Tuesday, May 15, 2007


After I got home from Bible study tonight and before The Shield came on FX I watched a few minutes of the debates.

There is nothing worse than watching six guys claim that they are conservative when they are anything but.

I honestly don't know why the Top Tier politicians are concidered the Top Tier, just the name recognition or is it because the marxist media is telling us they are the A-Team.

The Honorable Rudy Guillani is far from conservative. While if he was to be believed at faced value with his purported latest position on abortion makes sense, and if it was what he believed I could support being a Federalist, where as he says the states should decide. There is a small problem, every time a state makes moves to impose any bans on abortions the left runs off to the courts. His support of 'domestic partnerships' or whatever sissy name he has assigned to it this week just is ignorant. Honestly, I don't care if someone is gay, just don't expect me to sacrifice my beliefs. IF it is about hospital visits pass a law where people can do something like a living will as to those who can come visit. Heck, I have friends that I would rather see than a couple of cousins. Then his use of the constitution as a weapon against the citizens of New York, rather than a limit on government. That alone violates my principles as a Federalist. Even if he is the strongest fighter against the monsters how can I vote for him if it costs me my 1st and 2nd Amendment rights? I can't

Governor Romney the same problems. He passed an 'assault weapons' ban that is the most restrictive in the country. Then the gay marriage thing again, and abortion. Whatever support I may have been willing to give him...is nonexistent any more. Just because he says he has conservative values doesn't mean he's a conservative. He may have one or two, but I'm not going to vote for someone who will violate my 2nd Amendment rights, especially if he doesn't understand them.

John McCain, well, I swear he is the 1950's Manchurian Candidate. If McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill, limiting free speech, wasn't enough there is the McCain-Kennedy Immigration Bill.

One of the Bench warmers (Ron Paul) blamed our support of Israel.....This guy should just go to the daily kos and leave us alone. I WILL NOT support an anti-Semite.

Then there were a couple that were stumbling all over themselves.

The only highlight I saw, was one Senator Brownbecks impassioned defense of life. How no matter how tragic a pregnancy happens due to a rape there is still an innocent life that should have the right to life. (What bugs me the monsters have more rights than an unborn child. )

What in the world are we supposed to do? Support these freaks? I don't like the idea of the RINOs trying to re-define conservatism to get themselves elected. A conservative DOES NOT support abortion, DOES NOT attack the constitution, and DOES NOT blame an Ally. Guess I'm going to have to write in my Buddy Fetz. He is kinda a moderate, but at least he's pro-life.


Ms.Green said...

What do you think about Tancredo?


I would like to know what Tancredo thinks about semi-auto rifles. I don't really like his bench mark idea for Iraq, he's right on abortion, ag, I sort of agree with his education position (I would do away with public education all together I've blogged about my system before), don't agree with his healthcare plan.

I may be able to vote for him, but I'm not really impressed with the Repubs right now.

Trader Rick said...

Wait til Fred Thompson gets in, you'll be OK then.

Support of abortion is not a conservative political issue. Conservatives could either support it or not.
It is a moral issue, and it just so happens that most conservatives are Christians, but don't mix up the two.

Anyone who supports the mass murder of innocent babies has serious ethical problems. They couldn't possibly be practicing Jews or Christians, but they could be fiscal or political conservatives.