Friday, March 02, 2007

New York Is Banning Free Speech

New York has decided that the N-word needs to be banned. Personally, I have never used that word and never will. The closest I get to using profanity is calling someone a commie, but to ban a word because it offends someone while ignoring disparagement of others or applauding those "brave enough" to call for the death of our President or Vice President as great moments in Free Speech, or even how they refer to those of us that live in the Real America has an aire of disingeniousness. I've offended the Less Lemm by calling him a murder. Which I don't care you murder a family member I will remind the world of his crime and make him feel bad every chance I get until his death.

Shoot, when I had the misfortune working at a retail store I was daily offended by those using my God's name as a curse word, the f-word and all sorts of other profanities. Where I work now there is a guy that comes in intoxicated at times, and as those that have read this blog before know I despise alckies more than commies, but we can't ban alcohol this offends me. But what am I going to do complain, and violate other's rights to do what they legally can do? No, that's just ludicrous.

Free speech is free speech. While yes there is a limit to what can be said, the N-word is not yelling fire in a crowded theater either. This is no different than those who believe in global warming to silence those that have serious doubts (the same people that claimed dissent about the war and the President was the highest for of Patriotism by the way), or the McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill silencing political speech.

In all honesty, I don't want to hear the N-word or the F-word or my God's name as a cuss word, but do we want a society where the government tells people what they can think and what they can say when it doesn't incite riots or panic just because it may assault someone's sensibilities. Fact of life number two people get offended and insulted every day, no matter how sensitive the speaker is. There comes a point when we all have to take a step back, take a breath, and let things slide. We should just sell New York back to the Iroquois

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Taggart Snyder said...

One other point, if I get offended by something someone says, I'm giving that person WAY too much power over me. Just a thought.
Great blog, by the way!