Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I hate seatbelts, BUT if you expect your citizens to wear them you should pay the fine.

APNews via myway news is reporting that a complaint that was filed about the New Jersey governor John Corzine not wearing his seat belt was dropped by the guy who filed it before the judge could rule on it.

While it was a bad accident that may or may not have been avoidable there are a couple things to contemplate:

  1. Security experts say that the most dangerous thing in an escape and evasion event is to be wearing your seat belt because you don't have the mobility you made need, but then follow it up with but you can be killed without it.
  2. The citizens of the People's Republic of New Jersey have to abide by the law.

I have said before I don't like wearing my seat belt and I can say with all honesty I would be dead if I had been wearing it 11 yrs ago when les lemm hit us. If the police don't charge the Governor for not wearing his seat belt it is just criminal and disgusting because the Governor would be saying that he is better than the populace and in spite of the fact he ignores the law he expects the populace to obey is not only immoral, but the beginning of a monarchy with a ruling class that thinks they are above the populace or even worse ANARCHY

The governor's chief of staff has said that the governor should have to pay the fine. Whether or not the governor gets fined if he is a man of integrity, being the leader of his state, he MUST pay the fine. A simple apology doesn't negate justice being necessarily carried out.

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The Governor has paid the fine