Friday, May 11, 2007

Reverend Sharpton needs to be fired for his hate speech

I will admit it, from what I know about Mormonism it is a cult, not Christianity. But the mere fact that Governor Romney is a Mormon wouldn't keep me from voting for him. I'm not to sure how conservative he is. His Conservatism ratio would be the decisive factor whether or not I would vote for him.-Dakotaranger

I feel I must deal with the hate that came from the Reverend sharpton. Since he is now the arbiter of what is offensive for him to be consistent he must resign from the pulpit and from his radio program.

His apology was empty, unlike what he received from that rat-fink don imus, trying to blame someone else for starting the discussion. Trying to claim that because he's black he wouldn't be allowed to join the church. One small problem, he thinks Mormonism is a cult also, he wouldn't join even if it kept out 'white interlopers.'

While the Reverend has the right to free-speech there is no right to pollute the airwaves with hatred such as that. He must resign because of this offense.

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