Thursday, May 31, 2007

Amputee Uses Crutch to Fight Off Gunmen

Bismarck Tribune:
AURORA, Colo. - An amputee who discovered a burglar inside his home was shot while fighting him off with a crutch. Roger Baxter survived the Tuesday incident after a cell phone apparently slowed a bullet to his chest. "I just got it programmed," Baxter said of the phone.Baxter lost his right leg after being hit by a tractor-trailer in October. He was returning from getting a haircut when he discovered the man with a gun inside his house."He was pointing it at me," Baxter told KDVR-TV. "He kept coming toward me and he got within 5 foot of me and that's when I hauled off and hit him with one of my crutches."Aurora police spokesman Robert Friel said Baxter was wounded in the upper torso after the bullet hit the phone. Friel said two juveniles were arrested, one believed to be the suspect in the attack and the other believed to have been a lookout. Their names have not been released."It's not my time," said Baxter, a Vietnam veteran. "I went head to head against a semi back in October and today I went up against a 9 mm and I'm here. I'm just a tough old bird."

Glad this guy is alright and the Police caught the bad guys. I just wouldn't want to be on this guy's bad side because any man that takes a crutch to a gunfight and isn't in critical condition afterwards is one tough...well whatever adjective you want to use.

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