Thursday, January 11, 2007

If Iraq was a mistake we are supposed to run and let people die?

First off, I still think we should have gone into Iraq, I've posted my reasons earlier and the reasons are still valid.

Since the marxists in congress want to cut and run, leaving millions to be slaughtered like we did after viet nam (one of the issues I have with President Ford) for the sake of arguement what do we gain if we run? If anything the mistake we made in Iraq was that we tried to make our enemy love us. Machevelli said it is better to be feared than loved, a fatal mistake in US policy since Korea.

Our exit stradegy should be victory. What is victory you may ask? It is where our enemy gives up because they are convinced they can't win because we will do what it takes to win. The marxists in the media focus on what happened at Abu Grahib, instead of what the monsters did to Nick Berg, to a nun, to women that have been raped. It is as if the marxists want us to loose this struggle with monsters that are more than willing to kill themselves to kill all of us. I don't know why they don't support this country, but they sure as nancy pelosi is possessed don't.

I'm still sickened that we didn't go back in when saddam gassed the Kurds in 1991. I will be honest I think Herbert Walker will answer for that someday. So, I ask those that disagree with the war, what should we do? Can you live with the thought that we will leave those in Iraq who tried to help us to be slaughtered by the monsters like we did after viet nam and after the first Gulf War?

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Brenda said...

I for one agree that we should be in Iraq. Funny isn't it how we listen to well paid people who sit comfortably behind news desks in New York City and believe what they tell us about the war when our own men and women fighting in Iraq continue to tell us we are needed there and they believe in what they are doing. I for one will not turn my back on ANY US soldier and I WILL VALUE A SOLDIER'S OPINION OVER THAT OF THE MEDIA. If we are a country believing in free speech why do we allow the media to be so one sided. Why do we fail to listen to the troops, the only ones who really get the full picture?