Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm paying for what?!

As I have stated previously, I despise public education. If for no other reason than I hate paying taxes for some snot-nosed kid being taught more about sex than what I know.

With as much funding we pour into the Department of Education we should have a 90% literacy rate, but in the Nation's capitol we can't get a third to read. This is just obscene. Here's a thought, slash education funding. It will force school districts to cut unnecessary programs and worthless teachers (including teachers that allow sixth graders to have sex in front of other students.) It isn't like we are teaching citizenship, because you break the rules and get suspended then you sue.

I will admit when I was in school I didn't believe in a dress code, that changed when I became a tax payer and realized that little Johnny maybe having sex but can't read the constitution I changed my perspective. If I'm paying for these little pests they have to live up to our expectation, shoot teachers and administrators MUST live up to what they are espousing, keeping felons away from our kids. But I guess I should know by now this is what I should expect from a government organization.

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