Wednesday, June 13, 2007

'Car's aren't dangerous and DUI's aren't that big of deal' say media pundits

I was pretty disgusted the last couple of weeks with the media coverage of paris hilton and that druggiechick that plowed over 35 people in Washington. While I rarely care about what the self-important celebrities do being a default member of MADD I was slightly disgusted at ms. hilton's blatant disregard for the law, but I was incensed at those that were saying the judge was too harsh on her, because it is no big deal and not that many people were sentenced so harshly. What this tells me is the judges and the legislature need to get tougher.

Then there is the druggiechick in Washington DC that ran down 35 people. One of the articles I saw was complaining that she was charged with being armed with a car.

About a month before my dad was murdered by LES LEMM our town lost Officer Keith Braddock was shot by robert mead jr when he responded to a shots fired call at a bar in town. Both just as dead, one was killed with the use of a car and one was with a firearm. Unfortunately, because there is this irrational fear of a firearm the sentence is worse than if people are slaughtered with cars.

The reason it bugs me so much is simple: those that say a DUI isn't that big of deal fight tooth and nail to take law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves from criminals. I guess it is safe to assume those that don't fear the incorrect use of vehicles must climb behind the wheel hammered and selfish. If ms. hilton changes her ways great, but to treat drunk driving so caviler when there are so many different warnings about the dangers on the television and radio is not only hypocritical but is incredibly selfish not to care about your fellow man.

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