Saturday, May 26, 2007

John Wayne's 100th Birthday

There are about ten people in history I see as heroes. John Wayne is one of about 10 people through out history that I admire. While the Duke was always larger than life he was loyal to his friends and to his fans to a fault. While he was a fervent anti-communist he never held anyone's politics against them. He was very good at giving young actors parts in his movies. And a total Patriot.

My top John Wayne movies:

Sands of Iwa Jima-It was the roll he was born to play.


The Searchers-There have been times I wish I could carry this out.

McClintock-The first time I watched I almost died laughing.


The Shootest-His last movie. It was a great swan song for his career.

The Quiet Man-I'm not much for romantic movies but this was a good one. Maybe Maureen O'Hara is the reason I have a thing for redheads.

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Rio Grande

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence-The argument can be made it was a Jimmy Stewart movie and John Wayne was the supporting actor, but a buddy and I drove three hours to see this movie in the Fargo Theatre just because being in our twenties at the time we had never seen a John Wayne movie on the big screen. It was worth it.

McQ-He was a detective in San Fransisco. A little lighter than Harry Callahan.

The Green Berret

The Alamo-By far the best movie about the Texicans trapped in a quagmire, but stood their ground to give the Republic of Texas a chance of survival.
The Angel and the Badman-It is a movie about a gunman taken in by pacifists, by the end of the movie he hangs up his gun.

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Cathy said...

great list. John Wayne was larger than life and Hollywood has never found nor ever find anyone to replace him.

I would have The Sons of Katie Elder on my list. Love that one.