Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jersey Monsters and the media's incompetence.

I will admit it I'm confused about what the truth behind these monsters are. One report they were trying to buy semi-auto 'assault weapons', Rocket Propelled Grenades, and automatic pistols. So these six monsters, three that are illegal aliens, wanted to buy semi-auto rifles, but wanted full-auto machine pistols? Machine pistols are notoriously difficult to control, being full-auto, but if they wanted full-auto assault weapons wouldn't they want assault rifles? Unfortunately, thanks to an agenda the media is using terms that aren't interchangeable as if they are.

Now, the mainstream media was ignoring the concept that three of the six are illegal aliens. After the capture of these monsters there should have been movement from the government to seal the borders. But instead I hear crickets chirping. A border fence would help keep monsters out. If we are going to be consistent with the spirit of the 'Patriot Act' and if the Senate and the White House want us to accept S 1237.

There is a connection between Iraq and Fort Dix. Ft. Dix is a mustering post for troops heading to Iraq. Then there is the Clinton connection to this. Evidently, the Clinton's fast tracked Albanians to have refugee status based at Fort Dix.

This wasn't a case of homegrown terrorism. ALL were foreign born. Two had green cards and only one was a US citizen. I also don't get this concept that there is no connection between these six and international terrorism considering that they swear allegiance to Bin Ladin.

Another thing, even semi-auto rifles in New Jersey are illegal for law abiding citizens, so how could they get away with practicing with semi-auto rifles in the Pocono's?

I don't understand how we are supposed to be an informed populace or why we should trust the media when they can't even get the basic facts right.

On another note:

I salute the Circuit City
John Doe.
You, sir, are a great American

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