Thursday, April 05, 2007

The worlds greatest hunter

As I have stated before I'm not really an animal lover beyond horses, those animals that I eat, or my sister's cat, Katie.

Katie is from an amazing batch of kittens. She had a sibling that saved a family from a fire, for instance. When Katie was a kitten she loved snow, she used to hide in foot prints and wait for someone to go past and jump out at them. She used to jump on screens on our windows and just hang there until she got attention.

She used to follow my dad from the house over to the church, and would even go to the church to wait for dad to come out for a break get petted by my dad and follow dad home. When Dad was pondering something when no one else could approach him he would sit on the deck petting Katie. Again Dad really wasn't a cat lover. When Dad was killed Katie could tell something was wrong. When Mom was trying to clean out some of Dad's stuff Katie claimed one of Dad's coats as her own.

I was there when she had given birth to one of her litters. When we moved to a farm of a family in our church the owner didn't really like cats either, until she decimated his mole problem. She used to line up her trophies on the deck until someone would praise her for her efforts (sometimes as many as five moles and mice lined up). She even caught a duck once.

Anyway the Mert, the owner of the place that didn't much care for cats kinda fell in love with her. Katie has her own vocabulary, Mert said one day Katie came up to him grunted at him, and Katie led him to her food dish.

Ok so I was looking for a reason to post a pic my Beloved Sister sent of Katie.

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Brenda said...

What can I say, Katie is definitely one of a kind! Love ya!!!