Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reporters are Heroes the troops are the bad guys, yeah right.

This weekend Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and American Movie Classics (AMC) were running war movies because of the Memorial Day weekend. Several things became very apparent as I was watching the old movies.

First, the movies that were made during WWII wasn't to soon because our grandparents weren't wusses. All the movies that were made during WWII talked about Perl Harbor and didn't shy away from the horror of war.

Second, ALL OF OUR TROOPS PAST AND PRESENT are heroes. They have done and are doing things that most people don't have the stomach for. The Marines that supposedly murdered innocent people are being slaughtered in the news media they are horrible and should be hung is the story coming from that traitor murtha and the media. The way this is being covered is as if this has never happened before in warfare, and by association we are horrible people.

Third, in through the forties ALL the media was American first, then journalist/movie directors/actors ect second. During WWII the alleged crime that the Marines perpretrated against civilians would have NEVER-EVER ran. If the Marines are guilty they will be convicted, there already has been an investigation, but the media wouldn't have done anything to harm the nations morale.

I wonder if an unintended consequence (as Bill O'rielly would put it) of the Council of UnAmerican Activities has caused the seething hatred permeate from the media towards everything American. I'm not saying that marxism needed (needs) to be stomped out. Shoot, there is nothing I dispise more. But the modern marxist rejoices at any misstep that this country makes.

There was a time that the media wasn't part of the news. The sainthood that media has imparted on the camera and sound guy that was killed in Iraq. While my sympathies go out to their families, they are in a warzone. There is a possibility that you will get killed. Reporters don't really add to this world they are supposed to be on the sidelines according to them reporting facts (snicker). They aren't heroes. Our troops are PERIOD

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stupid Christians, Congress, and the 1st Amendment

Those stupid Christians that are protesting soldiers funerals will become illegal if the President signs into law the bill forbidding protesting funerals for our servicemen.

While part of me thinks it's a good idea, I worry about the precedent it sets. In reality it seams like it violates two of the provisions of the First Amendment where congress has no right to restrict the practice of religion and the free speech provision. (While congress is no stranger to limiting free speech with the campaign finance reform.)

I know that the constitution isn't a suicide pact. When I was growing up nothing like those stupid christians would have been acceptable, they would have been shunned by everyone. I guess when manors, common courtesy, and morality in this nation has faded to such an extent that we might have to codify such thing.

The reason I'm concerned is kinda obvious with the fight over Christmas, prayer in school not being allowed(well Christian prayer, muslims can do it and it's even pushed on non-muslims in California), that atheist that has tried to get the Pledge of Allegiance banned. With all these things I realize how easy it would be for someone who hates us Christians to totally limit our faith.

I'll admit it I haven't wanted to beat any stupid Christians since my dad was killed until I saw them protesting our heroes. They aren't Christians, Christians can oppose this war but not call condemnation on people. Heck, Christ never condemned anyone, but gave comfort those that were hurting. And since we Christians are supposed to be known by our love. That group doesn't show love, this is why I can say they aren't Christians.

All this been said I just worry when Congress limits free speech, even if it needs to be done.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Only Way that a "guestworker program" would be acceptable by me

My bottom line is whenever someone is pulled over you are run through NCIC adding someone's citizenship to it shouldn't be that hard. Anytime the cops are called out NCIC is check. Those who don't have any legal standing to be here can be and should be deported immediately, unless they have committed a murder or rape. Since they are not American Citizens they have no legal standing in this country so no due process is necessary to send them packing.

But since the Senate, including the pansy RINOs seam set and determined to allow amnesty for these criminals this is what I expect from this amnesty:

  1. NEVER get medical services unless they pay for it, or get private donations.
  2. NO DRIVERS licenses. And if they are caught driving without a license they are deported immediately after we round up their family
  3. The so-called Anchor babies have to leave with their families, but since they have been born here they can comeback at age 18 only if they know English and have no gang affiliation, if they do they will not be permitted to ever set foot in this country
  4. Felons that fall under this amnesty loose the amnesty as soon as their prison term is up and are sent home or worse Iran, and their home country is sued for the strain put on our prison system.
  5. They have no opportunity to become Americans EVER. They can be legal aliens for as long as they reside in the states.
  6. If they ever leave and try to comeback they are expelled immediately.
  7. ALL must learn English in six months, if they don't they are gone.
  8. If they ever fly their home country flag they are deported
  9. If they ever quote marx they are gone, they aren't Americans thus have no right to free speech
  10. If they cause an accident ALL their possessions are forfeited to the victim.
  11. Will NEVER collect Social Security
  12. Their Children have no right to a free education.
  13. The employers will be fined so heavily that they will be willing to fire all their illegal aliens.
  14. The borders WILL BE SEALED with land mines. Any future lawbreakers take their chances.
  15. The money they make if sent out of the country counts as treason and they are immediately sent home, their possessions sold and the money is put into the treasury
  16. If a family member becomes a gang member the whole family is sent back to their homeland and their property all sold.
  17. NEVER ABLE TO VOTE, They aren't citizens and they have demonstrated a disrespect for this nations law. If discovered they voted they and their family is sent home and their possessions are sold

Is this harsh, No. Expecting someone else to pay for your crimes is immoral. They all are criminals, and there are consequences to actions. As a taxpayer I'm paying for people that have no legal standing to be in this country to get an education and to receive health care, I am paying a consequence for their crime. Maybe we should sue their home country for the money they cost us as taxpayers. If the illegal aliens don't like they can leave. Without laws being enforced we don't have a country. I want justice!



Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Criminal is A Criminal.

I can't believe that there are Republicans that are complaining about raiding a house with a search warrant of a home of a suspected criminal just because he's a congressman.

I'm talking about Rep.William Jefferson of Louisiana-D. Reportedly, he has been videotaped taking a bribe, and in order to find more evidence to prosecute him, the Justice Department issued a search warrant and raided his home. The Attorney General has said that in order to pursue charges they need the evidence that was gained.

Now this isn't something that wouldn't happen to anyone else who was alledged to break the law. I'm just appalled that Republicans would join the chorus of democrats decrying this due to the simple fact he's a congressman. Speaker Hasteret has said the search was unconstitutional "because it violates the separation of powers because congressional papers were seized". Huh? I know that congress has exempted itself from laws that they expect the body politic to follow, but under the law a congressman is the same as a homeless person. I resent the fact that the party that claims it's the law enforcement party doesn't want justice done. I guess for them since they want to ignore the laws the illegal aliens have violated it's ok for them to violate any and all law.

Those that have died for this country must be turning over in their grave.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

714..Mixed Impressions

While I will cut Barry Bonds some slack because, in a legal sense, no one has proved any wrong doing. If someone is still stuck on the OJ case and they ask me if I think he's guilty, I tell him legally he didn't do, so my opinion doesn't matter. I extend the same courtesy that the law extends for all accused because I believe in the law. Legally, nothing has been proved with Mr. Bonds alleged steroid use.

That being said, I have never been a Barry Bonds fan. And I am having a hard time caring if he breaks a record. When Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire was going after the single season homerun record I could cheer for both these guys to break a record that was denied my fellow Dakotan (Roger Maris). And both these guys have been accused of steroid use.

If it's proved that Mr. Bonds used an illegal substance, a substance that was illegal at the time he allegedly was using the record should at LEAST have an asterisk, but only if that happens in a court of law not in a book by reporters. (Shoot with as dishonest as reporters are now days how could anyone be believed, but that's another story). [Heck, maybe someone should test the beer and hotdogs that Babe live on in the thirties]

While I give him my congratulations. I hope that he can live up to the honor.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

You Know your a hick (and you don't have to make excuses)...

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I found a story about a North Dakota high school where the men could be men, and weren't nagged even at graduation. They decided that their class colors should be camo and blaze orange. They said that it was great not having any drama.

So my salute to these men and good luck in their future endeavors

Friday, May 19, 2006

Do Congressmen really want to be reelected?

Congress voted against allowing off-shore drilling. Heck, people are more upset about gas prices than the supposed "quagmire" of Iraq and the one thing-THE ONE THING that Congress could do to help alleviate the price problem; and they vote against it.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Who Needs Pamplona, when you have Wild Bill.

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This is great! Deadwood, South Dakota is wanting to have a buffalo run through the town to highlight the growing buffalo industry. Now I would never do this, I would run with the bulls in Spain but Buffalo are mean and about a half a ton heavier. That being said it would be great publicity for Deadwood and for ranchers so they have my support.

Time to stop funding the UN

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Whether or not you believe in firearms, and whether or not this would actually have any power. These tinhorn dictators want to take away some of our freedom. Now I don't know how they would be able to do this successfully, because any treaty that would go before congress wouldn't pass, and the UN knows all we have to do is defund them and they go away. But let's not sell out our sovereignty

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

RINOs and the border

One of the main problems I have with GW is the fact he isn't willing to totally seal our borders. While the President's plan sounds good on the surface, let us not forget that those that came here illegally potentially broke five laws, which I have inmerated before. How can we reward criminal activity?

While I have pondered the the fines and the back taxes I keep coming back to this: For an illegal alien to be able to pay a substantial fine for being here illegally and in the posssesion of fraudulent documents we are talking a fine and back taxes upwards of fifty thousand dollars. Is it feasilbe for someone who can't legally work here come up with that kind of money without contraband? Shoot I can't even come up with that kind of cash, and this would be about it would cost for one illegal alien, what would the cost for a family of four be?

While a high tech border will be good, we still need to put up three walls. One on Canada's border (unless the drugsmugglers get bad up North then I would be for two walls). Two on the Mexican border a mile apart with claymore land mines in between. Why the land mines? Easy for the IRS to get all the money that they do collect they operate with fear as a weapon. Make it known we are putting up two walls with claymores then the criminals who set off the first set will be no more and news of this happens will spread. Right now the druglords, coyotes, and the other criminals aren't afraid to come here violating our law. Yes I know this isn't going to happen but it would stem the tide violating US law. Again another reason for the land mines is the Mexican Army that can't stay on the Rio Bravo side. Mexico has already militarized the border, we have to protect our citizens! Vicente Fox needs to quit whining and start worrying about the marxist who's going to be running against him.

Putting the National Guard on the border in an administrative and logistical function is ignorant. Some of the guard has been in Iraq having actually sealed the border would be a good thing. While we would run into the Posse Cometatus problem with regular army, we did have regular army chase Pancho Villa in the last century. Again the sheer fact that the Mexican Army can't stay south of the Rio Grande might actually supersede any violation of the Poss Cometatus, but thanks to NY Times and the leaks of foreign phone captures and the NSA supposedly keeping track which number calls which number (by the way I'm glad my government knows I love my grandma) if the President would even remotely try to do this the House would almost have to bring Articles of Impeachment.

Those that say this is for people that want to provide for their family, I dare you tell that to the families that have lost peace officers to those criminals. Greta Vansustrin on On The Record said something like 70 LEO's were killed last year. Criminals DONOT deserve any benefit to crossing our border.

While we may not be able to round up 12 million in one big effort, if we seal the border, like Senator Isakson wanted to do to day, then whenever the police pull over someone who doesn't have the proper paperwork immediately you round up their immediate family, they are put on a plane. They are not American's they have no legal standing in the US because they are not supposed to be here. Every call the police gets they run the information, every job they apply for if the Social Security Number doesn't match the feds should pick the person up immediately. We can get the number to dwindle by just letting the police do their job.

The RINO's in the Senate don't get off the hook either because they didn't want to seal the border before talk on the "guest worker program" started.

But what should I expect from a bunch of wusses.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And Christians are worried about a movie the French think is a Joke?

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As I have stated the Davini Code will pass, or it might not even appear, if the French think it's that horrible at Cannes. Granted they like the last michael moore movie, but so did the intended target of that movie.


Monday, May 15, 2006

With Friends like Mexico, who needs Al-Queda

Vicente Fox is worried about militarizing the border. Interesting considering the Mexican Army has crossed the borders quite a bit over the last few months, is helping people cross the border.

President Bush is going to authorize using the National Guard in a non-law enforcement way. More logistically. Almost five years since 9/11 and we are moving to seal the border. And people want government to provide health care?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

No thanks I think I'll keep Elly May

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Some schmuck in England has developed some car that can go 8000 miles per gallon, but it's as much a suicide machine as the Ford Pinto. I would rather pay the gas bill for my F-150 than drive some sissy vehicle that is just asking to get smashed

Saturday, May 13, 2006

United 93, 9/11, and Monsters

Finally getting to United 93 tonight, I knew was going to be difficult to watch, but I was not prepared for the anger to simmer the way it did. The anger built in me the way it did on 9/11.

9/10 I had worked at the Capitol, so when I woke up on 9/11 I turned on the radio and listened I thought they were talking about the 1993 attack, it wasn't until I crawled out of bed and turned on the TV to see what the monsters had done to us. I watched for a while and then went shopping for a Glock (Glocks can take a beating but I hated mine).

If you go to http://www.nd.gov you can see a picture of the Capitol, the first few times we had a plane fly over the building when I was working was a little unnerving.

That movie did a great job taking me back to that day. No matter what you believe it is something that needs to be seen, we need to remember what the monsters did to us so we don't loose our nerve. The thing is those who said this movie was too soon, I say it maybe to late. I fear it will take another event by the monsters to wake up the half of the country that wants to just capitulate.

Whether or not you worry about how the NSA traced phone numbers or maybe they are listening, I will tell you this: Those of us who are law abiding citizens that want to excerise our Second Amendment rights everytime we purchase a new weapon we have to go through a Federal Background check. The problem is:

Amendment II
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to
the security of a free State, the right of the people to
keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
Just by going by the wording the only jurisdictions that can pass gun laws are States, and even then they are violating somebodies rights.
Anyway as I digress we are at war. If the NSA has to track the monsters by connecting their calls to a,b,c,d I am all for it. Data mining is different than spying and even then we have enemies that need to be kept track of. Datamining is mainly the public information everyone could find if they had the capability. There are ways that my alias could disappear, if someone wanted to findout my ID enough. If we were listening in on calls coming from the terrorist handlers we may have stopped them. I will admit it I'm not happy with the thought that the government could be listening in on my conversation, but no one cared when Clinton instituted Echelon. Far worse than what the NSA has been accused of.
United 93 didn't pull any punches in it's delivery, by the time they got to the passengers taking over, I was ready to cheer when each one of the monsters died. This movie is tough to watch, but it is a must because there are people that want to kill us.

I thought I saw the Fourth Sign of the Apocalypse Last Night

On Hannity and Combs they had a "lady" from a group I refer to as stupid Christians. I never thought I would see the day where Allan Comb, Sean Hannity, and Dakota Ranger would all agree on anything. But this is the one time.

This group goes around protesting the funerals of our heroes that have laid their lives down for our freedom. They carry signs such as thank God for 9/11, and say that the troop that was killed was God's judgment. Never mind in a time of pain Christ went and met with those who were hurting. Even the woman at the well that was living in sin, Christ showed her compassion.

The hate that spewed from this woman's mouth made it clear that she isn't known by her love.

While there are things this country is going to have to answer for. A soldier, marine, sailor, or airman that is killed isn't a sign of judgment. It's a part of life.

What amazes me is if these stupid Christians really believed God was going to destroy this country why they don't leave? They can't even argue that they are acting like prophets of God telling them of our impending doom, because the Old Testament is full of examples where one of the prophets would allow the Israelites (and even the Ninavens) a chance to repent. This group is relishing in the thought that God will destroy the US

I guess that's what you get when the word of God isn't important, and when you forget your neighbor.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

An Open Letter to my Mom

Mom Thanks. Between you and Dad teaching us how to behave and understanding no means, "your not getting your way so quit whining." Thanks for teaching me (and by extention my beloved sister) the value of hardwork and the value of a dollar.

Thanks for putting up with the bullheaded-ness (granted I inherited it from both you and dad). Thanks for listening and not interfering, letting me learn on my own. Love your Son

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Da Vinci Code, Last Temptation of Christ, and the Church

I am one of the few Christians debating whether or not to see the film because I like spy/intrigue movies and I like most movies that Opie and Tom Hanks have put out. This movie won't change my perspective on the truth and I am fully aware that the marxists hate us (shoot at the suggestion of a friend I tried to watch the last Temptation of Christ. I got to the point where Christ went to the Prostitute and I just wasn't going to watch any more, because it just torqued me off that much)

While I can respect and expect churches to come out with their positions on the movies (On the Wesleyan Churches website they have a guide on our perspective of the Da Vinci Code, the link is listed in my links). I don't know that condemning the movie will have the desired affect on people seeing the film. I am hoping that Christians will have the sense not to go protest this film in theaters, unless they decide to protest by seeing pictures more family friendly or even celebrate American heroes and their sacrifice (United 93).

The way I protest is I make it known with my wallet, letters and phone calls. A picket line looks childish, the worst being the "stupid christians" (see Dakotaranger's Dictionary link) that are protesting the funerals of our Nation's Heroes.

The History Channel had a special on Digging for the truth where it showed where Dan Brown got the various symbols but also showed how they were just twisted to fit the plot. The DaVinci Code was a novel, not fact. What is worse, in my estimation is the Bible Code or the movies that Trinity Broadcasting produced, because they allege that God has put more levels of info in the Bible. While God is multi-dementional and He could write something multifaceted, everything that was I have seen with the Bible Code isn't anything different from what God has already told us. I am more worried about Christians and non-Christians being mislead by a wolf than a rattle snake

All this being said, Let's not get to hot and bothered by this, this film will pass like that sheepherder movie, or the Last Temptation of Christ did and will be about as big a deal because while people are going to see it, according to the free will that God installed in each one of allows them the choice to make bad decisions. From what I can tell God has never damned anyone, it is a person's choices that condemn them. Let's not act in a way that God Himself won't act.

Am I really that Naive?

Last night I finally got around to watching Remember the Titans. While I know there have been and are still racial tensions in this country. Are they really that thick today? I know a few borderline racists, but at the sametime I have a few Hitsa friends, and one of my best friends is African-American (If this was the place for it I would include taking him to the rodeo story, but that's another story). The night Pope and I became friends we discussed the differences in the African American experience vs. The American Indian experience for about a half hour in standing in blizzard conditions. He came back to me a year later after he took an Indian studies class and said that he thought I was nuts until after he took the class.

But I Digress. I wonder if by talking about our differences if it doesn't create a bigger divide than if we talked about our similarities. If we talked about unity, instead of diversity if that would create a stronger nation.

I wonder if racism is really that big problem? I guess I might just be a bit Pollyanish, but I really don't judge anyone by their hide. I will grant you if there is a group I hold in disdain other than criminals and Marxists would be the Muslims. Although, I'm not sure you could totally classify that as racism because the Muslims who actually are standing up against killing innocents, or who are working for a better Iraq, or that are actually stepping up to fight terrorism I have nothing but respect. And maybe the disrespect is really reserved for those who would try to destroy us (Criminals, marxists, Islamofacets.)

Any way I digress again. By talking about our differences it seams to keep alive the old hurts that should have died long ago. I'm not saying that there might not be some repairs that need done, some apologies. But it seams that it just falls into a self-fulfilling prophesy. But that's just my plug nickel.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

If the Illegal Immigrants can Protest in there own way, Why can't we?

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Cingular Cellphones had a ringtone which basically said that to put the cellphone down, and leave the oranges alone and go homeo. While it may be wrong, but if criminals are going to change our National Anthem to suit their purposes. Then since this is The United States of America, let us LEGAL citizens make fun of those criminals who break the law.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Conspiracy Theory of Flight 93

Warning: this is not pointed at anyone, just the things I see people posting on the internet that I'm responding to.

These are the reason I believe the conspiracy theory behind the flight being shot down is...Well...Insane.

  1. We didn't have any internal radar and the transponders of the flights were shut off.
  2. The thought that we shot down flight 93 is no where in the official 9/11 Report
  3. Any number of those that HATE the President if they had proof would be all over the news.
  4. The families who lost loved ones would not be a part of a cover up like is suggested by the conspiracy theory. The reason is when a loved on is killed the facts are what is important, and for the good of the country doesn't mean a thing. You may ask how I know, I will remind you that my dad was killed, so I know.
  5. If your pilot and co-pilot are killed, then there's a struggle in the cockpit it's easy to see a terrorist put it into the ground or the plane stalls out.
  6. Even if we shot it down it doesn't be little the fact there were people who fought to try and take over the plane. But those who claim we did shoot it down we really need to examine why they claim we did.

While there are quite a few people that despise the President, let's not be little what happened on 9/11. There are people that WANT TO KILL YOU. Those who try to claim the US is the real terrorists forget all the aid we have sent throughout the world from AIDS aid in Africa to tsunami relief President Bush has gone out of his way to help people of this world, all those who hate him see a war in Iraq, a war that needed to be fought. A war that we are told we are loosing, inspite the fact our goal was to remove Saddam (which was accomplished).

Those who see monsters behind every tree need to quit toking on a dubbie and take a deep breath. Not everything that is done is our government's fault. Nor is it the oil companies for that matter.

For those of you who think race is either a Mexican or a Black thing...

Counting Up What American Indians Are Owed As what is posted on Foxnews.com
Saturday, May 06, 2006
LENEXA, Kan. — Seventy feet beneath the prairie, the government is filling limestone caverns — protected by guards and a bomb-sniffing dog — with truckloads of
American Indians' financial and cultural records.
What is ground zero for an accounting that will take seven years and cost $335 million owes its existence to a bitter class-action lawsuit brought against the
Interior Department a decade ago. Still, it's only a short version of the historical accounting that Indians demanded but no longer want, because they do not think it can be done properly.
The Indians say the government mismanaged a trust in their names for 120 years and now owes them tens of billions of dollars.
The dispute dates to 1887, when Congress made the Interior Department the trustee for 145 million acres of Indian lands. Indians were supposed to benefit, but the government gave most of the land to white settlers.
Today, the department manages 10 million acres of trust land for individual Indians and 46 million acres for tribes. In 1996, the Indians sued to reconcile their historical accounts. The Indians, and
Congress, demanded an audit. The Indians may be owed a century's worth of grazing rents, oil and gas royalties and timber sales from the land, plus interest.

Both the Indians and the Interior Department agree $13 billion was collected between 1909 and 2001.
The Indians had claimed the unpaid interest could be more than $150 billion, but have offered to drop the whole thing if the government coughs up $27.5 billion. They would spread the money among individual Indian accountholders, about one-fifth of the 2.5 million Indians now living in the U.S., mainly in the West.
No way, the Bush administration replied, saying the government all along has forwarded most of the rents and royalties to tribes and individual Indians.
"It could be just $30 million that's owed to the Indians," said Ross Swimmer, the department's special trustee for Indians. He also is a member of Oklahoma's Cherokee Nation.
During a tour of the Kansas cave, Swimmer and other department officials were eager to show that many more Indian records exist than people realize. They also wanted to demonstrate their ability to check the accuracy of financial transactions with Indians.
"They're finally going to get their accounting," Swimmer said. "For once we've gotten something right for the Indians."
In an irony befitting an "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" legal war, the government is relying on the Indian-demanded accounting — actually, it's a statistical sampling — to come up with figures that Indians claim low-ball what they are owed.
"It's a number in the m's, not the b's," said Fritz Scheuren, who oversees the department's sampling. Scheuren was president of the American Statistical Association last year.
The Indians who sued say now that too many records have been destroyed to come up with an accurate figure. Before 1990, the Treasury Department routinely destroyed the Indian trust's canceled checks, and court documents attest to numerous destroyed records.
"The documents that the government has preserved are a fraction of those that have been lost and destroyed," said Dennis Gingold, a lawyer for the Indians. "Massive hard copy and electronic destruction ... make the accounting legally and factually impossible."
The Indians' biggest ally is U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth, a former Reagan administration official whose strongly worded rulings condemn the Interior Department.
After nine years presiding over the case, Lamberth concluded last July that the agency is a "pathetic outpost" that has bungled its fiduciary duty.
"For those harboring hope that the stories of murder, dispossession, forced marches, assimilationist policy programs, and other incidents of cultural genocide against the Indians are merely the echoes of a horrible, bigoted government-past that has been sanitized by the good deeds of more recent history, this case serves as an appalling reminder of the evils that result when large numbers of the politically powerless are placed at the mercy of institutions engendered and controlled by a politically powerful few," the judge wrote.
Not surprisingly, the department wants Lamberth removed from the case and a different judge assigned.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out. The arguement can be made that the idea for social security came from how we dealt with the Indians, because they have never gotten what was promised by our forefathers. If you have any doubts come out to Pine Ridge sometime.

Friday, May 05, 2006

You might be a redneck if you've brewed your own ethanol

The Revenuers are going to love this one: On our families trip to see my beloved sister in Iowa the radio reported that people are making their own ethanol. Shoot ethanol isn't that far from moonshine, I can see it now someone getting busted for moonshine trying to claim it's ethanol. Oh well the feds would want to tax them for that also.

Just to show how weird I really am

Most people that have recurring nightmares revolve around falling or being chased. Not me, guess it because I would just shoot whoever would be stupid enough to chase me, but keep having this dream where I'm working at a retail store I haven't worked at in two years and was working prior for three years. This store was the worst place I have ever worked and the worst bosses I have ever had. Still trying to figure out what it's supposed to mean, but it sure is funny and a little unnerving.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Then what the Heck are our troops fighting for?!

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While I know freedoms are controled by our troops there is no reason that a Chaplin can't pray in Christ's name, other than it may offend somebody.

Who is to blame for the oil prices?

While there is enough blame to go around most of the fault goes to Congress and the treehugging marxists.

Every time the oil companies wanted to drill offshore the tree huggers would go to the courts and file injunctions making it expensive to fight in the courts. The same with the cost to build new refineries. There has not been a new refinery built in over thirty years.

Then there is the governmental regulations shackling the oil companies from building and drilling.

The bottom line is we need to drill, explore, and build refineries just to keep our economy solvent and going. I don't care what some marxist wants when they are driving an SUV and expects us to drive some sissy vehicle.

I'm mad at the price of gas, but I would rather blame the groups responsible.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm willing to buy a carton of cigarettes

While this maybe wrong of me to suggest, but to allow Moussaoui to live in prison will be dangerous in the off chance that he might escape, he might try to convert other prisoners, and he might try to kill corrections officers or other prisoners.

It's to bad that people bought into this idea that a lifetime behind bars is a harsh punishment, but if he is alive he's a threat. If we would have made it known that we killed him with pigs blood he looses his martyr status and is a hero to no one.

But this is just academic at this point.

Another Reason to build a wall

While Mexico isn't allowing dealing of drugs (Wink wink) they are decriminalizing Cocaine, LSD, Mushrooms, ect. Evidently, Mexico is daring us to build the wall. Let's oblige