Thursday, June 07, 2007

My outrage button is broken, and I'm fine with it.

Over the last couple of years congress and the sports media has been all bound up at the "shock, the shock that steroids were being used." In all honesty I just don't care if some guy is using steroids in baseball. I just want to watch a game and go on with my life.

What really bugs me about the whole thing is the false indignation coming from sports writers from which if they were to have a blood sample taken one of three things would be found out. 1. No heart. 2. No brain activity. 3. Some controlled drug in their system.

With all this indignation that is thrust upon us from the media, "the moderators of decency," and the pulpit. I have none left for something that wasn't considered a crime when Jason Giambi was supposedly taking steroids.

I stand by my original proposition when someone is alleged to have committed a crime, if they are guilty convict them, until then I just don't care.

The only good thing that could come from this is congress wastes time on something that isn't under there jurisdiction. It keeps the rest of our freedoms safe from those idiots.

While I understand that smut sells, but when it comes from hypocrits that don't even live up to the standards they set for others....SHUT UP!!!

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