Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Mexicans are complaining about guns coming accross the border.

I was on hiatus as my herd was in town this weekend which gave me an opportunity to watch the clinton news network, mainly because the hotel cable package was so pitiful.

CNN was doing a piece on the drug war south of the border and the Mexican government is complaining about illegal automatic firearms coming across the border from the US. Now admittedly I have no idea if the media was substituting semi-auto for automatic or not but the example of weapon they used was a Kalashnikov (AK-47). These are made and were made in former soviet bloc nations, never in the US. Since the Chinese have port terminals that they own in california and own both sides of the Panama Canal and in the '90's the Russians were selling everything, the more logical culprits would be them since a 1986 law limiting the sale of automatic weapons to those produced prior to 1986. The reason I doubt that American automatic weapons are being widely used a 1928 Thompson Sub-machine gun will run a person $15,000. Even with all the drug money drug kingpins take in they aren't going to pay those kind of prices to arm their "army."

But since the Mexicans' are complaining about the illegal gun trade I have a very heartfelt suggestion, something that will keep the evil guns out of the hands of the innocent drug kingpins:

Then quit crying about it.


Trader Rick said...

AK's are the weapon of choice because they work even if you leave mud on/in them. M-16's are not that forgiveing.


I understand that, the point was the automatic weapons being smuggled into Mexico aren't American made, but have connections to communist countries. I was questioning the verasity of Mexico's complaint since there is no manufacture of even the semi-auto versions of the AK in the US.

Ron Simpson said...

I am laughing my butt off over this. Buil a WALL!