Saturday, June 30, 2007

Irshad Manji

As I was watching C-Span this afternoon I was totally enthralled by what Irshad Manji had to say about her faith, Islam. While I know we don't get the full story about Islam from Fox, cnn, el al. But at the same time I have trouble reconciling the monsters that are more than willing to kill themselves to kill us to what she said the Koran says about the dignity it gives women.

What she had imparted from the Koran and stories about where women have earned their own money were able to become literate. When one such woman quoted a verse from the Koran her husband never again raised his hand to her.

She imparted stories about how her book is being accepted in the Muslim world-even if it at this point in the underground. But to be honest at one point the 95 Thesis was the Christian underground too.

Her suggestion about seed loans so women could start their own businesses was a very intriguing idea that should be explored.

I guess there is a part of me that is hoping that there will be some point where we can just have peace, but part of the problem (especially in Israel) it is a blood feud...even if Israel doesn't always take part. No matter what I don't believe they are not going to get peace with Hamas. I also have my doubts about how widespread this dissident muslim movement is, but there again all it took was Martin Luther getting things started to bring Christianity out of the Dark Ages.

I'm not talking about disengagement with the monsters. Evil must be fought no matter what it's shade. But there is something to be said for the hope of peace, especially when the times demand the rifle .

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