Wednesday, June 27, 2007

IF messing with the population and the second Amendment weren't enough for the commies

As the closure vote for Amendments for the 'death to the Republican Party' bill was taking place the Senate was also having committee on violence on TV.

As if attacking the free exchange of ideas on talk radio isn't enough, they want to tell networks what they can put on TV. I thought the libs were the champions of the 1st Amendment? While attacks on the First Amendment isn't anything knew for these marxists (taking the Bible out of school) and hearings in the thirties about comic book violence hurting America.

The libs are still throwing a fit over McCarthyism but they turn around and can't handle if people don't accept their world view without calling them a racist or a homophobe and they try to silence the debate.

If the commies limit the violence on TV I'm going to be grumpy if Jack Bauer can't torture the bad guys any more or CSI can't show the weird crimes that the put on the show now. Why should us adults suffer if parents are being responsible to shut off HBO? Just because parents aren't being responsible, doesn't give the government the right to censor what is on TV. If the violence wasn't what the market place wanted it wouldn't be on, the same with talk radio...and I don't care what the traitors trent lott, Mrs. bill clinton, and Senator fienstien think.

The constitution is to keep the government in line, not the populace. While I can understand wanting more power, but these people are violating the oath they swore before God to protect the constitution. I guess this is the kind of government we get when their is no fear of God nor the populace.

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