Thursday, April 19, 2007

My last post on the VT Monster

There are going to come out issues through out the next few weeks (HR 1022 was submitted months ago the marxist are exploiting this instance) that I've covered before.

One thing I've never covered was how mad I was when I told the hospital not to release my dad's name to the media, the next day it was in the paper. I wanted to sue, break some heads because the media was weaselling its way into a family tragedy. I only say this so I can establish my credibility.

Yahoo has this article that they have posted this story about how the released videos of this monster is victimizing Virgina Tech. Is this story news worthy, yes. But there comes a point when someone is hurting you do not exploit, you do not cause more harm. I understand that the media has a job to do, but there is a limit to free speech. If Imus could get fired for offending 12 women, why isn't the person at NBC that decided that the video needed running get fired (and Fox News ect). No matter how offensive those comments were, the actions and words of this monster has bred copy cats.

After the dust is settled, we need to have a discussion on what is acceptable coming from the media. I know that reporters aren't bound by a code of conduct, but there has to come a point where they are human.

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