Friday, April 27, 2007

The need for large capasity firearms.

I have heard that people are wondering why someone would need a Glock 22 that holds 17 rounds. In all honesty, I don't know why anyone would want a Glock, but that's because the only Glock I've every owned I HATED with great intensity.

This is a Springfield Armory XD9 Service Model with a 16 round magazine and one in the barrel. I carry a spare magazine for what ever pistol I carry in case of a magazine failure.

I normally carry a .45 Caliber pistol because the 9 MM round isn't powerful enough to stop a threat. While yes, the 9 MM round does kill and all shots depend on shot placement but it may take several rounds. The .45 is a proven man stopper.

The 9MM being a high speed bullet it lacks mass and may have to put multiple rounds on target to stop the threat.
The second reason a good guy might need more than ten rounds in a fight changing mags takes up precious seconds. In a gunfight Seconds can save your life.
Third, range time. It takes about a minute to load a magazine.
Fourth, multiple bad guys.
Fifth, the Second Amendment was meant as a check and balance against the national government. The right Shall not be in fringed as the Amendment reads. The Militia act of 1792 declared that every male must be equipped at least equal to a private in the Army.
Sixth, multiple round weapons are nothing new.
Seventh, the bad guys/crazy people don't obey the law so why would anyone want to handicap law abiding citizens? This is just an obscene idea to punish a good guy for what a criminal does.


Lone Ranger said...

The XD-9 is what I carry. I got the 16-round magazine last week. Makes the grip more comfortable for my big hands. I kinda wish I hadn't gotten the subcompact, because it limits my choices of holsters. Right now, I use the one that came with it, but I have one on back order.

Dakotaranger said...

Have you checked or

https// has holster links to custom holster makers, but there is a long wait from these guys and it's about $70

Ron Simpson said...

I admite I have a rgure p-89 in 9mm. But I have Hydroshok and Black Talons loaded. I also have a magazine full of Glazers for in the home. I dont want to overpenetrate and go through a wall. it might hurt my family. I am looking at a Sig-Sauer. I have a friend who has the .357 Sig and it is a joy to shoot. I haven't looked up any ballistic reports tho.

Dakotaranger said...

+P+ Hollow points make all the difference, which I covered earlier. I was just trying to give reasons for a hi-capasity 9 MM due to the ill-informed media.

I'm guessing Ron that you are full aware about the on going can of worms between the 9 and the .45

Ron Simpson said...

yeah, I know about the controversy. I did not think the military needed to change calibers. The .45 is a good round, it does stop and stop good. But the penetration though body armor is an issue. For the common man, a .45 is an excellent choice. For military applications where body armor might be encountered the .45 is not the answer. The FN 5.7 and the P90 and the other stuff being developed is the answer.


True about the 5.7, but it wouldn't be an effect SD round for the common man, because some states wouldn't allow the use of Surplus ammo for the 5.7.

But I always figured if the 1911 kept my grandpa's bacon safe in WWII it will work for me, beside I figure if I run out of ammo I can always beat the bad guy with it, you can't do that with combat tupperware.