Monday, January 01, 2007

When did Americans become wusses?

There's a report that American officials were questioning the wisdom the speediness of the execution of the butcher of Baghdad. It was furthered by the constitutional bonds and muslim rites dictate.

So what? The man needed killing, it was an execution by nature it isn't supposed to be "dignafied" because it is supposed to breed fear in the hearts of monsters. MY WORD!! If our fore fathers knew what we have become they would have never throw the tea into the harbor. They would have never ventured into the frontier, there are things that need doing, no matter how unpleasant a pansy takes. In this country we take to long to kill our home grown monsters thus causing the victim's families suffering to increase to levels that are unnecessary, all because we must try to rehabilitate the poor helpless monster. Time wouldn't have changed sadam, after the appeal if he would have lingered it would have strengthened his position making the Iraqi government look weak. By being swift it shows strength. With all the taxes we pay as Americans you would think that all American officials could get a taxpayer supplied copy of Machiavelli's Prince, and the Art of War.

Weakness in the eyes of the enemy we face only causes more violence aimed at us. If we want to win, we have to hit hard and not whine about hurting anyone. It's either death or victory there is no middle ground with a group of people that WILL kill themselves to kill you. But I guess that's what you get with public education.

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