Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I don't have the answers for what that monster did, nor do I feel like I have right to tell anyone that lost anyone someone from that monster what should or can be done. This kind of garbage just convinces me more that what I do is right.

Those that gave their life to protect their friends or students are heroes.

And I'm pretty disgusted at the news coverage trying to push an agenda at this time, if they really wanted to educate Americans about security issues they would have contacted Gunsite or Massad Ayoob to explain what a 9 mm and .22 is capable of and what if anything could be done to prevent monsters from doing this again.

This isn't an instance of gun violence, this an example of evil. You can't blame a tool for the evil that flows through the heart of a monster. My thoughts and prayers are with those that lost Monday, the reason that this happened only really matter to those that they lost and I have no right to come up with the reasons.

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Ron Simpson said...

I agree. evil cannot be stopped with legislation. evil must be stopped by men and women dedicated to stopping it wherever it exists. what irritates me is that the main stream media has ignored the heroism of the Jewish prof, Liviu Librescu, that was killed protecting his students. i bet if he was carrying, that psycho would have died quicker.