you have a bomb and no one will be tried because if your idiocy. So in short DO NOT pray out loud. DO NOT face Mecca and everything will be fine.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Students for Illegal Immigration.

I have said this before. I despise public education. That being said EVERY student that skipped class to protest should be fined, prosecuted, and sentenced to community service.

The money that is collected in fines given back to the tax payer, that school's education funding slashed to a bare minum. No more lunch program, no sports, no music funding, and no fringe classes. Only the classes that give the education needed for graduation.

If I hear we aren't spending enough on education this fall I will start a movement reminding everyone what happened due to the ineffectual baby boomer educators not being able to keep the students in class.

The reason I think we have the right to expect that students are in the classroom. WE PAY OUR TAXES. Because there is such a thing as public education they owe it to society as a whole to get the education. They shouldn't have a say until they are out of public school. Their education is being funded and the sheer fact they disrespect us so much that they leave the classes when they see fit...fine them.

Things I would like to do before I die

I am stealing this idea from a friend from college (click title) but this seams like this would be a fun to do so these are the things I want to do or see.

  1. Go to Gunsite and get weapons training.
  2. buy a Browing fifty caliber machine gun. Why? Very easy MORE POWER
  3. I want to see Venice before it sinks into the canals
  4. The pyramids in Egypt.
  5. I want to see Israel.
  6. I would like to meet reverend Billy Graham.
  7. I want to go to my 'Mecca' Better known as Irving, Texas to see my beloved Cowboys.
  8. I want to learn how to fly helicopters.
  9. Take up sword fighting. (I don't trust the anti-gunners)
  10. Find the best root beer in the US
  11. Go to all the Major League Ballparks in one season.
  12. Dance a jig on Fidel Castro's grave.
  13. Dance a jig on Karl Marx's grave.
  14. Free Taiwan (well I just got my blog banned in China)
  15. Have dinner with Dr. Kissinger and Dr. Rice
  16. Win "End of Trail" cowboy action shooting finals
  17. Go to Calgary Stampede and the National Finals rodeo.
  18. Bring charges against those who have trouble driving across bridges for murder.
  19. Get a 1971 Mach I Mustang. My buddy Kuhn had one, but sold it just before he got entrapped, I mean engaged. (actually they are the only couple that I admit God made for each other. After their first son was born I had to admit it was a fair trade.)
  20. Get my sister married off. I want nieces and nephews.
  21. I want to go to the Vatican. I may not be Catholic, but that doesn't mean I don't respect the Pope or the Catholic faith.
  22. Get the Biggest pickup that money can buy. Why? Again MORE POWER
  23. I want to see that big rock in the Australian Outback that everyone goes to look at.
  24. Perpetuate the alien myth from Area 51 just to keep the Liberals busy.
  25. Come up with a few more conspiracy theories on the death of JFK to keep Liberals confounded. I saw a posting somewhere on the web that they don't believe the Warren Report (even though the ballistics match). I responded to his post by giving him the Theory that Joe DiMaggio had both him and Robert Kennedy killed in revenge for killing Marylin Monroe. He still hasn't responded.
  26. Write a novel about the end times. I have a great idea I just need to get it down on paper and I don't want to share it incase someone steals the idea.

These are the main things I would like to see happen in my life. The thing is I don't like going places where I can't carry so Marx's grave probably will be safe from my non-existent dancing skills

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reasons not to Get Married

My pastor usually gets the earfull with my frustrations with dealing with women. Since he didn't believe that I have a 56 reasons list to not get married I thought I would enumerate them for people so I can just give a number and they can check the list so I don't have to explain myself.

  1. I'm to stubborn
  2. I'm always right
  3. I don't compromise well.
  4. It cuts into my gun/shooting budget
  5. I don't have to explain my actions to anyone
  6. I can be irresponsible with my money
  7. I like doing my own thing when I want how I want.
  8. I have no intention of asking permission
  9. Ballet, ice skating, and other sissy activities.
  10. I only sleep on the couch if I want to, the same with the bed.
  11. I don't have to loose weight
  12. I don't have to visit the doctor.
  13. I don't have to watch sissy movies about romance
  14. I don't have to talk about "feelings" otherwise known as lying
  15. I eat what I want to eat. No tofu
  16. I can block out Lifetime and the other women channels
  17. I don't have to have a sensible vehicle.
  18. ALL women think that they deserve a Greek god for a husband, when they don't get it they ALL settle. My ego won't accept being treated in such a fashion
  19. The last woman who was interested lied and manipulated to keep me from spending time with a woman I could see a future with
  20. The one woman I could see a future with uses me like every other woman in the world, as a fill in guy until she meets her Greek god.
  21. I can avoid going to weddings.
  22. If I do get a wedding invitation if I don't have money for a gift, I don't get one for the couple. And I can just say well what do expect I'm an unthoughtfull guy, since that is what the modern media tell women I can get away with it.
  23. I save a ton of money not worrying about spending money on birthday gifts,cards, Christmas presents, and cards because of the same reason listed in 19.
  24. If I want a new pistol I AM GOING TO BUY IT without raising my hand.
  25. I don't have to prove I'm right because I don't have someone telling me I'm wrong.
  26. Don't have to worry about getting shot in the back, hit by a frying pan, or anyother type of abuse.
  27. I can wear what I want.
  28. I don't have to shave daily
  29. I can go hunting anytime I want to
  30. I can go fishing
  31. If I want to sleep I can.
  32. If I don't want to answer the phone I can ignore it.
  33. I don't have to worry about my cholesterol
  34. If I die my creditors are stuck with my debt.
  35. I can listen to talk radio
  36. I can listen to the Twins, Nuggets, Broncos, Cowboys, and any other sport I see fit
  37. The only dates I have to remember deal with the founding of this country, the Indian wars, and when various firearms were developed.
  38. The only jewelry I own belonged to my Great-Grandpa and I don't even wear it. The only accessory I do wear is Stainless steel Springfield Armory 1911 .45 pistol and a pocket watch.
  39. I only have to do the housework that I see fit to do.
  40. I don't have to worry about having to have a stupid pet.
  41. I don't have to worry about offending somebody that I have to live with
  42. I don't have to exercise if I don't want to.
  43. I don't have to worry about being volunteered for stuff. (It took a while to break mom of this habit, but after a few times mom volunteered me and me saying I'm not doing it she finally listened)
  44. I can vacation where I want to.
  45. I can play video games all day long without someone nagging me about it.
  46. I don't have to unload any weapons other than to clean them.
  47. I never hear " You never take me any where"
  48. I can go out with the guys anytime.
  49. I don't have to buy flowers.
  50. I don't have to buy jewelry.
  51. I can drive fast with only the police chewing me out if I get stopped.
  52. I don't have to stop to ask for directions. Although it wouldn't be necessary anyway since I have a good sense of direction.
  53. I can look at other women and not get the "stare"
  54. I can smoke a cigar if I want to.
  55. I can burp anytime I want to.
  56. I don't have to sacrifice who I am.

This is just a few items, some are in jest others are from real observations in my life and the lives of my friends. While marriage is fine for some, I have had enough maltreatment from women that sour me on the whole concept.

Well FISA works

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This Lebanese American was caught selling bootleg baby formula by using a FISA wiretap. This is different from what we are doing with the phone captures from foreign terrorists into this country in several ways, but I will start with the most glaring. FISA was setup to stop organized crime, not capture terrorists, so FISA did it's job. This baby formula ring evidently constituted organized crime.

The phone traps that we were using against Al Queda aren't necessarily illegal, but have nothing to do with organized crime and everything to do with intelligence gathering.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

I guess it just isn't pro athletes that should appreciate their gifts and fans

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Howard Stern blasted those who haven't purchased his radio program from Sirus Radio call them cheap. Howard who has claimed he had the right to his speech on the radio running afoul of the FCC at times. If he has the freedom to say what he wants why can't the American people have the right not to purchase his program? Now I have never listened to Mr. Stern, have no reason to, but it is the height of arrogance to expect people who may have listened to him over the airwaves, but not willing to pay to hear what he has to say.