Sunday, April 08, 2007

IWU is building a New Chapel

The USA Today is reporting:

Wednesday, April 4Marion - Indiana Wesleyan University plans to build a $20 million chapel that would seat 3,800 people. Construction at the private Christian university will start in spring 2008 and is expected to be completed by August 2009. Several one-story dormitories will be torn down to make room for the building, which would replace the 1,200-seat Phillippe Performing Arts Center as the site for religious services.

They knew that the PPAC was going to be to small when they built it. I'm glad they aren't getting any more of my money.


Matt said...

Ohhh come you and I both know that they used to tell us that our money wasn't going toward building new buildings but operations and salaries. But I agree-and I know someone who was on the board at the time they built Phillipe and they knew it was too small then as well. I guess it's good that it has grown so much, but I now refer to it as Abercrombie Wesleyan University since every student is a cookie cutter Abercrombie model-ipod, mac laptop, and Abercrombie or Hollister clothing. We need to go smack some country back into em!

Tony Myles said...

That is until they call you up with the annual pledge drive.

Thankfully, my Christian Ministries degree has paid off. It has caused me to have to move so many times since graduation that the alumni office no longer has a working number on me.