Friday, April 13, 2007

Imus is gone, to bad it is for his 1st Amendment rights

Honestly, I didn't like him before he said his latest in his long career of fertilizer coming out of his mouth.

BUT just because some kept yelling instead of contributing to a debate of what a polite society is, we may be worse off as a society at his firing.

Being a PK it bugs me to see two pastors care more about the hide of a person rather than their faith. While I understand why the Rutgers players are offended for me to respect and stand with what two pastors (including one that had a love child, which should have caused his denomination in taking his ordination away) they MUST stand against the offense flowing towards Christianity from those on broadcast TV, filed some complaint with that school in New Jersey that had a terrorism drill with a "radical Christian terrorist", called what comes out of Iran's President's mouth towards Israel as hate speech. If it is because they are standing up for the "little guy" these two pastors have done nothing to help the poorest place in the nation, Pine Ridge.

Now that these two "pastors" have destroyed a man's livelihood will the media question their slanderous statements about the Duke Lacrosse players? The sheer thought that these two are the arbitors of what is acceptable is a stench in the nostrils of honest people everywhere.

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Ron Simpson said...

when it comes to racial slurs, these two are just as bad. Jesse Jackass called Jews "hymies" and referred to NYC as "Hymmietown". Al Bad Hair Day referred to some statistics that were not in his favor as "jewed numbers". They also are not very vocal about blacks using these same, and worse, racial slurs against other blacks or any racial slur blacks direct towards any other race. The double standard is hideous. They are race baiting rabble rousers that care only for their own power. To that end, they need to find any "outrage" and make it worse.