Thursday, June 07, 2007

Senator Tancrado

As I was watching a rerun of yesterday's Your World with Neil Cavioto I saw an interview with the Senator that has caused me to loose any respect and any potential support I may have thrown behind him.

He repeated a comment that basically says the next attack on the US the blood will be on the President's hand. Well, over the years I haven't withheld the things I disagree with the President from the prescription drug benefit boondoggle to his border policy (and the Administrations support of S1237 which gives the Attorney General veto power on the purchase of firearms, a clear violation of the Second Amendment and what the Founders intended and does nothing to keep assault weapons out of the hands of terrorists because we aren't sealing the borders). And I still think we should have hit Iraq harder and when we realized Iran was in Iraq hit Iran...but for whatever reason we got scared when the Abu Grahib pics surfaced.

In spite of these things I still support the President and I don't enjoy hearing other conservatives cutting down someone that has done almost everything to keep the monsters at bay (I'll grant the Senator the fact we need to seal the borders). Part of the reason it bugs me is that it sounds like he's being a media ----- by following the same track as the media for the last eight years. It may be a valid point but the Senator says nothing about joe stalin in drag with her comments last week? Doesn't go after Senator edwards?

There are some good things that the President has done from the economy to the taxes and we have for the most part have kept the monsters at bay.

If the Senator was a conservative as he claims he would stick to Reagan's Golden rule, or at least realize that the President isn't running this go around. I'm sticking with my original assesment of the current field-YUCK!

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