Thursday, June 21, 2007

Talk Radio, Dissent, Free Speech, and commies

Drudge is reporting that two Mrs. bill clinton and Senator Boxer are conspiring to control talk radio. A couple of years ago when those of who support the President and the idea of going to Iraq (we should have hit Iraq harder and then hit Iran) were hit repeatedly with the statement, 'dissent is the highest form of Patriotism' and we weren't supposed to question their patriotism. But now they are trying to make moves to restrict, not only our constitutional rights but our God-given right to free speech and self-preservation.

To make things worse, there are Republicans that could possibly be traitors and side with the restriction of Free Speech and the free exchange of ideas. That already have said something may have to be done because the American populace is educating itself by not trusting the dan rather ilk. Never mind there were talk show hosts that defended that traitor trent lott when he was under fire.

Free speech has been under fire for a while, but the idea of the 'fairness doctrine' being reintroduced is insane because of a recent study being released that the main stream media members donate 9 to 1 to liberals. Now I don't care about what people do with their money but it is pretty telling that talk radio is balance to the left leaning media.

There is also a bill bouncing around congress that will limit the right of organizations to suggest legal forms of dissent (ie writing letters and phone calls). Another violation of free speech.

A bill that would consider it a crime to even question morality behind homosexuality. So there are pastors that could be arrested and jailed for the practicing the right to religious expression.

Granted there has been other infringements of free speech (mccaine-fiengold campaign finance comes to mind) and I complained about that too. And just because Congress has violated this right and other rights doesn't mean they should be allowed to violate any other.

I have a friend that doesn't care about the 2nd Amendment, which I can understand not caring about firearms, but every time a right is violated we loose freedoms. It is a little disheartening to hear because he works for a state senator in the Midwest and with HR 1022 and S 1237 in Congress threatening this right, when the left won running pro-2nd Amendment Dems there is no basis to do this rather than to steal the rights of the populace.

We are told according to Roe v Wade women have the right to choose. According to the 14th Amendment there is an equal protection law. So I should have the right to choose what vehicle I want to drive. Since I've been in some serious wrecks, hunt, and live in North Dakota I drive a 1/2 ton four-wheel drive pick-up. If the new CAFE standards are passed Congress takes that right away from us.

These things worry me how the elites think they know better, even worse try to control the populace by doing the same thing they accuse the hated conservative of. How did we even get to this point where any of these were even feasible?

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