Saturday, January 20, 2007

A felony for Adultry, that's what you get when the state's involved in Marriage

I have stated in other blogs that I believe that it is wrong for the state to sanction any marriage, and since the purchase of a marriage licence (which another word for tax) makes marriage a legal contract. While there are some very legitimate reasons for wanting to keep married couple together marriage is supposed to be between a man, a woman, and God. By government interjecting itself into a person's bedroom in such a way they are placing themselves on the same plain as God.

There's a report out of Michigan that according to state law it is a felony to cheat on your spouse. Good. A prosecutor may be to chicken to actually prosecute the case, but you break a oath before God there should be a serious consequence to it, especially if you swore before the state.

While some may say this is too harsh, I think it may actually keeping the offended from doing something 'stupid' and justice is done by the incarceration. If a person who's going to cheat thinks that there are really severe consequence to there actions, well even if they don't think about it, but still get them we are really a stronger society because then more and more people would think of trying to take advantage of a situation.

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