Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Liberals worrying about '24' being propaganda

Tuesday morning MSNBC was worried that '24' is propaganda for the Bush Administration. Funny they don't seam to care about the propaganda from the new york times, cnn, or al zazerra.

Even though '24' is entertainment there are some valid points. The shows president giving surveillance protocol to a terrorist that is going to sell out another terrorist, blows up in his face. A reminder from real life about dealing with monsters that tookie williams that they were trying to commute his sentence a year ago was famous for killing those who just handed over there wallet.

Then there's the whole sale round of muslims in the show, if the terrorists attacks were that vicious I would have little or no problems with it if we sealed the borders with it. I will grant you I don't think there is such a thing as a good muslim that believes the Koran that doesn't want to destroy the west. There are several problems with this idea, liberals hate Christians more than those that would kill themselves to kill them. The show mentioned that most historians think that the rounding up of Japanese Americans was a mistake, well there are two problems with that

  1. There were several Japanese American that were spying for Japan before and during the war. There was a basis for it.
  2. Historians generally ignore the fact that fdr, a self-proclaimed socialist, also rounded up German Americans and Italians.

Again '24' is just a show, but if public education was really worth the money we waste on it, they would tell the truth about the detention centers during WWII. While there was a whole sale injustice that occurred during WWII by rounding up law abiding citizens we were at war there was some validity for what was done.

The nuke that was exploded, does anyone really doubt that the monsters want to kill as many Americans and Israelis as they can. That Iranian president is trying to get a nuke and will attempt to destroy Israel as soon as he gets a few.

Propaganda for Bush. No there are things that Bush has done that are weak kneed including not hitting Iraq hard enough and not taking out Iran when we could have. For a media that pushed the "west wing" and that lame commander in chief or whatever the heck that Geena Davis program was-wasn't propaganda for the liberal agenda. The disparagement of conservatives on "er" or the "Law and Order" program are hoisted as important social commentary but some how the p-word is no where to be found.

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