Thursday, January 25, 2007

There are times I hate my principles

I have my convictions I make no apologies for them. Sometimes it just seams like no matter what your convictions are you have to decide if you are willing to stand with them or stop horrible behavior for the good of those that are violating the privacy and the right to mourn someone that sacrificed their life to protect the Republic.

KFYR Radio has reported that a bill preventing protesting funerals has passed the ND Legislature heading to Governor Hoeven. Being a Federalist, by nature any violation of the Constitution is repugnant, including this.

BUT those stupid christians (see Dakotaranger's Dictionary) that are protesting our heroes are putting stumbling blocks in front of grieving families need to be prevented from harming the family farther.

Other than the violation of peaceable assembly clause of the First Amendment, I don't never like the thought that government is the answer to life's problems.

The more people in this country loose their self-control and their concern for their fellow Americans, laws have to be passed. I understand this.

I will be honest there is big part of my soul that does like this law, but I hate to see more restrictions on our freedom to be placed on us because of those stupid christians. So again, I'm stuck with the thought of being principled really stinks.

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