Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Positive Firearms Safety News

Positive News
Today, good news on a couple of fronts. First, new statistics from the National Safety Council shows that accidents with firearms remain at record lows. Even more significantly, accidents involving youths continue to decline - significantly.The trend is especially positive as the numbers of firearms owners climbs, giving credibility to the idea that training new gun owners helps assure their safety as they progress in shooting.The 2007 NSF's "Safety Facts" report shows a 40 percent decrease in accidental firearms-related fatalities in the period from 1995 through 2005. It also shows gun accidents involving children age fourteen and under declined sixty nine percent from 1995 through 2003. The council's most recent stats show 109,277 U.S. residents dying in accidents of all types in 2005. Less than 1 percent involved firearms. As you might imagine, motor vehicles were the highest fatality rate, with poisoning and falls joining the auto to account for seventy five percent of all accidental deaths.These statistics are also verified by findings of the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC findings show that all four regions of the United States have enjoyed significant declines in the numbers of firearms-related fatalities.There were 730 accidental firearms fatalities in 2005; forty percent fewer than the 1,225 deaths in 1995. And the numbers of firearms related fatalities continue to show the largest percentage decrease of all measured

Down with Unions

There is a push to increase union membership by pushing non-union shops into unions.

Here's my problem with unions in today's world.

  1. Collective bargaining actually causing layoffs and gaining little or nothing from striking. The Bobcat factory had a strike late last year, causing layoffs at a plant in another ND town. Now Bobcat is looking at laying off people in town-after only getting a 4% raise.
  2. Committee On Political Education. While the Republican congress ended forcibly taking union dues to donate to politics this still exists. When I was in high school I took a communism class C.O.P.E. figured prominently. Seeing how underhanded campaign finance is handled, I don't really trust that they wouldn't get my money.
  3. The pressure to join. When I got my current job, the union steward tried to get me to join the union, basically kicking $20 a month back to the union for my job. I told them as a matter of principle, after asking about C.O.P.E. and not getting satisfactory answers I told them as a matter of principle that I couldn't join.

Under the equal protection clause of the constitution AND since we are told by Roe v. Wade that women have the right to choose. You can't limit choice just to abortion, choice covers ALL choices.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Citizens by birth or choice of a common country, that
country hasa right to concentrate your affections. The
name of American,which belongs to you, in your national
capacity, must alwaysexalt the just pride of Patriotism,
more than any appellationderived from local discriminations."

-- George Washington (Farewell Address, 19 September 1796)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

Once every two years is more than enough

North Dakota is one of six states that meet bi-annually thankfully. This year our legislators have voted themselves a 12% raise, last session they wanted to totally ban tobacco from the state, continue to raise fee's in spite of a huge surplus, and continue to push more and more control on people's lives.

If it was a full-time legislature these self-important people would come up with continually worse plans for the state. While there are things that need addressed, the thought that they need to meet every year for a population of only 600,000 is ludicrous that we need more laws than we already have. Shoot, we have a hard time getting these people to vote to pass expanding North Dakota's Department of Corrections or doing the things we actually have to have in the state, giving them more time will only give us more bad laws.

This isn't going to pass, but it this idea needs to be put to bed once and for all.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mountain Climbers

While I understand the whole climbing a mountain because it's there, and I don't believe in telling someone not to do something if they want to.

If someone decides to climb a mountain during winter, when a blizzard has a chance blowing up they should have no expectations of rescue. While we may be heart warmed that they got those three climbers down from Mt. Hood the amount of stupidity of the climbers to go during winter has got to be questioned. Fox News this morning was that they shouldn't be charged for wasting the resources of the sheriff department and putting at risk rescuers.
In all honesty, they should have left those three to the forces because of the inherent risk of climbing during winter. This is a matter of personal responsibility the chances are that the three climbers aren't going to have to pay for the cost of the search but it is going to be passed on to tax payers that had no desire to take an unnecessary risk. I believe if you are going to undertake something of great risk YOU must take all responsibility and assume all the consequences because YOU are doing something irresponsible that you might have freedom to do, but it isn't an inherent right.
Climbing a mountain is not like working in a coal mine, where you are doing a job that needs to be done and the bill will be picked up by a company that hired the miners for a job. Climbing a mountain is a recreational endeavor.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So Cathy at Sunday Morning Coffee tagged me.

Anyway, here are the game rules:Each player starts with posting 6 weird things about themselves. Persons/blogs who get tagged should write something of their own and state the rules clearly on their respective blog. Then select an additional 6 bloggers to be tagged and list their names. Leave a comment that says you have been tagged in their comments section and hope they don’t hate you after tagging them.

1. I don't care if I'm wrong. I'll admit I'm wrong after proven that beyond a reasonable doubt I'm wrong. It doesn't mean I'll change anything.

2. I'm a 75 yr old trapped in 32 yr old body. I'll say things like those lousy commies, dang hippies, little punks.

3. I pray for Global warming, but I don't know if that's weird coming from the world champion Snow Angel Champion state or not.

4. I have copies of the US Constitution at home, at work, in my pick-up and just about anywhere I go, which is pretty much not necessary because I have most of it memorized.

5. I don't drink, in fact I despise alcohol, BUT enjoy many drink songs from Garry Owen, Margarettaville, to most country songs.

6. If there is an Illuminati, I would join in a heartbeat. Being a Christian I know it's wrong to belong to a secret society, but I have a Napoleon Complex which is weird in itself because I believe in self-reliance and self-determination.

Now, what did I do with that snowball.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Take this New York and Michigan

NORTH DAKOTA has the world record for snow angels. New York ran away like little school girls and didn't even try.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

"The same prudence which in private life would forbid ourpaying our own money for unexplained projects, forbids it in thedispensation of the public moneys."

-- Thomas Jefferson (letter to Shelton Gilliam, 19 June 1808)

Let's just go ahead and become admit it we are a marxist nation

The North Dakota Senate has passed a bill that if a high school graduate meets certain requirements that the state will pick up the tab. What makes it worse is it's sponsored by a RINO. If indoctrination of college students wasn't bad enough any independence the North Dakota University system may have had if this passes Gov. Hoeven's desk is gone. The only marxism in this state eminates from UND and NDSU, effectively breeding more and more mind numb robots at tax payers expense.

I despise this for all the reasons I despise public education. There comes a point where a person needs to take responsibility for their own actions and not depend on others to wipe their nose.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007





North Dakota's Stand your ground bill

KFYR radio is reporting that the Stand your ground bill has passed the house and is headed to the Senate. The Bismarck Tribune actually gets the story more correct.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Queen of America is afraid of the Heartland

In the continuing saga of Speaker of the House wanting Air Force 3 to be a 757 she said she would fly commercial if it meant she didn't have to have a stop over. This begs the question,

"Does she hate real Americans?"

The explanation of Full Auto and Semi-auto

The full explanation of the difference between semi-automatic and full-automatic firearms.

Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. Formally Sentenced to Death

Thursday, February 8, 2007
FARGO, N.D. (AP) _ A federal judge has formally sentenced Alfonso Rodriguez Junior to death for the killing of college student Dru Sjodin (shuh-DEEN').
U-S District Judge Ralph Erickson handed down the sentence this morning. Erickson said at the sentencing -- quote -- ``Today is the most difficult day of my life.
The 53-year-old Rodriguez was convicted by a jury last fall of kidnapping resulting in the death of the 22-year-old University of North Dakota student from Pequot Lakes, Minnesota. The same jury voted unanimously for the death penalty.
The sentencing hearing of Rodriguez started with testimony from
friends and relatives of Sjodin.
More than a dozen friends and relatives lined up to give victim impact statements as the hearing opened this morning.
Rodriguez's attorney, Richard Ney, objected to testimony from people outside Sjodin's immediate family. But Erickson allowed them to speak.

Good. I hope her family finds peace after he is in the ground.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

"If the federal government should overpass the just bounds of its authority and make a tyrannical use of its powers, the people,whose creature it is, must appeal to the standard they have formed, and take such measures to redress the injury done to the Constitution as the exigency may suggest and prudence justify."--
Alexander Hamilton (Federalist No. 33, 3 January 1788)Reference: The Federalist

These guys had better to be careful if she becomes President the Clintons didn't care about foriegn threats but they raided to many Americans to count. (you may have to click on pic to be able to read the sign.)

I must have gotten the Commies attention

Over the last two days this blog has had seven hits from China. Shoot with what I posted about ALL forms of marxism and now that China has found my Blog maybe I should start carrying my coyote gun in Elly.

Honest guys I'm not hiding Jack Baur.

Scores Killed, Hundreds Injured As Para-Military Extremists Riot

April 20 - National Guard units seeking to confiscate a cache of recently banned assault weapons were ambushed on April 19th by elements of a para-military extremist faction. Military and law enforcement sources estimated that 72 were killed and more than 20 injured before government forces were compelled to withdraw.Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has links to the radical right-wing tax protest movement. Gage blamed the extremists for recent incidents of vandalism directed against internal revenue offices.The governor, who described the group's organizers as "criminals," issued an executive order authorizing the summary arrest of any individual who has interfered with the government's efforts to secure law and order.The military raid on the extremist arsenal followed wide-spread refusal by the local citizenry to turn over recently outlawed assault weapons. Gage issued a ban on military-style assault weapons and ammunition earlier in the week. This decision followed a meeting in early April between government and military leaders at which the governor authorized the forcible confiscation of illegal arms. One government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, pointed out that "none of these people would have been killed had the extremists obeyed the law and turned their weapons over voluntarily.""Government troops initially succeeded in confiscating a large supply of outlawed weapons and ammunition. However, troops attempting to seize arms and ammunition in Lexington met with resistance from heavily-armed extremists who had been tipped off regarding the government's plans.During a tense standoff in Lexington's town park, National Guard Colonel Francis Smith, commander of the government operation, ordered the armed group to surrender and return to their homes. The impasse was broken by a single shot, which was reportedly fired by one of the right-wing extremists. Eight civilians were killed in the ensuing exchange.Ironically, the local citizenry blamed government forces rather than the extremists for the civilian deaths. Before order could be restored, armed citizens from surrounding areas had descended upon the guard units. Colonel Smith, finding his forces overmatched by the armed mob, ordered a retreat.Governor Gage has called upon citizens to support the state/national joint task force in its effort to restore law and order. The governor has also demanded the surrender of those responsible for planning and leading the attack against the government troops. Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock, who have been identified as "ringleaders" of the extremist faction, remain at large.

We should just sell Manhattan back to the Iriquoix

New York wants to ban IPODS, cellphones, and Blackberries from use on sidewalks. I told you before, first the firearms, second the tobacco, then your hamburgers and fries, and now IPODS. While it makes sense on one level to limit IPOD use on the streets because people aren't paying attention, but if they aren't responsible enough to be alert then we should just let Darwin have his way with human evolution.

I'm getting tired of paying attention to these marxists. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington wouldn't put up with this kind of garbage coming from government. Makes me wish there was such a thing as global warming.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"If we can prevent the government from wasting
the labors ofthe people, under the
pretence of taking care of them,
they must become happy."

-- Thomas Jefferson (letter to Thomas Cooper, 29 November 1802)Reference: respec quoted

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Oil Waste water used as de-icer is under fire from out of staters

BISMARCK, N.D. - For about 40 years, state workers have been dumping saltwater left over from oil production on some North Dakota roads. That's news to the health department, which wants the practice stopped.
The Transportation Department claims oil well wastewater — up to 10 times saltier than sea water — is a safe, effective and cheap de-icer.
Environmentalists are stunned that workers have been dumping tens of thousands of gallons of the potentially contaminated stuff on roads every year, causing unknown harm to wetlands, streams and water supplies.
"I can't imagine anybody would sign off on this," said Wayde Schafer, a North Dakota spokesman for the
Sierra Club'

"When it leaves the well site and is in an oil company truck it's considered toxic material," Schafer said. "If they have just one drip from the truck, they're fined. But when it's transferred to a state truck, it's spread wholesale along the interstate. It definitely makes one wonder."
Transportation spokeswoman Peggy Anderson said the state Health Department had approved the use of the salty wastewater for de-icing. But the health department's water quality director, Dennis Fewless, said he hadn't even heard about the practice until asked about it this week by The Associated Press.
"In our opinion, we did not give them our blessing on this practice," Fewless said Friday.
Fewless said the wastewater pulled from oil wells may contain oil and chemicals from drilling operations.
"The bottom line is, we need to look to the future and look for better options and phase this process out," Fewless said.
Transportation Department officials say they have not seen any ill effects caused by the saltwater, such as dead vegetation along highways or rustier-than-normal vehicles.
Transportation engineer Brad Darr said the saltwater has been used on state roads in the Dickinson area of southwestern North Dakota since the late 1960s, and that the practice has expanded to some other parts of the state in the last decade.
Darr said the Transportation Department had no exact figure, but uses "tens of thousands of gallons" of the saltwater each year, at no charge from the oil companies — who otherwise would have to pay someone to haul it off.
"They can have all they want," said Dave Wanner, a manager at Missouri Basin Well Service in Belfield.
Schafer, of the Sierra Club, said his group has found no other states that use oil well saltwater for deicing.
Wanner said the saltwater may contain traces of oil residue with a "little tiny film to it," but that it is not dangerous to the environment if applied sparingly.
A year ago, a saltwater disposal pipeline owned by Zenergy Inc. of Tulsa, Okla., ruptured, spilling nearly 1 million gallons of salty water in northwestern North Dakota. Fewless said it could take years to clean up the spill, which killed creek life and forced ranchers to move their cattle.

When we get global warming like al gore keeps promising then we won't have to worry about -21 F weather like we are having today. In North Dakota we can't rely on the De-icer that Texas or Oklahoma use because of the temp. The creek life? What are they complaining about other algae. Any "creeks" in North Dakota doesn't keep water year round because they dry up year round. Something else how does this schmuck know that the ranchers didn't move the cattle due to the drought we've had in the state over the last couple of years? Ranchers move cattle to winter and spring ranges so as not to over stress the range.

The thought that it's stupid if the saltwater is spilled from the oil field trucks is correct, but that's what happens with treehuggers pushing their agenda on this state.

It would be great if those stupid city slickers would leave us alone. Our state is in a lot better shape than any of those states east of the Mississippi and west of the Rockies.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Don't mess with Marty Crane

Foxnews' website has a story about an 83 yr old gentleman in Seatle fighting off two attackers that were setting people on fire. He was able to corral the two bad guys until the police.

I'm a firm believer that everyone should have at least a Keep It Simple Stupid training, but it's obvious that this guy had a little more. A cane can be a very devastating weapon.

Good job sir.

Thursday, February 01, 2007