Friday, June 15, 2007

Mississippi needs to have a recall election for trent lott

The New York Times in an article about the illegal alien legalization bill of 2007 has Senator lott complaining about how talk radio is "running the country" and that should be dealt with. So he wants to violate the freedom of the press and one of the guiding principles of the Republic, the right to the free exchange of ideas. I don't care if he and his other Senators do not like the idea that they are getting millions of calls demanding that our sovereignty and our laws be obeyed.

Here's my thought, ANY politician that thinks they have the right to violate any part of the constitution is a traitor and should be tried for treason. I don't care if they say they are going to keep us safe, or they think they know better than us there comes a point that their encroachment on our liberty has gone to far.

So Senator lott, you sir, are a traitor to the oath you swore before God to protect the constitution and the United States.

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Ron Simpson said...

they are pissed that the talk radio people are ruining their ability to run roughshod over the nation. We are finally able to really strike at the elected leaders that do things that we dislike and the old school politicians don't like it. Too bad. Talk radio is not running the country, it is educating the country and mobilizing it to strike out at the people we percieve to be betraying our trust.