Friday, January 12, 2007

What I wish we could do with Iraq

We could have won this war with in six months if it wasn't for the wusses in this country. The problem is we haven't killed enough bad guys. As I said in my previous post, as well as other numerous times: your enemy has got to be more afraid of you than of dying.

What we should have done the second we realized that Iran and Syria was sending monsters accross the border we should have started a bombing campaign of which would make Dresden look like a wienie roast. The problem is the marxists in this nation have made us walk a tight rope instead of actually doing what needs to be done.

We can win this war, the key is to kill the enemy and not whine about the deaths we cause. I'm not opposed to going nuclear against the monsters, shoot we may have to. There again, we need our enemy to be more afraid of us than dying. All the guys that have come home I've talked to have told me that we are doing a good job over there, but to actually be able to be efficient at their job they almost have to raise their hand the way you do in grade school. There are no short cuts, you can't make monsters love you, you can't expect them respect you if agonize on killing them when they are more than willing to fight like they are stuck in the 7th Century.

Remember they are more than willing to kill themselves to kill you.

p.s. It's negative 8 degrees Fahrenheit. When are we going to get that global warming again?

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