Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So bad guys are going to spend $5000 for a .50 BMG Rifle?

I'm not a great rifle shot, Heck I have a hard time hitting anything beyond 25 yards with my Peacemaker, but I would like to get a Barret's Rifle, just because. We Americans by our nature want bigger and better everything. There is a reason only the marxists in this nation drive Priuses and other sissy cars they drive in Europe.

Now New Jersey wants to do what California has done and ban .50 caliber weapons. There are several problems with the concept that the article purports.

  1. Especially with a black market a gun seller is not going to loose money. Tell me one businessman that is in business to loose money. Even assuming it is a stolen weapon, a bad guy isn't going to sell a $5,000 rifle for under a $1,000.
  2. The .50 BMG rifles weigh around 50 lbs.
  3. They are so unwieldy that to rob a bank it's impossible to slide under a trench coat to stick up a bank, or for a mugger that will only get $40 from a victim.
  4. The amount of leading of a shot that it would take to bring down a jet defeats the lethality of the rifle.
  5. It's obvious that politicians in New Jersey have no knowledge about firearms, which makes any policy that they may devise a dangerous one for freedom.
  6. The Founders intended military style weapons in the hands of the populace. (The muskets that our founders used were upwards of .67 Caliber.)
  7. "To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them." - George Mason
  8. The bill doesn't allow for the Smith and Wesson 500, a pistol that was designed for hunting bears. I've fired this pistol once, it is a fun pistol, it is to unwieldy for concealed carry for us good guys, a bad guy sure as anything isn't going to pay around a grand if he's sticking up people.
  9. There are long range shooting competitions that go back to the 19th century that people are using a .50 Caliber rifle.
  10. Bad guys aren't going to spend anywhere from $3-$9 per round.

This idea of banning a gun because of some mayhem that there is no evidence have ever occurring in the nation is, not only closed minded, but violates the people of New Jersey the right to choose their particular firearm, not that Easterners don't want to treat the citizenry like subjects.

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