Sunday, April 22, 2007

And We are supposed to trust the government with our safety?

Fox News' website is reporting that a Kentucky inmate at the Correctional & Psychiatric Center was released because of a fraudulent release order faxed from a grocery store. It wasn't discovered for two weeks that the bad guy who is charged with assaulting an elderly gentleman.

I know mistakes are made, but when the chips are down the government doesn't have the resources to protect most of us. Policing by it's nature is reactive. The average response time for the Los Angeles Police Department is 15 minutes. In North Dakota it can be upwards of an hour in some counties due to the remoteness. It takes about thirty seconds for a person to bleed out if their neck is slashed.

Our Founders intended us to be self-sufficient, and even the Supreme Court has found on numerous occasions that police don't have a duty to respond to calls, including this one:

"fundamental principle of American law
that a government and its agents are
under no general duty to provide public services,
such as police protection, to any individual citizen."
[Warren v. District of Columbia,(D.C. Ct. of Ap., 1981)]

While it would be nice not to be responsible to take steps to provide for our security, there comes a point that we must recognize that we must be self-sufficient.


Jedi Master Rob said...

I live 10 minutes away from that prison. Drive by it on the way to work everyday and I just now heard about it.

Ron Simpson said...

if law enforcement is the investigation and arrest of criminals, then why do we have any illegal aliens. by the very definition of the term, they are criminals.

Ms.Green said...

I have the utmost respect for law enforcement, but they can't logistically be everywhere they need to be immediately. That's why I support CCL and citizens' right to bear arms.

If the holocaust-surviver teacher at VTech had had a weapon, I think the death toll would most likely have been much less than what it was.

We can't trust government alone to keep us safe. Too many in government don't really have our best interests in mind anyway.

Good post.

Dakotaranger said...

I guess that's why I write so much about self-relience. Shoot Christ even told the disciples to arm up at one point. I know that police do the best that they can, but they legally can do something only if a law is broken.

I heard last night on that one guy went up to the widow of the professor and said I could have helped but I thought it was better to jump out the window.

There is a weird persception that we just let someone else to take care of it.