Friday, January 26, 2007

The ND Legislature really makes me glad they are only in Session bi-annually

KFYR Radio: Fight Resumes About Compulsory ND Seat Belt Law
Thursday, January 25, 2007
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) _ The fight has resumed in the North Dakota Legislature about the state's seat-belt law.
In North Dakota -- drivers can't be ticketed for not wearing a seat belt unless they're pulled over for another violation. Fargo Representative Ed Gruchalla wants to change that. He says police should be able to pull over drivers if they see them driving unbelted.
Gruchalla says the change would save lives and reduce medical costs. He says people who insist on driving unbelted are piling up medical bills that the taxpayers may end up paying.
The House Transportation Committee held a hearing today on the bill. The full House will vote on it later.
Critics of the proposal say the Legislature shouldn't meddle with personal freedoms.
Dwayne Wahl of Bismarck says the seat belt law isn't about safety. He says it's about the government telling people what to do.
North Dakota's seat belt law has been a hotly contested political topic. The issue has been on the statewide ballot three times since 1989.

My biggest pet peeve is having someone tell me how they think I should live my life. I guess that's one reason I really despise doctors, but that another post. There comes a point that government has over reached it's right what to tell us what to do. The power for a Republic comes from the body politic not government fiat. Again according to Roe v. Wade we have the right to choose. North Dakotan don't let them steal your right whether or not you MUST wear a seat belt. We know that the marxists in this state think they know better than you do on how you live your life.

While I am the biggest supporter of the police, I have had police make up a reason to stop me. By making seat belt usage a primary law, it gives the police an opportunity to go fishing. While I love getting criminals out of society, it is a dangerous thing to give the police another reason to pull someone over. (now it would be different if they were profiling muslims but that's another post).

I believe this honestly violates the prohibition of illegal search and seizure that is prevented in the Fourth Amendment. As far as the medical bills keep piling up for those not wearing their seat belts, then pass a law that the state and the hospital won't pick up the bill for an injured person in that case and make it easier to seize their property if necessary, but to violate our right to privacy for a police fishing exhibition is immoral.


fetzer said...

we did it in Michigan and i haven't heard anybody complain of being harassed. Besides the very fact that some people still don't wear their seatbelt illustrates that yes sometimes government does know better than individuals.

Dakotaranger said...

Except I would be dead if I had been wearing my seatbelt. One stat I heard a while ago is that seatbelts are only effective 46% of the time. That's pretty close to 50%.

And what is so wrong about giving people the option to be stupid. If the governmnet doesn't like it they can always pass a law saying that if you don't wear your seatbelt if you can't pay for medical treatment we sieze your property to pay for it. This doesn't take the choice away, but does provide the prodding that government seams to think that people must have to fall in the 'norm.'

The fact that people aren't complaining that might mean people in Michigan have fallen under the thought that government knows better than I do for my life.

Us Dakotans tend to look at things like that because of the possibility that we will have to deal with tradgey on our own because of the geographic restrictions for LEO's.

I use these examples to point out how we need to be more dilligent to keep the government from becoming more totaltarian. I do the firearms post to educate because obviously the media has no idea what they are talking about (saw one reporter on CNN not know what a muzzle loader was, pretty bad because it should have been explained in history class about what our founders used to break away from England).