Friday, June 29, 2007

This is the last straw I doubt man-made global warming

When the alleged global warming is being blamed for starting wars, it is time to admit there is more going on than a couple of degree changes in one century by blaming a perceive climate changes making those that would rather kill themselves to kill those that don't agree with them slaughter innocent people. The UN doesn't really like to blame those that are more than willing to kill Christians so it's easier to blame the weather.

Or you start blaming barnyard smells for global warming...if methane is what is contributing to global warming, methane has no odor. So the old adage I was taught in criminal investigations come into play. (Why's this person lying to me?) Rabid animal rights activists that don't like hunting or people eating meat also believe in catastrophic global warming...PETA has an agenda.

Or when scientist are taking temps by air conditioners...where the temp is always warmer.

This whole global warming thing is getting a little beyond bizarre at this point.

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