Wednesday, March 28, 2007

DC's Gun Dragnet

As we all know an aide of Senator Jim Webb-D was caught with a pistol and two magazines entering a Federal Building. There are so many ways to go with this let's start with the basics. Congress members can carry into Congress. While it is wrong that they can get away with something that the populace can't it is also COMPLETELY unconstitutional. There is a reason a comma comes right after the necessity for security, it is for a check and balance between the populace and the government.

This being said, it is fully understandable how an aide could have the Senators firearm. VIP's have a tendency to hand over items to aides to secure, if he would have headed over the office later.

IF it was a mistake just treat it like a mistake.

I don't necessarily see it as abuse of power, but I do see it as wrong not to allow the citizenry protect itself from criminals that members of congress will never come in contact with, well the exceptions being cynthia mckinny and william jefferson.

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Ron Simpson said...

another case of do as I say, not as I do. Politicians think that they are above the common man. Our politicians are beginning to act like the royalty of old.