Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another reason I'm going to out live you all

Earlier this month I posted that fat people have a better chance of recovering from heart disease.

Reuters is reporting that obese people appear to be less likely to become ill with TB.

For years we have been told that being fat is unhealthy, now there are studies that tell a different story. To be honest, I know it's not really healthy to be fat, but if scientists can't decide what is best as far as health, how can we trust them with the myth of global warming, especially when there is a new article claiming we should worry about global cooling. Science shouldn't be as intangible as it has become. Science traditionally has looked for concrete facts, whether or not it changed once the scientific community adopted the evolution theory I don't know, but there is an established scientific method that isn't being followed any more, and it should worry you as much as Congress worries me about violating our constitutional rights.

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